MAC Holiday Collection 2011

It's that time again! The MAC Holiday collections are here!

...Well technically, they've been out for a few weeks now I believe. I'm just super behind on my swatchin'. :)
The holiday collection as a whole is pretty large. TONS of items. Keep in mind, I don't have every item, so within this post, you'll see swatches of only the items I have.

To see my opinions on this collection, be sure to check out my video, linked at the bottom of this post.

Mineralize Eye Shadows
left-right: Shimmermint, Winterized

Paint Pot in Lets Skate!

6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows in Sultry

Dazzleshpere Ornament- 4 Crush Metal Shades - Smoky Blue
top, l-r: Winter Sky, White as Snow
bottom, l-r: Dark Moon, Silver Sleet

Iced Delights Nail and Lip Bag in Rocking
nail color: Asiatique
lipstick: Kanga Rouge
lipglass: Golden Blanket

Lipsticks, l-r: Such Flare, Eloquent Air

Dazzleglass, l-r: She-Zam, Love Alert

Technakohl Liners
top: Going for Gold
bottom: Fancy Moves

Iced Delights Bag: Pearl
eye shadow duo: Taupeless & Celestial Black
Zoom Fast Black Lash
Technakohl Liner in Purple Dash
275 Brush

Brush Kit in Mineralize
187, 130, 286, 282

Nail color: Get Noticed

Nail Lacquer Minis Ornament
l-r: Style Tip, Much Adored, Mistletoe, Dark Angel

Products provided by MAC for consideration.


  1. I really like the Holiday Collection, the products are beautiful. I bought Shimmermint, too and Snow Season, the Lipstick Whirls&Twirls and the Dazzleglass Dressed to Dazzle. It's a pity that the Paint Pots Morning Frost and Let's skate! are not available in Germany...

  2. What wonderful stuff! The colours are amazing and so sparkling!


  3. very very nice haul, i love this collection! :)

  4. thanks for sharing it, i really appreciated, that you are so open about all of that!
    i wish i would have the nerves to but something online, and be recognized, by a big brand... that's just amazing!! but i'm just afraid for al the negative people
    thanks for doing what you do!!

  5. OMG! Beautiful products, hope they come out here soon! I just think that its said that you have to justify yourself. You do an amzing job and I have picked up so many tips from you and have fallen in love with so many different products. and people should remember if you dont have something nice to say dont say anything! <3 your work :D

  6. these products are great...you so lucky having them

  7. I really want the eye palette!.

  8. I'm so glad you showed these! I was wanting the Sultry shadows, but I was expecting them to be more pigmented. The crushed metal looks nice though!

  9. 'I don't play that' I love it Tiffany! And I love this blog, and I really appreciate you commenting to let everyone know what the deal is with 'products for consideration'. I think its really great that they sent you some of the products from the new MAC holiday collection bc I've been wanting to try a few! And of course I think one of the collection is endorsed by my favorite athlete Johnny Weir! After seeing the video, I think I am going to try out the sultry palette!

  10. Ugh, I am loving this collection, this is not going to be good on my wallet.

  11. I have not picked up anything from the holiday line. Nothing I could not live with out. I actually do like some of the items now after seeing your reviews on them Thanks!


  12. I really love your blog and have learned so much from you! I appreciate everything you post!
    Thank you!

  13. The shimmery theme of MAC's Holiday 2011 collection is so pretty!

  14. Beautiful collection! Just wanted to say that I love your blog and really look forward to your videos. I've learned some great techniques and discovered some great new products!



  15. I have really enjoyed your tutorials and product reviews. What I'd like to see is makeup for old fat people like myself, so that we don't get those stares because we look like Ronald McDonald. I just turned 49 and I need help!!! I have red tones in my skin, freckled, burns in sun, and so on. Not a great canvas so to speak. I use to live in Atlanta (actually I was born there), hubby got transferred to middle GA but I always come up for shopping. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  16. Hey Tiffany! I think your blog is amazing. I could care less how you get your products, we can all tell you are really sincere in how you judge them and we love your view on products.That is why we watch the channel! I am actually happy you are so successful. I have moved to Spain for a year to teach English and still watch your video. I have a list of all the things I like from this Fall on your tutorials and will buy them all when I come home for Christmas! Keep it up. Love the channel, blog and twitter.

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  18. must resist going to mac....

    love the post :D

  19. Beautiful collection! I would love to get the palette.

  20. O.M.G. those dazzle sphere crushed metal pigments are amazing. <3 and I really want such flare <3


  21. I appreciate how real you are on camera, by just being yourself. :) I feel that your honesty always comes through, and have never felt that you weren't giving your honest opinion about each and every product. I have learned more on your blog than I ever did in cosmetology school. Thank you for taking the time to share your tips with us.

    God bless. :)

  22. nice post and swatches!
    Shimmermint and Winterized are sooo pretty on swatches! Paint Pot in Lets Skate is also sooo pretty and looks like it can be used very often!!!! love MAC paint pot!

  23. eugh, those brushes are to die for!

  24. sweetheart u need to realize that no one has a right to blame you for getting free products from people whom u partner with. Eventually it is their choice as well to buy or not so they shouldnt blame u for making them spend on products! I mean, come on...In fact I think Mac and other cosmetic companies should partner with u n give you free products so that you can demonstrate the good ones on your channels. I have been following your channels for years and it has really improved my looks n makeup skills. In fact since you have such good relations with Mac, can u kindly tell them to supply YOUR recommended products to Singapore (thats where I live), because a lot of times I check with them about stuff u recommend n its not available in Singapore. There's a lot of demand for good makeup artists like u here, I think u shud visit Singapore on behalf of companies like Mac, Sigma etc...tx dear!

  25. Nothing says Christmas quite like glitter.

  26. All those products look really cool.

  27. What I've done as mini gifts for my 2 sis and my cousin is split up the dazzle sphere in coral as little stocking gifts. And I got to keep one too. So if you don't have too much of a budget for xmas but want to treat them to mac, this is a nice idea.

  28. Hello i love your channel and blog, I am a huge fan of Mac and I really would like to know how to receive free product to review from Mac, I would really appreciate it. Thx u