September MAC Collections!!


September '09
-9/10 - MAC in HD
-9/17 - Fall Trend Collection
-9/17 - Pro Colour Expansion Collection
-9/24 - Style Black
-9/24 - Zoom Fast Black Lash
-9/24 - Dazzleglass Cremes

September is going to be very different! As you'll see from my wishlists below, I'm quite intrigued by colors out of the norm. (black lipstick, etc) Not that I'd wear it everyday, but I love the artistic possibilities. Plus, with these collections you have to look beyond the typical use for these. Just because a lipstick is jet black doesn't mean that you apply it full on black, straight from the tube. Use it to alter the shade of another lipstick, or apply it sheer with a lipbrush mixed with another shade of gloss. The possibilities are endless. Much more exciting than the typical lipstick shades.
Here are my wish lists and thoughts on each collection:

9/10 MAC in HD

This collection seems (honestly) like MAC's way of jumping on the "HD" label bandwagon. ...without actually creating any new products. Or maybe they're just saying... "HEY! look, we've been HD all along!! ...uh, because we've always had these products...??" haha I dunno.
The Face & Body foundation is worth a try if you've never used it before. It's very unique. It's on the thin side, but it has buildable coverage and looks natural. It's a staple in my kit.
As for the lip colors, I'll have to see them in person. They sound like colors that are already in the permanent collection. Nothing too unique.

9/17 Fall Trend Collection
hmm...this collection is confusing. I dunno, aren't all the fall collections supposed to be "fall trend"? wow, I'm on a roll today...haha. Ok, enough with the smart comments. :) I just feel like these products could have been included with other collections. It's a fairly small collection, but aside from all my negative remarks, I honestly like the looks of most the products!

lipsticks: These are the two that look interesting, but I'll have to check out the others in person
-Faultlessly F/W
-Our Pick

lipglass: they all sound really unique
-Runway Fave
-New Berry
-So this Season

-Tone-Grey eye shadow quad (not the most unique looking, but I'm curious...definitely will swatch this one in person before purchasing)

9/17 Pro Colour Expansion Collection (Process Colour Collection)
...maybe it's my imagination, but I thought they had most of these colors in the permanent Pro line already?? Basically, they've chosen Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black to add to the permanent pro collection of chromalines, pigments, chromacakes, paintsticks, etc... Meh.

9/24 Style Black
This is the one worth saving for! (in my opinion, at least!) I may as well not even make a wishlist. I really want it all. I'm in trouble...

-Black Knight lipstick
As for the mattenes, I'll have to check them out in person. Never been a huge fan of them)
-All 3 Glimmerglasses. These look so fun!
With the Mineralized Eye Shadows, Young Punk definitely sounds pretty! I'll have to see them all in person though to decide.
-Greasepaint Stick in Intense Black- This is basically like a painstick-type product, but pointier I think....and leaves a shinier finish
-Baby Goth Girl nail polish- haven't seen any pictures, but I can only hope it's as pretty in person as it sounds...black with pink and purple pearl :)

The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is back! I know lots of people swore by it last summer-- even buying multiples upon multiples of backups of the stuff. Not sure if I'll try it because I'm funny about trying new skin stuff, but I might see what all the hype is about.

About the Cream Colour Bases-- I have Bat Black, but it's definitely a color worth getting if you don't have it already (it's a pro color).

9/24 Zoom Fast Black Lash
Yay for a new mascara formula! Not sure if I'll try it right away because it's going to be permanent, but it seems like an amazing formula. Described as being very volumizing and super black. Sounds good to me!

9/24 Dazzleglass Creams
LOVE Dazzleglasses. Can't wait to try these. I'm not going to pick certain colors because I'll have to check them out in the store first before deciding.

Check out the collections for yourself :) What are YOUR wishlists? What are YOU most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below for a chance to win a Sigma travel brush set!
Winner will be announced Thursday, September 3rd. (No need to rush. The winner will be randomly selected on the 3rd)


  1. the style black collection sounds really cool...love the concept...but i think i will buy the most from the dazzleglass cream collection...xoxo

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  3. Erm I like the look of all the eyeshadows in Style Black and Sublime Shine Dazzleglass Cream :)

  4. The Face & Body foundation I've heard lots of good things about so I want to try that. I also really want the Bat Black cream color base and I think Feline kohl power is coming out again with that? Allthatglitters21 (Elle) loves it and I really want to give it a try.

