Easy Everyday Smokey Eye: Midnight Blue

Happy FRIDAY!! So happy the weekend is here!
...and speaking of the weekend, this look would be perfect for going out. Day or night. I've been wearing this look so much lately. While it's pretty simple for me, I figured it would be appropriate to share a tutorial for it with you all since I've been enjoying it so much.
It's so perfect because it's super easy to do and very wearable.

Products Used:
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
MAC Eye Shadows:
E30 Brush (essential for smokey eyes)
MAC Fluidline in Midnight Blues
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
NARS Laguna bronzer
NARS Orgasm blush
YSL Golden Gloss in #20

not shown in video:
Maybelline Age Eraser Foundation & Undereye Concealer
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde


  1. Ooh must pick up Contract eyeshadow!

  2. I love wearing a navy blue on my eyes now. I used to hate it, but then I feel in love. Your look is very beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous Look Tifanny! Congrats!

  4. Perfect for your eyes! :)


  5. i love this make-up. will you tell us, in a future post, which are the most necessary eye brushes to use for an eye make-up??? i mean name 3 to 5 type of brushes that one girl must have to create a beautyful eye make-up?

  6. pretty eyes xx

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  7. wow! sooo beautiful, yet sooo easy to do... must give a try afterwards... thanks for the tutorial!

  8. beautiful!!

    could you maybe show some before/after pictures with the maybelline concealer? :-)

  9. You are SO beautiful! Thanks for the video, I've been needing to bust out of the neutrals kick I've been on lately, just wasn't sure where to start...but I love this look!!

  10. Wow, that truly make your eyes sparkle! :) I like how you can blend colours together, even if they are totally different (like in the fall make up post)


  11. Beautiful! I love how wearable this is.

    Gorgeous :]


  12. that's a great periwinkle matte shade, i want it!!! (^_^)

  13. Hi tiffany. I know you must be soo busy answering thousands and thousands of questions but I could really use your opinion if you wouldn't mind. I live in New Zealand and we don't have the easy access of a wide variety of make up products and brushes. Next year I am planning on doing some free lance stuff on the side and want to purchase some brushes. Would you be able to give me some tips as to what main brushes i should start out with please. I value your work and your style. I have watched a whole bunch of Youtube guru's and really they can't compare to your work! Thank you for inspiring me to get out there and make a difference! hope to hear back from you if you have time! Thank you very much Jazzman

  14. I did this look yesterday and I LOVED it. :)

  15. i love, love, love this look:)

  16. You wear this look so well Tiffany! As always, great tutorial :)


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  17. I love this look its gorgeous. I can't wait for your holiday makeup looks this year! :) AM xo


  18. can't wait to attempt this look! i'm not sure if you see the comments after your posts but just in case...i wanted to thank you for your awesome tutorials! i followed your beauty blender foundation tutorial and your bronze smokey eye tutorial for my wedding this past weekend and everyone was amazed that i did it myself! they thought i had a makeup artist. thanks tiffany d!!!

  19. Mac fluidline in midnight blues is sold out everywhere.....do you have another alternative to use?

  20. LOVE this look. I watch tons of your videos and you have resparked my love for makeup. I must say though, and please people realize, I'm not a Tiffany hater (read above comment), it drives me crazy the way you end all your sentences with the upward tone in your voice. It sounds like you are constantly questioning yourself which reduces your credibility. If you don't believe you, why would we believe you? Speak with confidence. You have the knowledge, the talent, and are a good teacher. Stop doubting yourself.

  21. I love navvy, your eyes are beautiful!


  22. This is a lovely look. Usually I'm not a huge fan of blues, but this looks great! Great tutorial as well!^_^


  23. Looooove contrast! Kim k loves it too lol! Btw I love this new product that gives hair volume and shine without the use of a flat iron! Check out my video! Sry bout the quality cam! But looooving this product!


  24. Linda como sempre, adoro suas makes. Beijos do Brasil!

  25. very nice look eye,I'm not a huge fan of blues.