The Paris Palette is HERE! Discounts, Swatches, Videos, Oh My...

First of all, I feel like this is a MEGA post. All of the Paris Palette info you'd ever need is right here. In this post I share an exclusive discount code for my readers, detailed swatch photos and 2(!) videos featuring the palette (a tutorial video and a vlog video about our trip to Paris, details on the palette development and trip photos). Craziness. So just buckle up and hang on because here it comes... haha.

I've been SO very excited to share this limited edition palette with you all. Seriously, I've been itching to tell you all the details since September when I traveled to Paris with Sigma Beauty and six other beauty gurus where we gathered inspiration from the beautiful city to develop our own shades in this gorgeous palette that came together beautifully.  The day is FINALLY here!  I give you.... the Paris Palette.
Each of us designed one eye shadow based on a monument or place in Paris. We also collaboratively designed the rest of the palette together. 
The shade I designed is called "Eiffel". Inspired, of course, by the Eiffel tower. It's the deep black shade on the far left with the multicolored sparkle. The sparkling lights that shine from the tower at night were my inspiration for creating this shade.
I absolutely love it because it's so very versatile.  From everyday looks, to the most dramatic... Anything is possible with this palette.
photo from my Parisian Smokey Eye Tutorial using the Paris Palette

There's really nothing else like it.  It's a perfect addition to anyone's makeup collection.  ...Do I sound slightly obsessed?  It's just so exciting to see something I've created and been a part of come together and actually hold it in my hands. 

And it's awesome.

Ok, enough gushing. Here's all the info and a special deal just for my subscribers

Click HERE and type in code TIFFANYD for $10 off!!
**Keep in mind, this is a LIMITED EDITION palette and quantities are limited. Get your Paris Palette NOW because quantities are, well... limited. :)
Price for my readers, $49
Original palette price, $59

Palette includes:
8 eye shadows, 2 blush shades, 1 highlight, 2 brushes
*and a special booklet featuring exclusive photos of me and all of the gurus involved in creating the palette in Paris!*

Palettes will be available while quantities last!

 Be sure to check out my videos featuring the Paris Palette below!

Parisian Smokey Eye Tutorial: 

Also, don't miss this video below where I show the palette in detail (with swatches), and discuss all the details of our AMAZING trip to Paris and the palette development process. Be sure to stick around for the photos of our trip at the end!! ;)

 l-r, Eiffel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay

l-r, Elysees, Notre Dame, Triomphe, Versailles


 cheek colors: l-r, Rouge, Peche
highlight (far right), Lumiere
Palette Description (From Sigma Beauty):
The Limited Edition Paris Makeup Palette includes eight eye shadow colors inspired by landmark monuments and locations in Paris.  It also includes two blush colors and one highlight shade, carefully developed to complement all skin tones. The palette comes with two essential brushes for a flawless makeup application.
Brushes Included:
E55 - Eye Shading
F40 - Large Angled Contour

I hope you all can get your hands on one of these while they last! I'll definitely be using it for upcoming tutorials! 

**Also, don't forget to check out my interview with Sigma Beauty HERE**

Sigma products provided by Sigma Beauty
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  1. great palette! love the swatches


  2. JUST ORDERED MINE!!!! I am sooo excited!!! THank you so much for the coupon code!

    The palette looks absolutely beautiful and I have been looking forward to this since I heard about it! I cannot wait to get it!

  3. It's actually really pretty, love the look of all the colours!

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  5. This palette looks amazing! :) I'd love to own one of these :) all of the colors really look stunning :)

  6. Congratulations Tiffany! It looks like you've done an amazing job with the collaboration and designing - you must be so proud of yourself! :)x

  7. Ordered mine! U seem more excited about the highlight than your color! ;) jk can't wait been looking for a good highlight and love that teal! Wish it could be here now! Lol I'm like a little kid at Christmas.

  8. I am so excited to get this! I've been waiting to see what you guys came up with since the trip and I'm sure it's going to be amazing because you guys are my favorite gurus! =)

  9. The colours are so gorgeous! xx


  10. Luv ur videos Tiffany....:) I ordered the palette...:))

  11. Encantadora,VocĂȘ e esta paleta nova..

  12. The colors are gorgeous!


  13. The colors are fabulous!!


  14. Oh my gosh! Gorgeous and you'd really have everything you'd need for traveling all in one beautifully packaged place. This is seriously making it hard to stick with my "I need to stop buying so much makeup" plan ;)


  15. tiffany you should be so proud!!!! this is so beautiful im so excited to buy this palette it is honestly the most versatile palette ever i just cant wait to get this!

