THANK YOU, and some final thoughts-- Blog Sale (2)

Thanks everyone for participating! I've removed the pictures and edited the post as all items have sold :)

It seems that most of you really enjoy these blog sales! Seeing as this is my second one, I found it interesting to see several repeat buyers :) I'm glad you guys liked it enough the first time to come back for more!
Honestly, I do these sales to kind of give back to you guys. Yes, you're paying me for my products I'm selling, but I enjoy being able to sell things to people I know will really appreciate it --usually at half the cost I paid.
I've never been much of a "cleaner outer" -- especially of makeup products-- but with an overflowing personal collection of beauty products, I've gotten a little more realistic with what I need to keep :) Obviously I love everything I sold or I wouldn't have bought it-- I've just realized that I don't need 4 of the same exact shade you know? haha So we both win! And since my blog readers/twitter followers/subscribers are very near and dear to my heart, it makes me happy to pack up my once beloved little items and send them off to someone that I have a connection to and who will enjoy it as much as I did :)

Ok enough rambling! Thanks so much for everything everyone! all the support means so much to me -- not just with the blog sale, but all your support over these past 15 months has meant the world to me. I appreciate every single one of you!

Another blog sale could be coming in December so start saving lovelies!! ;)

**OH and all items paid for (which I think all of you other than I think 2 people have) will be sent out tomorrow afternoon (Monday, Nov. 2nd) or Tuesday morning at the latest!


Taylor Swift Soft Cat Eye Makeup

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye
MAC Greasepaint Stick in black
MAC eye shadow-
Christian Siriano for VS Kajal Eye liner in Eclipse
MAC Penultimate eye liner
Maybelline Great Lash Big mascara
MAC False lashes #7
MAC Cantaloupe blush (pro), or any peach shade
MAC lipsticks in Ravishing and Fleshpot


Hair Tutorial: Faux Bob Glam Up-Do

Click here for the Pure Heat 3-in-1 Curling iron I used to get this style

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*Item will automatically be added to shopping cart when coupon code is entered.


Modern Pin-Up/Old Hollywood Makeup Tutorial

Products Used:
MAC Bronze Cream Color Base
MAC Grain eye shadow
MAC Soft Brown eye shadow
MAC Soba eye shadow
MAC Swiss Chocolate
MAC Mylar eye shadow
MAC Blitz n' Glitz Fluidline
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara
MAC Mattene Night Violet
MAC Blackfire Glimmerglass
NARS Laguna Bronzer
NARS Madly blush
MAC Emphazise shape powder (pro)
MAC Fix+

Video coming soon!


Sexy, Neutral Fall Makeup Look

Products Used:

Benefit F.Y.Eye primer
MAC Shadestick- Gentle Lentil
CS 88 Warm Palette
MAC Fluidline- Blitz n' Glitz
Cover Girl Lashblast Mascara
NARS bronzer- Laguna
MAC powder blush- Tippy (or any sheer hot pink blush)
MAC lipstick- Creme d' Nude


The Perfect Red...

I've got to say, I've NEVER been a fan of red on nails- well, just not my nails. Don't know why, just never liked it. For some unexplainable reason I decided to try red again today. I grabbed my Zoya nail polish in Vanessa which came in my "Dare" sampler set. First of all, red can be super unforgiving around your cuticles so you have to be extra careful (as you can see in the picture). Also, there are so many different shades of red. So finding one that works for you can be a bit tricky in some cases. This one is more of a cooler, blue-toned red. The formula also really stood out to me. Not too thick, not too thin. It also applies very evenly. I can't say this about many nail polishes, but you can honestly get away with only one coat of this stuff. Loved it so much that I had to use it on my toes as well!
I think I've definitely found a new favorite...

Zoya nail polish in Vanessa

The Genius of House of Harlow...

If you guys have watched my videos for a while, you've probably seen me wearing this necklace to the left... (kind of an old pic!)

Anyway, I always get questions about it and actually mentioned it in a few videos I think-- the brand and where to get it. The brand is "House of Harlow" which is Nicole Richie's jewelry line. You'd think the stuff which is often pictured on celebrities and mostly made with good materials--think 14k gold, leather, etc-- would be outrageously expensive.

While I purchased my beloved necklace for $95 at a boutique-most items are less than half this price. Since purchasing mine, I've seen some websites carrying it for around $115. A lot of sites that are selling House of Harlow and trying to make a profit by jacking up the price of the pieces, so be careful. Larger stores like Bloomingdales have started carrying the line as well and with the actual prices which are much lower than what some websites will try to get for the pieces. There are some larger items like headpieces and larger cuffs that can go for a little more because they're larger, but that's about it.

What gets me is that all the pieces feel heavy and are made well.
These are the other items I own from the collection-

14k gold, resin, and stone earrings, $35
I LOVE these because they literally go with anything-- especially cute with the necklace above :)
They actually come in lots of colors-- Mine are the black, pictured

"Sunburst" Leather, 14k gold button earrings, $28
I think these are such a steal-- mostly because they are made of good materials and are actually quite large. About the size of a quarter.

