Cargo Color Eye Shadow Palette in Baja

New fav status.

Love this palette. Love how simple it is. Love the pigmentation of the colors.

Don't really love the brown on the lower right... It's nice, but throughout the day, it can start looking a bit orange. Which is great for some looks. That still doesn't ruin it for me because the rest of the colors are awesome.

So perfect for creating more natural looks for Spring!

**So many of you noticed me wearing this palette over the past month in videos! I received so many requests for a tutorial and questions about what I was wearing that I created a simple Spring tutorial using this palette to show you how I wear it.
Click here for how I created the look (blog post).
...or here to go straight to the YouTube video.


Spring Natural, Glowy Makeup: New Fav Palette

Just a super-easy, natural, fun look for spring using one of my favorite eye shadow palettes I've recently discovered. Hope you guys love it!
*Click here for photos and swatches of the palette.

Products Used:
Cargo eye shadow quad in Baja
MAC Fluidline in Dipdown (brown)
Covergirl Lashblast Volume mascara
NARS Laguna powder bronzer
NARS Orgasm powder blush
NARS Easy Lover lipgloss

not shown in video:
Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation with Beautyblender


Nails: Chanel Mimosa

Yellow is probably the color least-worn on my nails. My opinion has always been:"Yellow and nails just don't mix".

Until I saw this color by Chanel and caved.

Spending $25 on a nail polish is usually a practice I reserve for the crazies (you know you're reading this...), but I've been known to lose my mind from time to time.

Mimosa by Chanel is a lemon-yellow with a golden frost to it. The frost isn't too intense though. From a distance, you wouldn't even notice it. I'm not too crazy about the formula. Of course, two coats is the way to go. However, with two THICK coats, it still looked a bit streaky in spots and the whites of my nails still show through a bit.

Overall, if you have a little patience with the formula, it's a fun and unexpected twist on nail color for Spring!


Eyeliner Howto: Tightlining Technique, the Waterline & Favorite Products

Eyeballs make me cringe. Seriously. I can sometimes just imagine getting poked in the eye or something crazy happening to my eyes and I almost throw up. True story.

Because of this, lining the waterline and tightlining were always something I stayed away from up until a couple years ago. It just seemed dangerous, unnecessary, and gross.

I'm so glad I gave it a shot, practiced, and have discovered some great fool-proof products over the past few years because I absolutely love the results.
So to show you what "tightlining" and lining the waterline really mean, and how to get great results, I figured I'd make a handy dandy little video tutorial.

...One that didn't make it seem dangerous, unnecessary, and gross.
Because I still cringe whenever I see someone else do it.

If you have sensitive eyes and want to try this technique, make sure you stick to the tips I give in the video and choose safe products that are safe for use in that area. Also, maybe just skip the waterline and start with tightlining.
Check out the video below for a description of both and a tutorial/demonstration of these lining techniques.


Updated Foundation Routine (BeautyBlender)

So during my last skincare haul video, I mentioned the BeautyBlender sponge makeup applicator at some length. I had gone to the store looking for a generic makeup-removing facial cleanser to clean it with which then inspired the whole change in my skincare routine.

Which then inspired a long ramble in that video about my love for the BeautyBlender...

So as promised in that video, here is my updated foundation routine using this product.

Here are some BeautyBlender basics to remember:
-Always use the sponge damp. It expands to almost twice it's size and makes it much softer and springy..er. :) Dampening it really is what makes the product worthwhile and keeps it from soaking up (and wasting) most of your foundation like most other sponges.
-Apply your foundation using bouncy motions. (I demo this in the video)
-Clean it every 3 or 4 times using a gentle cleanser.

BeautyBlenders are available at sephora.com.


New Skincare Haul: Ulta & Target

When something works (especially skincare), I stick with it. Well, I got bored. Here is the result.


Dark & Dramatic "Going-Out" Eyes- Naked Palette

Products Used:
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Shadow Pencil in Sin
Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette Colors:
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Covergirl Lashblast mascara
MAC lipstick in Ravishing
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in So Ceylon (as bronzer)
Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed
*Don't forget your Sigma Makeup brushes! Click here to get some of your own!