    I'm trying to keep my spending to a bare minimum right now but with MAC who knows... I might find some more awesome stuff in these collections I fall in love with. :)

  5. The Style Black Collection sounds amazing!

  6. i would definitely get the cyan and magenta pigment.. i have been liking them lately..
    the style black is the one i'm most excited to try and swatch it when i see it on the store! yay!

  7. I'll probably check out the Close to Real & High Def lipsticks from HD. I think I might look at the black collection as it's my favorite color but need to see swatches first

  8. omg i love and want Soft Dazzel,
    close to real lipstick,
    cool reserve, omg and dance all night,
    n i so much want Black Night
    young punk e/s

    i personally love the style black collection.


  9. Super excited about the new mascara! Can't wait to try it out. Also looking forward to the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I've never tried it but from what I've read it's worth a try!

  10. Richie was talking about the Style Black collection in his latest video and this collection has me super excited! :)

    I definitely want to try the Glimmerglasses and the exfoliator. I've heard great things about it and I'd really like to try it. So those will probably be the things I save up for! I've yet to try the Dazzleglasses, but I might just try the Dazzleglass Creams. They sound intriguing!

  11. I definately want to try the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator - sounds so different.
    The Fall trend lipglasses sounds gorgeous!
    I really want to try the face and body foundation too.
    Thats it for now....I'm sure my wishlist will get bigger! :)
    Natalie x <3

  12. My wishlists. [Sorry it's so sloppy looking. I wish I had a rich text editor in this comment box.] :D

    9/17 Fall Trend Collection
    Faultlessly F/W

    Runway Fave
    So This Season

    Tone - Grey Quad
    *I'm actually super excited about this. I need a new grey quad for traveling!

    9/24 Style Black

    Mineralize Eye Shadow:
    Young Punk
    Gilt by Association
    Blue Flame

    *All four because I love using blacks with pearls on the outer corner. The more variation of pearl colors, the more colors you can use it with!

    Nail Lacquer:
    Baby Goth Girl
    Seriously Hip

    *I've been looking for colors like these since I was like 16. It'd be nice to get my hands on some now. [:

    9/24 Zoom Fast Black Lash
    *For the past couple years, I've been buying a different kind of mascara each time I need a new one because I just haven't found one that I've fallen in love with, yet. Maybe this is it?

    9/24 Dazzleglass Creams
    Yay! More Dazzleglass. [:

  13. Hi Tiffany!!

    I am super excited about the Style Black collection. I think i'll pick up the black lipstick for sure. Not sure how i will use it, but I really want to own it!! the Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara also interests me. would love to see how that formula works!

    Adrine (adrinek0807@yahoo.com)

  14. I want to try the glimmerglasses, the feline kohl power and the new mascara formulation.

  15. Im excited for the dazzleglass creams and i also want to try the volcanic ash exfoliator!

  16. Dazzleglass creams are simply wonderful!
    I would also love to try the volcanic ash exfoliator, and the new mascara (big fan of mascara here!!!).

    The Style Black collection, I'd never wear, but it's amazing for creative photoshoots!!!

    Thanks for this random giveaway!

  17. Sorry for not having any order on this but here is my wishlist: High def lipstick, blackfire glimmerglass, all of the mineralize eyeshadows in the style black collection, seriously hip nail lacquer, baby goth girl nail lacquer, and i think i want all of the dazzleglass cremes too hahaha... "wishlist" since i'm probably not going to get it all for myself... I'm not sure yet I'll have to go in and see them first for myself.

  18. Sadly enough the only thing that really appeals to me is the Zoom Fast Black Lash. The mac collections seem more like the same ole thing. And the colors look like they are for vampires :P

  19. Only getting these lipsticks from the MAC in HD collection : Close to real and High Def. Everything else is permanent. Passing on everything else but I will check out the dazzleglass creams and buy two or three ;)

  20. I want the Zoom Fast Black Lash collection.
    Thanks (“\(*-*)/”)

  21. The up coming collection looks great. I want to try some on the dazzleglass creams.

  22. I'm really intrigued by the Style Black Collection! It looks fab.

    I want the Black Knight lipstick, pretty much all the eye colors, and the Seriously Hip nail laquer.

    From the Dazzleglass Collection I want Luscious Spark and Do It Up!

    :) -Vanessa

  23. Blackfire glimmerglass and seriously hip and baby goth girl nail polishes are definitely on my wishlist from Style Black.