...and my favorite, the super huge obnoxious Sunburst ring, 14k gold & leather, this one retails for around $45-50

This one is my favorite because it's quite large and unusual, but mine actually used to belong to Kim Kardashian which I think is kind of cool. I got it from her popular ebay store where she sells her actual things with proceeds going to charity, which I love. What's funny is that I paid the same price it would have cost retail, which is kind of cool.
You can see just how big it is in this picture:

I just think these pieces are so fun-- and most of all, affordable. At similar prices you'd pay at retail stores for cheaply made costume jewelry that's not made very well and won't last. With these, you actually get well-made jewelry that you can keep forever. Plus, every piece is so unique and really stands out. I absolutely LOVE House of Harlow--

To find retailers, lots of options come up on Google-- There are literally so many sites that sell this stuff! But just compare prices like I said-- Beware of sites that jack up the prices!


Fashion- Nude Pumps

I think an essential shoe that all women need in their wardrobe is a basic nude pump. I like to go with a closed-toe style so it can be worn any time of year. A nude pump really elongates your legs and goes with virtually everything. I particularly love them in patent leather. Especially right now, I think this particular style of shoe is very of-the-moment, but totally classic at the same time. This is a shoe to invest in because you'll have it for years. This similar nude patent leather platform pump style by Christian Louboutin has been either sold out or really difficult to find. But you can find great more affordable options from several brands. I especially love these BCBG pumps to the left (I have these)-- You can find them at Nordstrom :)


LUSH Halloween Collection!

SO EXCITED! I just went today to pick up my LUSH Halloween goodies and I'm so excited. I have actually used the "Ghost" last year and LOVE it. The other three were demo-ed for me at the Lush store for me and they smell and feel amazing-- Can't wait to use them :) The pumpkin soap and bath bomb were unexpected surprises. Not your typical "pumpkin" scent. Lush did pumpkin a little spicier, and I really like it. They used the scent of Spice Curls soap actually. The Pumpkin soap is so creamy feeling, it almost melts in your hand. I honestly thought it was a massage bar at first! Here are pics of the goodies I bought :)

My Lush Must-Haves

Whenever I do a LUSH review video, I ALWAYS want to mention these products because I love them so much! But I can't always keep repeating myself :) Anyway, these are my absolute MUST-HAVE items from LUSH that I cannot live without!

1. Dream Cream

If I could only use one LUSH product and give up all my others (terrifying), it would be this. This body cream makes my skin feel and look amazing. I use it everyday. It's extremely moisturizing, but doesn't feel thick and sticky like some body creams do. It absorbs quickly and when you apply it, it almost melts into your skin and glides right on. You don't have to work to rub it in like with some stuff. It doesn't leave a residue or feel oily, but it gives my skin the healthiest glow. The scent is unique-- Herbal, but with a vanilla sweetness. Best part is that it's so gentle, people with the most sensitive skin (even on babies' skin!).

2. Big Shampoo

A good hair day in a little black pot. Seriously, when I use this stuff, my hair changes. It seems a little strange with the large salt chunks, but the stuff works. I like to use really nourishing things on my hair (it's color treated) so this would not be something I'd be drawn to. I nervously tried a sample of this and have been hooked since. It lathers like crazy. It has seaweed in it (which you can't see at all in the product), so maybe that's what makes it feel so great in my hair. It just feels moisturizing. Yet, when you rinse, your hair is squeaky clean, but doesn't feel stripped. Best part is the amazing results-- mega volume for even the most lifeless hair-- like mine :)

3. Rock Star Soap

My all-time favorite LUSH soap. The smell is hard to describe-- Like sweet candy. The scent really lingers on your skin too.

4. Ocean Salt
One word- amazing. I can use this stuff on my body or my face (yep, face). While you might think the salt sounds a little harsh, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and has really nourishing ingredients. *If you have sensitive or dry skin, I'd avoid using it on the face.

Not many products, I know. But these are truly the ones I cannot live without! While I've been using some of the skin care products on my face recently (and am loving lots of them--reaching "must-have" status quickly...), it's still too soon to add those to this list. However, I promise a full review next month of my LUSH skincare products after I've had some time to get a good feel for them :) Maybe even a must-have skincare post? ;)


Style Black Look- A Fun, Wearable Twist on the Trend

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye
MAC black Greasepaint stick
Vex eye shadow
Young Punk mineralized eye shadow-wet with MAC Fix+
Scene eye shadow
Black Tied eye shadow
Blanc Type eye shadow
Urban Decay liquid liner in Perversion
MAC Waveline Fluidline (or any blue gel liner)
MAC Zoom Fast Black lash (sucks)
MAC Pinch O' Peach blush
Politely Pink lipstick
Blackfire Glimmerglass


Style Black Swatches

These are just pictures and swatches only :) For my opinions on the products and a full review, see the video on my YouTube channel (at bottom of post).

Black Knight lipstick

Glimmerglass, l-r: Blackfire, Bling Black, Blackware

Nail Polish: Baby Goth Girl, Seriously Hip
Seriously Hip (above)
Baby Goth Girl (below)

Greasepaint Stick, Black
Blended out (top)
As liner (bottom)

Mineralized Eye Shadows, l-r: Gilt by Association, Cinderfella, Young Punk
...and the random Night Violet Matteene swatch on the far left :)

*Just to show what a difference application makes with MAC's mineralized eye shadows!
*UDPP under everything
top: dry
middle: wet with MAC Fix+
bottom: dry on top of a black base (black Greasepaint stick)