  16. I think your look you did with this palette is beautiful....but the palette is super over priced!! I'll have to pass on this one.

  17. This palette is amazing! Congratulations! I've just ordered mine. I especially thinks it's awesome that you did this with Sigma because they ship internationally so those of us that live outside of the U.S. don't miss out! :)

  18. As much as I love the idea, the colors aren't practical enough, if I bought this palette, I'd never use it.

  19. Looks gorgeous! I definitely want to get it :) Thanks for the coupon code!


  20. I ordered mine this evening. A little concerned about the wear-ability of some of the colors (they're not ones I'd normally reach for) but, it looks so pretty, I just had to order! And since I was making the purchase, I ordered a new set of brushes, too! :)

  21. That Palette looks fabouloes! DEF going on my Wishlist right now =] love the look that you come with too!


  22. I'm definitely going to get this palette! At first I was surprised that you created a shimmer black (because you always say how much you love matte blacks) ...but then when you said it had multicolored shimmer I was like genius!!!! Really great job Tiffany! The entire palette is something to be proud of.

  23. Tiffany, all of the colors really look amazing! :)

  24. nice photos
    looking gorgeous

  25. Im from Manchester in the UK and I would love to buy so much from Sigma but shipping to the UK is like $48 and I cant afford that as well as the products! Such a shame as they look amazing :((

  26. I also live in England and can't get my hands on the palette because of shipping and custom charges etc :( Is there really no British site for Sigma, or other way of getting it over here? I have purchased Sigma brushes from a British site, but nowhere seems to have this palette, proper disappointed :(

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  29. I think this palette is wonderful and I can't wait to receive mine. :) I think the quality is excellent! Sigma would not be behind it if it were not. The wearability is what you make of it and there is a lot you can do with this palette ladies! Don't be afraid to try new colors and looks. You can wear the colors as light, or as deep as you want to, just go for the look YOU want and you'll get a lot of use out of this palette. The price is good and with the generous $10 off you can't beat it if you tried! The Sigma brushes alone are a bargain and the rest of the palette makes the whole palette so well rounded and easy to use. A traveling girls dream! You'll probably be seeing a ton of Youtube videos on this in the upcoming weeks so it's better to get it now then finally make up your mind to find out it's all sold out! Thanks Tiffany! Job well done!

  30. Just wanted to comment on how stunning your Paris promo pics are! You look gorgeous in front of the Eiffel Tower! Can't wait to try out the palette and looking forward to your & the other youtuber's tutorials using the palette.

  31. Great job on this project! The colors are so vibrant and pretty. All the best:)

  32. hi Tiffany! years ago i came accross your video tutorials on you tube and thought your were one of the best :) and now i found you here, happy me! :) i love the looks you create and if i could i would ask you to do some for me, haha. i sometimes struggle to find suitable eyeshadows for my eye colour... i am drawn to the gold / bronze/ brown but they don't seem to work on me... i would appreciate if you could suggest any tones that would work for my eyes as good as the purple or peacock that i use most of the times. here is the link: http://prettyaffairs.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/rose-gold-details-wildfox-angel-cuff.html
    Thank you! x

  33. This palette looks amazing! Wish they would sell these shadows separately though in the future! I'm in love with the shade Versailles.
    I was supposed to go on a trip to Paris and bailed out last minute, regret that so much! Glad you had a great time there<3


  34. Tifanny you are my favourite I love how you do your makeup so so much:) and all your joy for sharing with us your news itens!!!
    thank you so much!

  35. I am ecstatic to have come across your make-up tutorials! I have never spent much time on my make-up or hair and had no clue where to even begin. As I have started watching your videos, I am gaining interest and finding that I am trying new techniques as I get ready for the day! I am going to purchase the Paris palette and just wanted to say Thank You Tiffany for opening up these new fun-filled doors!

  36. Job well done Tiffany! Congrats with your achievment on the Paris Palette. I just ordered mine and btw, many thanks for the promo code =) Your first tutorial you did is stunning! I hope you will do some more with the blue and green as I have no idea how to use those colors. I have learned SO much from following you. I think you are genuine and really enjoy your pleasant down to earth tutorials. Cute House, Cute Dog, Cute Hubby....LOL...Hey a girl can dream right =) Sincerely, Amy Underwood from OR

  37. One more thing.....Sigma needs to become more competitive on their shipping rates. If I didn't love following you Tiffany and believe in you(and you gave out a promo code that covered shipping)I would never order from them. They need to do something about it. I was reading the post above about international shipping and my jaw dropped! Yikes. I thought $10 US was bad! WOW! Perhaps you can fwd some concerns RE:Shipping to them since you have an "in" with the company. Just a thought =)

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