    Probably a few of the dazzleglass cremes as well, but I can't decide which.

    I kinda want everything from fall trend, but I'm not sure how wearable it will be. That makes it harder to justify.

  24. Omg im actually excite about this months collections:)
    My wish list it:
    the black lipctick and and some dazzlglass collection luscious sparks

  25. My wish list would be the new Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara and the Tone Grey Quad. I would also consider the Face & Body Foundation as it sounds like a good product.

  26. I'm definitely most excited about the Style Black collection! The mineralized eye shadows look amazing.

  27. I'm super excited about the Style Black and Dazzleglass Cremes collections. I've been saving for those all month!

    My wishlist:
    Style Black- Glimmerglasses, Grease Paintstick, all 4 shadows and Baby Goth Girl polish.

    Dazzleglass Cremes- Sublime Shine, My Favorite Pink and Amorous!

  28. I am the most excited about the Tone Grey quad. I LOVE quads and don't have a grey one so that will be great!

  29. I got my eye on that Black Knight lipstick! I can't wait for the Style Black collection! Time to save up!!!

  30. Hi Tiffany,

    I would have to say that I am most excited about the Style Black collection-love the idea of different color specks in the black shadows. Not sure if I would do the black lipstick though.

    PS. Love the pics you posted of your vacation-finally get to see you with your hubby

  31. Style Black Collection...it's different of everything I've seen before.I want it all!

    Bianca D.

  32. I'm definitely super excited for the Style Black collection!! I LOVE black eye shadows since it's so versatile and with all the different pearls it's coming out with, I can't wait!!!

  33. I'm not too big on the new MAC collections coming up, which is good for the money right?

    So here is a few things I may just have to get

    Close to real Lipstick (HD Collection)

    High Def Lipstick (HD Collection)

    Volcanic Ash exfoliater sounds quite intresting aswell!

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  35. Whoops accidently hit the garbage can button! heh

    Here is my Wishlist:

    Close to Real Lipstick
    Tone Grey Quad

    I'm so cheap lol

    p.s. the style black pictures on the website are quite frightening. :P

  36. I am most excited about the Style Black collection. I am one of the ones who will be stocking up on the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator! I personally love it! The eyeshadows are pretty but I am not a big fan of mineralized e/s and I think that NARS Night series will be good dupes for them...but you never know when I get to the store I always come home with something wayyy off my wishlist!

  37. I'm only interested in the Zoom Fast Black mascara and the dazzleglass cremes. I'll pass on the rest.
    As for Tone Grey quad...hmm...I wanted it...but the blue is pissing me off as it's yet another Deep Truth =(

  38. I am planning on getting Our Pick from the Fall Trend collection.The quad sounds pretty good to me. I'd love to try some of the Glimmerglasses form Style Black and all the nail polishes!

  39. i can't wait to try out the dazzleglass creams since i love dazzleglasses, too!

  40. whishlist:
    glamoure check eyeshadow
    tone grey quad

  41. I can't wait to get my hands on the Tone Grey Quad! I'm way excited to see all of the collections in person, especially the Style Black...too hard to decide without really seeing them :)

  42. Hey tiffany :D

    I think the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator sounds extremely cool & unique . Cant wait to try it out .

    Also the tone grey quad !

  43. Waiting in anticipation for the launch of the ‘Style Black Collection’ as it makes me feel all nostalgic remembering those heady days of the 80’s when I was a hardcore Goth. Twenty years on, I think I’ll leave the black lipstick to R.I.P, and play safe with Seriously Hip & Baby Goth Girl nail polishes, plus the mineralize eye shadow in Gilt by Association.

  44. I am lemming the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator! 'Course! And will definitely be purchasing the Baby Goth Girl nail polish. I will probably be snapping up the Dazzleglass creams since I am obsessed! Gorgeous, mm-hmm.

  45. I think I am most excited for the Style Black collection as well, because I would really like to see how you could use all the products on a daily basis, because I'm really fair skinned and I don't want to really wash out anymore. I would really like to get the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator since everyone I have read reviews of swears by it like you said, but I'm always scared my face will freak out if I try something new!

