Full Foundation Routine: Easy and Quick!

I get excited about foundation tutorials. I don't get excited about foundation tutorials that make such a task seem like rocket science.

I'm guilty of posting a few of those in my day, I'm sure. Actually I'm positive.

So I really wanted to do an updated one showing you all that you can actually do a full foundation routine quick and easily using all the bells and whistles -- primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder... The works.
Just listing all of those things make me cringe because day to day, I like to keep things simple. But it dawned on me that these things are usually a part of my simple day to day look if I'm going out.

The best part? It only takes me a couple minutes to complete and the results last all day.

So if you want to see how quick and easy full foundation can actually be, or if you just want to check me out in my zero-makeup glory before things get rollin', check out a demo of my current foundation routine in the video below.

Products mentioned in the video:
Origins Vitazing Moisturizer
Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Undereye Roller (magic)
Too Faced Primed and Poreless
Sigma F84 brush (LOVE)
Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation, #40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer, NC20
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Light Medium
NARS Laguna bronzer
NARS Orgasm blush


  1. I love foundation tutorials and this one was great! I feel like i really learned a lot...

    xoxo from Argentina!


  2. what color eyeshadows and lip gloss are you wearing? love this tutorial! thanks :)

  3. Hi Tiffany!
    I have EXTREMELY oily and acne prone skin. What foundations and primers would work best for me? Thanks :-)

  4. you used Too Faced Primed and Poreless Concealer?? or primer?

  5. Will you do a tutorial with this eye look? I would also like it if you could do a Keira Knightly inspired tutorial! Thanks <3

  6. Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing, Ive been using to much base and your video really makes it simple. Great Job! Looking forward to your next video. Your Awesome! Have a great day/evening.

  7. Love your tutorials!!! Gorgeous!!! =]

  8. Love e tutorial...thanx4sharing!

  9. I've really like it!
    I've most of your products and I'm absolutely in looove with them speacially with the NARS trio, I live it here for everyone :) http://laundmakeup.blogspot.com/2011/06/nars-duo-jolie-poupee-single-eyesadow.html

    thanks tiff!

  10. Love your tutorial! I have a question... It's possible to use that sigma brush with tinted moisturizer?

  11. I loved the tutorial it seems really easy and functional ,,, what I loved more is the eye makeup u did ,, can u tell me plz what are the shades u used to do the look or it would be better if u do a tutorial about it ,,, thanx، Joe


    Breezeybee Blog

  13. Great video :) I love how natural it looks on you! I wanna try that beauty blender..
    xo Jenn

  14. Thanks for this great tutorial! Just ordered the Sigma brushes (used your link) & the foundation & primer from Sephora. Hope they look as great on me as they do on you! I'm not quite as blessed as you in the skin tone department, but I'll do the best I can!

  15. Hey Tiff!
    Loved you tutorial, as always! I'm a big fan of your videos and looks... everything!!!
    You really inspires me when I do a makeup for going out with my boyfriend to dance, or to have a dinner, or to to go to the movies, anywhere!
    You are so gorgeous! Love you so much...
    Kisses from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. :*

  16. @preciouspearl
    Oh goodness... it was the primer. Haha Why in the world did I write concealer?? I'm glad you mentioned it! I fixed it :)

  17. @Nor
    Yes, definitely! I usually just use my fingers for moisturizers of all types, but it would definitely work!

  18. Need to know what you wear on your lips!!! It's as gorgeous as you!!

  19. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing with us! It usually takes forever for me to put mine on so I was looking for a simpler method.

  20. Can you Do a tutorial using the urban decay 15th anniversary pallet?

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  22. Tiffany-
    I'm sure you get ZILLIONS of tutorial requests all the time so I feel annoying for throwing my own in the mix, but I can't help it! I'm absolutely IN LOVE with Emma Watson's smokey eyes in her old Burberry campaign. I've watched dozens of interpretations of the look on youtube but I didn't feel like any of them really captured it. It's intense and gorgeous but soft.
    I'd love if you could do something like this, maybe with the Naked palette? Or whatever you wanted really :)
    Here is a slideshow of the ad: http://www.emmawatson.com/en/Slideshow/Fashion-Editorial/Burberry/Autumn-Winter-2009/#/Image-01

    Thank you so much and I'm sorry for being a pain!
    I love your videos, I never would have had the confidence to put on makeup if it hadn't been for your straightforward tutorials!
    Much <3!!!

  23. This is exactly how I do my daily foundation. We usually don't have too much time to makeup everyday like going to work, or going downtown to do something, whatever... and I don't thing it's a nice ideia looking like crazy on the streets, wearing too much makeup! I only do my foundation, apply some concealer around my eyes, nose, than I apply some powder, bronzer, blush and mascara! It' very quick, simple, easy... and it's enugh to look like a "healthy" person! haha

    Kisses and thanks for sharing your talent!

  24. I finally caved in and got the MUFE Mat velvet plus. I am sold love this stuff. It looks so natural and isn't cakey!

  25. Hey there Tiffany!– I'm a totally new viewer of your blog/youtube makeup accounts & as you seem like a person whom takes great care of their skin– I trust your product recommendations. With that said, I have a serious question: I'm very conscious of the products I use of which contain parabens, as they are gaining controversy as being related to breast cancer (which runs in my family). In your tuts I've noted that you use Makeup Forever Mat Velvet for your liquid foundation and the NARS blush/bronzer trio, and while I'm sure they're excellent products– I have apprehension buying them b/c of the chemicals they contain. I was hoping you had alternate recommendations for these products that do not contain parabens? THANK YOU!

  26. I love MUFE's mat velvet plus foundation but they dont have the right color for me so i have to mix 2 colors together to get it right, which is a hassle! I have oily and acne prone skin just like yours and I was wondering if you know of another foundation that works just as great as this one and one that you would recommend?

  27. Hey Tiffany, thanks so much for this tutorial, helped a lot! I've just purchased my first liquid foundation, the MUFE Matte Velvet + and I had no idea how to apply it.
    Girl at sephora said to use a round edge brush to buff it in so I though of the Sigma F82 but you use the F84 - which one do you think would be most effective for me as 1st time found.liquid user? Would love to order a sigma brush asap :)

  28. Hey Tiffany, loved this video, thanks so much!
    I have 2 questions for you. 1.does the too faced primed and poreless control shine/oily skin? I have very oily skin would like to use this primer. 2. You use the MAC Mineralized skin finish to set your foundation, is there another poder you would suggest to set foundation? Since I have really oily skin, I stay away from anything with frost & shimmer.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks TifanyD

  29. Great tutorial! Have you ever tried foundations by Judith August? I find they provide excellent coverage. :)

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