My BLUSH Favs for Spring/Summer

Blush can really pull your whole look together and make you look more "alive". The other night, my family was over at my house and I was showing my Mom and Grandma the Paris Palette.  While explaining the colors to my Grandma and giving her some ideas for how she could use the colors and make them work for her, I immediately whipped out the F40 brush in her palette and applied a bit of the Peche shade to her cheeks and showed her how to use the highlight shade, Lumiere, with it and her face lit up.  It was amazing what a difference the blush made.
So while I've always L*O*V*E*D blush and been a bit obsessed with it (I have a shamefully large collection to prove it), that experience with my Grandma sparked the idea to do a "Favorite Blush" video. Funny enough, when I went to check out the shades I would include in the video, they were kind of all sitting on my vanity already.  What they all had in common? All were shades perfectly suited for Spring and Summer.
Here are my favs mentioned in the video.  Don't forget to check out my video for more info on the products as well as some demos on how to apply them.

NARS Orgasm
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush: Exposed, Dollface, Blissful
MAC Powder Blush: Peony Petal, Love Cloud, Modern Mandarin
Smashbox Blush in Radiance
Benefit Boxed Powders: Hervana, Dandelion

What are YOUR favorite blush shades for Spring & Summer??



  1. so cute with your grandma <3
    I love blushes and use them always to finish my looks! Thanks for sharing your favourites!

    xoxo from Germany!


  2. Hi Tiffany! I definitly agree. Blush always brightens up a face. My favorite is the clinique fresh bloom allover face color in peony. I've used it for years. I've never used a highlighter though. I'll have to give it a try. I love your tutorials! Do you think sometime you might do one on how to really lenghten lashes? I know you have some using falsies, but I don't want to do that. (My lashes are really short).

    I also just wanted to let you know about a great giveaway from Shabby Apple that I'm hosting right now! Hope you enter!




  3. I love NARS especially their blushes.

  4. I love MAC Pinch O' Peach but I also love Smashbox Chiffon! It's a great one! You have to try it out!


  5. Love the video, but could you recommend any cheaper products - maybe drug store?


  6. i want them all!! lol

  7. Great recommendations! I love NARS Deep Throat & Angelica, and Benefit Bella Bamba :)


  8. This is a great post. It gave me a lot of ideas for blush colors I could purchase. The top of my list is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blushing Bride. I'm always curious about which blush to use that will show pigment on my olive skin, but not look like I have applied so much that I look like I just ran a mile.

  9. Lovely summer blushes!!!


  10. I wouldn't quite call myself a "blush virgin", but ignorant for sure, but I feel more confident going to blush section now. :) Thanks!

    romance blogger

  11. My favorite blush to wear is Benefit Hervana. It just gives that natural "flush" to your cheeks :)

  12. I absolutely love your blog! I find it so helpful and I use your tips alot. I also have a blog,called gretchensfashionexpertise.blogspot.com if you would like to check it out!:)

  13. @Zein
    ooo never tried Chiffon--- Just got an Ulta coupon. Will check it out :)

  14. @wonderwall93
    Can't believe I don't have any drugstore blush favs :/ I'm actually planning a drugstore favs video soon, so be sure to check it out ;)

  15. Yay for Grandmothers! I really enjoyed your video

  16. The Tarte blushes are my favorite!! You have inspired me to get some new ones!


  17. Korres blush in color Rose #21 is so velvety smooth. Has some lasting power btwn 6-7 hours. Most importantly, its all natural. No parabens.

  18. Korres blush in color Rose #21 is so velvety smooth. Has some lasting power btwn 6-7 hours. Most importantly, its all natural. No parabens.