    I love, love, love you and I think you do a fabulous job. You are by far my favorite make-up guru EVER and I wish I could afford fly you from Atlanta to Arkansas to do my bridal party's make-up for my wedding this month! haha

    Keep up the good work, and you should read my blog: http://emilydiane1.blogspot.com/ and check me out on twitter! www.twitter.com/edbell

  46. I really can't wait to try the Zoom Fast Black Lash. I've only recently been introduced to MAC and it's been a dangerous obsession ever since. lol

  47. I'm looking forward to the Style Black Collection. All the eyeshadows look amazing but I really want Young Punk and Gilt by Association.

    Love your blog and youtube Tiffany!! Keep it up! =)

  48. i don't really have enough money to buy mac, but i think the style black collection looks really cool. But the volcanic ash exfoliator sounds really cool! i've heard many reviews about it! I will just wait to see what you get =)

  49. I'm excited for the Greasepaint Stick in Intense Black. I want to see the consistency and how it would be as a base and whether it would smudge.

    I'm also really excited to see the dazzleglass creams. I saw a few swatches already but definitely need to check them out for myself.

  50. I'm most excited about Style Black!! It screams hotttt :)

    The mineralized eye shadows look awesome from what I've seen. Swatches of them look gorgeous, especially when swatched wet - WOW!

  51. i would love these items

    MSF Natural - I've always wanted one and I think now would be a great time to grab one.

    Tone Grey Quad - This would be great to do your classic smokey eye. It's great to have all the colours you need all in one palette.

    Mineralize eyeshadow in cinderfella and young punk - i love coloured pearls in black eyeshadow!!

    Soft dazzle and My Favorite Pink dazzle glass - i love peach and pink on my lips!!

  52. Yay! Another contest! my birthday is 9/10 so this would be great to win :o)

    my wishlist currently is dazzleglass lipglosses. I'm stocked up on other things at this point....


  53. I really want the Mineralized Eye Shadows.
    I haven't tried these before from MAC but i saw a swatch post a little while ago and i fell in love with them.

    For something else different I might grab the new mascara too, I haven't tried them before from MAC either because they seem to get so many hit and miss reviews!

  54. I'm excited about the Volcanic Ash skin care products! I'll also probably try a couple of the Dazzleglass Creams!

  55. im really only excited for the dazzleglass creams i need to stop spending so much on make up so maybe ill pick up just one or two =]

  56. On my wishlist:

    MAC Dazzleglass Creme
    - Soft Dazzle
    - Sublime Shine
    - Perfectly Unordinary

  57. i'm really excited for the dazzleglass creme! ahh can't wait. i'm not making a wishlist yet bcus i want to see the colors in person first (:

  58. I'm super excited about the dazzleglass cremes! I love them so much haha

  59. On my wishlist,

    From the Style Black Collection:
    Bat Black cream base, gease paint stick, miniralize eye shadow. Glimmer glass.. we'll c how it looks.

    And also the cream dazzleglazzes. I love dazzleglasses, but we'll c how the swatches for these comes out.

    Thanks Tiffany D.

  60. Since I'm quite conservative with my makeup, the HD collection appeals to me! I've never tried a mineralize skinfinish natural, and I honestly don't know why! Each time I would go to a Mac store I would end up buying everything else but that! The coral lustre lipstick (Close to real) looks very nice! The Grey Quad in the Fall trend collection also looks amazing but the Style Black collection has nothing for me :( Black is so...boring, I already have tons of black colored products, so I'm just gonna pass and save up instead :P

  61. Nothing is tempting me as much as the Style Black Collection!! I am so exited about it so here's my wishlist:

    Young Punk - Mineralize E/S
    Baby Goth Girl - Nail Lacquer
    All of the Glimmerglasses
    Night Violet Mattene

  62. I'm not too excited about most of the upcoming collections either. I think I'll only be picking up the Thermal Volcanic Ash thing..I already have the Volcanic Ash Exfoliater (LOVE it!) and I think the formula is different this year; at least the packaging is.

  63. Definitely getting the dazzleglass cremes, a couple things from Style Black- baby goth polish.. want the Volcanic ash thing too. Can't wait.

  64. I would like to try the dazzleglasses :) Also maybe some of the eyeshadows, and also the glimmerglosses. ^^; I like lip gloss :D

  65. I'm so excited about Style Black since they are bringing back Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I'm willing to try it out since I've never tried it before. I'm also excited for Fall Trend collection and Dazzleglass Cremes.

  66. I want the grey quad and the mascara, and then comes october and the d squared!

  67. So many choices... I'd say Style Black e/s, Fall collection eye quad and D2 feline eyeliner, sculpt duo & 165 brush!

  68. I'm excited about the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I wasn't buying mac when it first came out, but I am now and I wonder about the hype too.

