Summer Self-Tanning and Bronzing How-to and Fav Products

Yep...it's that time of year again!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year because of the warmer weather. With warmer weather comes smaller outfits which equal more skin... Which usually leads to a self-tanning routine that is an absolute hassle.

I don't like to have more of a tan in the summer because it's "trendy" or because I feel I have to. I personally like a bit of a glow because it's what I personally prefer and feel more comfortable with. Some people prefer just the opposite, and that's perfectly fine!

But if you are like me and love a bit of a natural glow, but don't have a the time or patience to mess with complicated and messy self-tanning products, check out my video below for the awesome new products I've discovered that do the trick!

Happy Summer!


  1. Hey Tiffany. Can you do a vid on hair removal too?

  2. my current fav self-tanner is l'oreal sublime glow!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a $20 gift certificate to Green Apple Paperie if you're interested! They have the most adorable products :)

    xo Ashley

  3. Thanks for the video :) I like a glow throughout the year Even more so in the winter x


  4. Heyyy !!

    I’ve been following your blog and youtube videos for a long time and I love your posts! You’ve taught me so much about makeup and fashion. I think you’d love my handmade rings and earrings.
    Please check it out and tell me what you think. I’m new to it all lol


  5. loreal sublime is my absolute favorite self tanner :D

  6. Hi!
    I love your videos and your blog! It's awesome! I like how you explain everything, very clear. Thank you for your time! Kisses from Spain.

  7. Just bought this from ebay for like 25 bucks. I hope it works good! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing, thinking of trying this out! :)


  9. It's true I also like the more of natural glow! thanks for sharing video xo

  10. si usted tiene un deseo muy fuerte para el wow gold! Si usted está fascinado por el equipo de gran alcance para www.wowgoldsale.es a conseguir lo que usted está so?ando.

  11. Great video. Which shade of the glow fusion do you use? light or medium?

  12. L'oreal Sublime Glow has been rockin' my face off lately. Love it!


  13. Hi, Tiffany! I just wanted to recommend a new self tanning product that I just discovered recently. It's L'oreal's Sublime Bronze - Luminous Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion (Instant Action). I love it because it works right away, it dries really fast, it has a fresh scent to it that doesn't smell like normal tanning lotions, and it has a little shimmer to it. I wore it to my sister's wedding last week and I got a bunch of compliments on my tan skin (I'm usually really pale). Give it a try, I think you'd like it!

  14. I love your youtube and your blog. I just started my blog and would mean everything to me if you checked it out.. http://daniellelovemakeup.blogspot.com/
    Danni x

  15. i love the jergans brand. it works wonderfully. :)
    what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine i would really love to see some of your opinions on it. :)

    follow me?

  16. Did you use the light or the medium in the glow fusion?