Waylon's 1st Birthday

What's sweeter than a puppy in a party hat?
Not much.

Today, we celebrated Waylon's 1st birthday! When I say celebrated, I basically mean that we slapped a party hat on our poor Golden Retriever (which he surprisingly had little aversion to), watched him flip out over a new steak chew toy (which he only played with/destroyed for 30 minutes before it had a hole in it and had to be taken away), and let him get down on some Frosty Paws peanut butter flavored ice cream for dogs. Which he went CRAZY over.
Since we all know Waylon is really the star of this show, here are some sweet pics I took with my iPhone of his first birthday!


OH and thank you guys for the countless birthday wishes so many of you sent Waylon's way on twitter today. He was super flattered. ;)


The Magical Contouring Technique

So have I ever mentioned makeup is basically magic? No? Well it is.
In my highlighting video, I showed you guys how to accent and shape features of your face and add a healthy glow by applying lighter shades to certain areas. Well, the technique of contouring allows you to sort of sculpt your face by adding a darker shade to areas of the face that you wish to recede. With contouring, you can add the appearance of more pronounced cheekbones to a round face, slim your nose, even hide a double chin. Seriously.
Sound confusing? It's really simple and easy, I promise.
Follow my steps in the video below and you'll be a pro in no time.

Oh and don't forget to check out Sigma Beauty for my absolute must-have contouring brush, the F05, that I mentioned in the video.



Flawless Date Makeup: Kissable Lips, Glowing Skin, Mesmerizing Eyes

Happy LOVE MONTH everyone! Well, it's "love month" for me at least. My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary in February along with Valentine's Day. Oh, and we can't leave out Waylon's first birthday on the 24th! (our Golden Retriever)

I wanted to do a fun look that would be perfect for a date. I happened to wear this exact look when my husband and I went out for our anniversary last week. Natural, kissable lips, glowy and flushed cheeks, and mesmerizing eyes. What could be better, right?

You seriously can't go wrong with this look. Over my past (almost 4!) years on YouTube, I've done my share of Valentine's Day and "flirty" date night tutorials that have a common element. Pink eyeshadow used in some way. You don't have to go the typical "soft pink eyeshadow" route just because it's V-Day. I personally think it's a little sexier to use natural shades on the lids and go for pink on other areas of the face. I went for natural lips and pink cheeks.
Seriously, you can't go wrong with this look.
Besides, your date should be looking at you and not your makeup, right?

Products used:
Tarte Lifted eye primer
Bare Minerals Ready Eye Shadow Palette in The Truth
Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
Smashbox Blush in Flush
Too Faced Candelight
MAC Clear Lip Conditioner
MAC Lip Pencil in Dervish
not shown in video:
Bare Minerals Foundation
Bare Minerals Warmth
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde
Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara

Video tutorial for this look:

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

xoxo, Tiffany


"Shop MAC" and "Cook MAC" Collection Photos & Swatches

This collection makes me SO look forward to Spring! Such fun packaging, fun colors, and best of all MY BELOVED TENDERTONES ARE BACK! Very exciting. Check out the photos/swatches of the products I have from the collection below and don't forget to check out my new video giving my first impressions and a mini review of the products I have.

MAC Shop/Cook Collection Feb-9th

Tendertones, $15
(left-right) Tread Gently, Purring, Hush Hush

Eye Shadow x4, $38
"Shop & Drop": Sugar Snack, Hypnotizing, Power Boosted, Shop & Drop

"Call Me Bubbles": Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, Brash

"Colour Added": Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Pre-Packaged, Self-Serve

Lipstick, $14.50
(l-r) Naughty Saute, Runaway Red, Quick Sizzle

Kissable Lipcolour, $19.00
top-Woo Me, bottom- Enchantee

Cremeblend Blush, $20
Restores Dazzle!
(blended on right)

Nail Lacquer, $16
(l-r) Al Fredo, Salad Dressed, Kid Orange

Products provided for consideration by MAC Cosmetics