  69. I'm most interested in the Style Black Collection, but I'll probably end up picking up a few pieces from the other collections as well. I can't wait to see the looks you'll come up with in your tutorials.


  70. I think I'm most excited about the dazzleglass cremes I can't wait to see in person.

  71. I haven't been too excited about any of the collections except for the Dazzleglass Cremes. They seem like they are worth a look. :)

  72. I'm very excited about the volcanic ash exfoliator - they're supposed to come out with a thermal mask too, I think? I'll probably get both of those. Not overly interested in the Style Black collection - a bit too daunting for a makeup newbie.

  73. I am super excited about the Style Black collection. But as usual I will wait to see what you do with it. I dont have your imagination so I will wait for your swatches/tutorial. Also maybe I will try the new mascara.

    Love everything you do!

  74. I totally agree with you with the whole "HD" thing...~! Same products repackaged differently - seems to be a MAC trend!

    After viewing the list, I think I'd be interested in looking at the Black Knight lipstick, and the Eye Kohl and Penultimate Liner - I'm hoping it will be truly black and not gray-ish! eeks!

  75. I'm not too excited about the upcoming collections except for the Style Black collection sounds unique! I really want to try that exfoliator. I have never tried the Face & Body Foundation so that might be the only thing other than the Style Black collection that I'm interested in!

  76. I am most excited about the Style Black collection and also the Dazzleglass Creme collection. Everything looks so fun and amazing, definitely will try the volcanic ash exfoliator!

  77. Can't wait to try out the black lipstick!!!

  78. Im definitely grabbing the face and body foundation because they only sell that at MAC pro here in NZ :S

  79. I'm really interested in the volcanic ash exfoliator. I love skin care stuff, so this might be something I actually purchase instead of just look at. lol

  80. I cant wait for style black The Baby goth girl nail polish definitely caught my eye but I want everything haha my wallet is already hurting!! =)

  81. All I want is the Black grease paint stick from «Style Black» and Baby gothic girl nail polish also from that collection. That's it, I'm saving for the DSquarred collection in october... ;)

  82. I'm most excited about those dazzleglass creams! the lipglosses were great so i'm sure the creams will be as nice :) and MAC HD! wow... i can't wait to try it!

  83. I'm really exited about the Style Black collection. If I could afford it I would probably want all of it.

  84. Style Black sounds so pretty! I think I'm gonna grab some dazzleglasses too.

  85. I'm so excited about Style Black. I really want Bling Black and Gilt by Association... :)

  86. I'm ready for the dazzleglass cremes collection! Can't wait to check them out.

  87. I'm wanting a few things from the Style Black collection. Dazzleglass cremes sounds interesting. I can't wait to check them all out.

  88. The Dazzleglasses look really pretty and i would love to try the new mascara! maybe pick up the dark lipstick for halloween :)

  89. Hi Tiffany! I'm excited about the Dazzleglass Cremes because I am a fan of the Dazzleglasses so I want to see how this compares. I skipped out on Dazzleglasses first time around and that was a mistake! Everyone should own at least one of these!

  90. I'm dying to get the volcanic ash exfoliator and the volcanic ash thermal mask, can't wait for them also i'm curious abouth the glimmerglasses

    Thanks for having this giveaway!!! i luv your vids

    hugs n kisses from colombia


    mostly everything from the style black collection!!! i am so hyped for the shadows and nail laquer! i love wearing dark shades so i cant wait for this collection! =D

  92. I'm definitely excited about the Style Black collection. All the items in that collection are very different from things I've seen and things I own. Although I'm not the type of person to wear dark lips and lots of dark makeup, it would be fun to experiment with some of the new products and I may become a fan of dark makeup =)

  93. I'm excited for the style black collection! and the new mascara formula is on my wishlist too.


  94. Not too excited for the upcoming collection
    Two items are on my wish list is the Grey Quad and Cream colour base in Black

  95. I'm super excited about the Style Black Collection!
    My wishlist:

    Glimmerglass: Blackfire

    Mineralize Eye Shadows: Young Punk, Gilt by Association

    Grease Paintstick: Intense Black

    Nail Lacquer: Seriously Hip, Baby Goth Girl

    Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

    Cream Colour Base: Black

    I'm also intrigued by the Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara

