Monthly Favorites: November Edition

I'm kind of giddy about my favorites for November.

When I think of summarizing them, the only thing that comes to mind is that in November, I found an eye liner that possibly surpasses the awesome-ness of all my eye liners mentioned in my Favorite Eye Liners post/video.

If you know me at all, then you get the gravity of that statement.

And that there is really nothing left to say that will surpass that.


  1. Really Want to try that face mask you've raved about. Great video, as always. x


  2. Just a suggestion but you should start posting in your more info or on your blog what makeup you have on your face, even for non tutorial videos. Sometimes you do favorites or hair tutorials or hauls and I really want to know what you have on your eyes. Maybe in the more info section you could write what you used that day. Would love it! Love your blog videos :o)

  3. Love the video (and LOVE your earrings, where did you get them?)
    Thanks for your blog and your videos!:)

  4. Great video but I was distracted by your awesome gold nails! Info on those please.... Butter London perhaps??

  5. I am hanging out to see your video on the skincare range you bought recently. I know you've said that to be fair to a product you need to give it time (I agree BTW). I want to overhaul my skincare and am thinking of trying proactive as I have similar skin to you. But if I go ahead a buy it and find origins -I live in Australia and only one company stocks it, which kills me as a number of things you mention the price here is 2 or 3 times the price in then the US for example MAC eye-liner in the pot is $38- here and NARS foundation is $95- the Benifit mascara was $50- yikes! Sorry I am going on but geeze it's not fair :( Anyways I'm afraid if I buy proactive then you will post the video and rave about the set you got recently...

    I love all your videos and thanks for all the effort and work you out into it...

  6. I enjoyed your blog. was looking for some smaller websites that use the dueling banjos effect to increase web traffic. I enjoyed your blog and thank you for posting it.

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  8. Hi Tiffany,

    may i know where did you buy the pins that you used to make the bun at the end of the vid? Thanks!

  9. I love the first comment above. Especially since that was exactly what I was go into write. I REALLY love your everyday look and I noticed you put the products in the YouTube description box. Thanks! I adore your tutorials but your everyday looks are to die for too! Loves it!