Because Free Perfume is Always Fun... A Little Shopping Haul

I cannot tell you how excited I am every time I get my Ulta rewards certificate in the mail and I have enough for a free perfume. It's like I've won a major award or something.
Cue leg lamp clip.

I seriously haven't paid for a perfume in as long as I can remember. Which probably explains my shamefully large perfume collection.
So you can probably imagine my excitement when I had enough points for TWO free perfumes!
With still some points to spare.
Ok so enough about my love for freebies. So what? Free beauty products get me excited.
So along with proudly showing off my beautiful freebies, I thought I'd share a little haul from that same day and talk about some new MAC products I've been trying recently.


  1. LOVE the leg lamp cue, haha! And free perfume, too, of course!

  2. the the burberry perfume... its awesome..

    hoping you'll follow back

  3. I love that Burberry perfume, it is one of my top favorites.

  4. Love your videos.
    I think it's funny, though, when people think they are getting "free" perfume/gifts and literally spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get it.
    Keep up the good work, though! Your videos are interesting. Also wondering if you would be willing to do an updated hair care/color/how to grow out your hair video?

  5. i love that perfume aswell it so awsome. i dont think ill ever shop enough to get that many reward points! although giving them out quarterly makes it a little more fathomable

    im loving the look of that primer and glitter, i wish things were available worldwide lol, so many things i love are only available in the US.

    im slowly trying to build up my Boots points, even tho i love superdrug.. its so hard lol

    anyway check out my blog and follow if you like :)
    Breezeybee Blog

  6. @LittleB
    True, but as I said in the video, it's on stuff I'd be buying elsewhere that we needed or wanted anyway. So to me, it works out! :)

  7. I just started blogging so this is the first time commenting on one of your posts, Im so excited!
    Anyway, I've been a youtube subscriber since forever!

    I wish we had reward programs/giftcard here in Argentina!
    There's no Ulta or Sephora... so sad!



  8. Great Video I love to see your hauls!!

  9. Ulta should have it's own credit card. People on YouTube spend way too much there. One lady had 72 points this quarter!!

  10. What nail polish are you wearing in this video?

  11. @Rachel 72 POINTS!?! OMG$&#@@%$& there are just no words for that... haha ok now my 16 points don't seem so shameful.

  12. i really like the glitter glue!!! and the glamour dust!! Great duo!!!

  13. Which Ulta rewards program are you on? I am on the Ultamate rewards program and am not a huge spender, though with your tips on buying everything possible there I soon will be! I still feel like I am not really getting anything out of my rewards card- any tips? Should I switch reward programs or find another store with the other program?

  14. Oooh such awesome goodies!! This seems like a great deal... Alamo

  15. "So you can probably imagine my excitement when I had enough points for TWO free perfumes!"
    Happy like a little kid around the Xmas tree :)
    perfume reviews

  16. One of my favorite is that Burberry perfume, love it! :)

    pheromone cologne