  96. Hi Tiffy, how are you? I want to say that I'am from Brazil and my hasband goes crazy with me because I love to watch your videos!!! hahaha... Well now I will try one more time win those brushes from sigma and I can't have here in Brazil, cause they dont sell to Brazil, so this are my firt wishlist!! hahaha... Then I am really excited about a site that I just found today that calls "forever 21", it is amazing!! I just love it!! They have a lot of pretty things and very very ship!!! Now talking about make up, I really am excited to buy a MAC 21 lash, that I think it is beatiful, I want so bad a blot film by MAC I heard that is pretty good thing and my skin is very oil. I also wanna try the Mac Gliter, really want a Mac microfine refinisher and that's it!! I didnt but a lot of makeup because I just got a lot of things that I was looking for ... Not that I dont want anymore haha, I really have some more things to have by NARS, Make Up For Ever and Benefit.
    I hope you like my wishlist..
    Thanks for the opportunity..
    Have a great day.. Marilia.

  97. I'm looking at:
    Fall trend nail laquerers in Cool Reserve, For Fun and Beyond Jealous.
    And from the Style black: Black instense black grease paintstick, and mineralized eye-shadows in Young Punk and Blue Flame.

  98. I used to get excited about MAC collections. Now there is one every week! There's no way I can keep up! I am looking forward to the Dazzleglass Creams. I'll have to see the colors in person before I decide on which ones I like. Thanks for doing these posts, I love to see your take (and snarky comments!) on the collections. The give aways are very sweet.


  99. Geez! Style Black is gonna make me soooooo broke because I. CAN'T. PICK. JUST. SOME.

    Also, I loooooove mineralize skinfinish, and NEED the SPF, so I'm def. gonna try Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation/Loose...

    I better start saving!

  100. I'm excited for the mineralize eye shadows fromStyle Black, especially the brown and black one =]

  101. I have been waiting for the Style Black collection forever. I pretty much want the entire collection, minus the lipstick (since I have no use for it), but I absolutely must have "bat black" cream color base. And the glimmerglasses. That's about all for all of those collections though.

  102. I'm really looking forward to the exfoliator because i heard such good things and its cheap compared to lush stuff

  103. These upcoming collections are kind of a question mark to me. I'm not going to buy as much as usual. Luckily, however, from next week on, I'm able to see most of the collections in person in our new MAC, although we won't be having them all. I'm definitely interested in some of the Style Black items.

  104. I cant wait for the black lipstick!

  105. My wish list is definitely:
    MAC in HD: I saw the Close to Real lipstick and loved the color
    For the MAC Style Black: I just wanna try the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, and the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask im all down for trying fun exotic skincare
    As for the dazzleglass crèmes..i want em’ all! Lol j/k I gotta try them;-) then…maybe I’ll narrow it down!

    i agree with you about the artistic versatility of the Style Black..u can start to customize!

  106. I think I might try the volcanic ash exfoliator. I'd have to see everything else in person before I buy anything.

  107. I really like the nailpolish you're wearing in August Picks (note to self, I think), so that is on my wishlist.

    I reccommended my mom the mac lipstick in Odyssey, this grape wine color, it looks very impressive and dramatic on blondes!

    My birthday just passed so I got to splurge at Sephora! I really reccommend Clinique pressed powder and their Black Honey lipstick, which seems to compliment anyone who wears it.

    Suntints from the Baby Bloom collection at mac are so great! That's on my wishlist!

    I also just had to buy Dark Room, it's one of my favorite colors from sephora and it covers very well!

  108. I'm not that excited for the new collections :(
    MAC just hasn't been doing so well for me lately
    but i do want to try these:

    Runway Fave
    So This Season

    Nail Lacquer:
    Baby Goth Girl

    & last but not least i'm gonna get tons of the volcanic ash exfoliater. love that stuff!

    Everything else i can live without.

  109. Im pretty excited about the Style Black...Cant wait to view them!

  110. Alrightyyy
    SO... im kinda bleh about these lines. which is AWESOME because i killed my wallet with the art collections :/
    but i am a freak for anything glittery with is making me like A LOT (sorry i caps a lot bleh) of the style black line so wishlist numero uno: style black- ALL the mineralize eyeshadows (if they are as amazing as in swatches), rapidblack liner (which is perm so whenever i have money), and baby goth girl nail polish, OH and definitely the ash exfoliator and mask!
    k so now to the high def......yeah not so much, not amazed. will definitely go and see what it offers but i doubt there will be a lot to think about.
    fall trends....also bleh; however will check it out to see hipster lipstick even though it is a repromote.
    the new mascara is chill.. i really like plushlash so who knows
    and DUNDUNDUN...
    the dazzleglasses..SAVE ME NOW my wallet will die. i am obsessed with these beauties and the glitter in it is fantastico. ughh what's a girl to do? :(
    sorry this is so long..i had so much to say
    so all in all..september looks very glittery and I LOVE IT

    p.s tiff you are amazing and i love the vids


  111. I absolutely hate tat the MAC collection are out first in the US and almost a month later in France... Make up Art collection is not out yet in France!

  112. Hi lovely Tiffany,

    here is my wishlist :)

    MAC HD: Nothing really interresting, maybe if I see it in real but by the pictures I am not really excited :(

    Fall Trend Collection: I definetly want the Grey Quad. I love Quads and these colours look very nice :) and maybe som lip colours (I have to see this in person)

    Pro Colour Collection: noothing interesting for me, maybe if I see them in person

    Style Black: Maybe the Eyekohl in Smolder but I have to try it. And the Nail Lacquer in Baby Goth Girl sounds interesting bt you "scarred" me a little bit how you describe the quality of the nail lacquer - I will see.

    Zoom Fast Black Lash: I think I will not buy me this ... but maybe if I see a great review by you ;)

    Dazzleglass Cremes: On the pictures I like Totally Fab and Creme Allure but I thinnk I have to see it in person or in a review

    Thanks a lot for your always great reviews and videos.
    I´ve tried out Pro Active after your advice and Im really really happy with it. My face looks after one week better - so Im really excited how it will be in 4 weeks :) - Thanks for that.



  113. I'm as excited as you are about the Style Black Collection! I can't wait to try lip combos with all the new black lip products coming out :)

  114. I cant wait to try the cream color base in bat black!

    It looks amazing! :)

  115. Im very excited on the Grey Quad and Cream colour base in Black both items are on my wish list.
    Can't wait to try on both.

    And for the rest of the collection is not too interesting might just have to check out in person.

  116. I'm very interested in the Style Black collection! I have to see everything first before I like a particular one.

  117. I want every dazzleglass!!! I guess I'm gonna have to choose :P


  118. Style Black:
    -Greasepaint Stick in Intense Black.

    - i would love to try the Dazzleglass Cremes. i like how the Totally Fab and Creme Allure looks in the picture but I think I have to see it in person or in a review.

  119. Im ECSTATIC about Volcanic Ash from the Style Black collection.......

  120. Im very excited about the tone grey quad, the dazzleglass creams (not sure which colors), and the new mascara. I hope that this is a mascara that really will work for me from MAC. Thanks for all the updates!

  121. Style Black
    Seriously Hip and Baby Goth Girl nail lacquers
    (at least one of the two, but I'll have to see in person)
    Black grease paintstick
    Midnight Media mattene

    and since it is a wishlist, all the Dazzleglass Cremes!

  122. I am the most excited for style black. It has so many things that I would never wear on a daily basis but I can't wait to give it a go. :) I think that this collection is by far the most unique collection MAC has put out.

  123. Wish list:
    HD: Facey & Body Foundation and some of the lipsticks but will need to see them first.

    Fall Trend: Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad, the colours look beautiful.

    Dazzleglass Cremes Collection: Sublime Shine & My Favourite Oink.

    Style Black: Glimmerglass in Blackfire.
    Mineralized Eyeshadow in Cinderfella and Gilt by Association.
    Eye Kohl in Smolder.
    Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.
    All the Nail Lacquers.

    Zoom Fast Black Lash: Would love to try this mascara, but will wait for some reviews.

  124. Definitely most excited about style black for sure. i'm gonna skip all the collections in sept. except for style black. all the other collections doesn't seem too exciting, imo. My wishlist for style black is the mineralized eyeshadow (haven't excited on which one yet), the VAE and the mask, and also the grease paint stick. that should be it :).

  125. I like the Tone Grey eyeshadow quad, it looks really nice :)


  126. I can't wait to see Style black collection, want the Baby Goth Girl nail polish :)

  127. MAC in HD
    I totally agree with you in the HD hype of this MAC collection. I'm not that into all those products labeled HD just for the sake of saying HD... Although I think I'll try the Face & Body foundation to get my skin colour but since it's pro I don't think I'll buy it right away... I can always order by phone, so no rush ;)

    Fall Trend Collection
    I'm kinda looking forward to seeing this grey quad, I'm allways lloking for nice grey shadows, I'll check it out on my counter and if the pigmentation it's ok I think I'll have to adopt this little quad... As for the lip products, I'm not really a fan I tend to use allways the same colors so I think I'll pass on those...

    Pro Colour Expansion Collection (Process Colour Collection)
    Nothing from this collection reaches out for me...

    Style Black
    See this collection is one I'm expectant to watch by myself... I need that #214 brush (My sis stole my Sephora Smudge brush...)... And of course, having read so many good comments on the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator I cannot let it pass, and maybe I'll get the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask too, don't know yet... I'd love to get the Bat Black CCB, but since it's pro no rush there, and I'll save money for other LE products like the Greasepaint Stick in Intense Black...

    Zoom Fast Black Lash
    I dont really like MAC mascaras so I wont spend any more money on those even if it's a new formula...

    Dazzleglass Creams
    I'm also in love of Dazzleglasses, and I can't wait to check those. From the swatches I've already seen I love Do it Up, Sublime Shine, Smile, Baby Sparks... but I cannot get all those ...so we will see one I swatch those...

  128. hey tiffany,

    im intrigued with the baby goth girl nailpolish and would love to try the zoom fast black lash. where im from, we are still on the graphic garden collection so i might have a couple of months to wait to get to try it.
    love your videos. you are very classy. i can honestly say im addicted. thanks for all the time and effort u put into ur videos.

    from, laura (arista022002@yahoo.com)

  129. Everything in the Style Black collection!! Black is my THING!
    I wanted just a black cream base, but it doesnt seem to be part of the colleciton anymore!!
    So, Bat black it is!
    Maybe the Grease Stick, Definitely the creamy black dazzleglass (blackware)
    and possibly Night violet... It's too pretty and too sexy vamppy to not have!

  130. Some of these collections I am impressed with and others not so much. Oh well, they still manage to get me in there for something .. haha! So with the Fall Trend collection I will have to look at the colors in person to really decide. The quad looks pretty but may remind me to much of my denim dish from a long time ago. Now the Syle Black I am very excited about!
    All 3 Glimmerglasses for sure!
    All the Mineralized shadows (I feel you just cant go wrong with black and subtle other colors for that pop!)
    The Greasepaint Stick
    Cream Colour Base in Bat Black (I am a sucker for anything burgendy)
    Seriously Hip Nail Laquer
    and I want to look into this Volcanic Ash stuff
    and I havent seen the Dazzleglass creams but they sound amazing!
    Thanks again for all your inspiration darlin!

  131. Def gonna get Volcanic Ash thermal mask to try it out .

    black knight lippy is cool, hands will be on it...x

  132. Ohhh a collection in black!!!!
    I want all Style Black collection.

    Thanks for all.

  133. The style black collection is my favorite....absolutely stinging for pretty much everything!!

  134. I'm excited about the Volcanic ash exfoliator!

  135. OMG, I'm like so excited! Can't wait for the upcoming collections... too bad I live in the Netherlands and have to wait even longer before they come out..

    Here's my wishlist;

    MAC in HD
    - Close to Real lipstick
    - High Def lipstick

    Fall Trend Collection
    - Runway Fave lipglass
    - Tone Grey Quad

    Style Black
    - Rapid Black Penultimate Liner
    - Smolder Eyekohl
    - Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
    - Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

    Zoom Fast Black Lash

    Dazzleglass Cremes
    I guess I want all of them... start saving...

  136. i'm with ya -- i will be saving up for the entire style black collection and skipping all others!!

  137. I'm most excited about the HD one...I know I know, you think it's silly, but I do a lot of filming for my college's weather channel so I like the idea of looking good. Also, the black one sounds kinda cool. I don't know though because i have black hair...i don't wanna go too dark.

    Mary (mkmatthew@hotmail.com)

  138. Style Black sounds epic!

    I want all 4 MES
    The grease stick
    The best of the black lipsticks
    The nail polishes
    and possibly some/all of the glosses

    This is a bad collection for my wallet! But SO worth it.

    I'm also really excited for Dazzleglass Cremes - Amorous looks amazing, as do many of the others.

    Not sure about the other collections yet, but I will definitely check them out in person. :)

  139. The Quad from the Trend F/W Collection seems to be cooool. From the Style Black Collection I like Cream Colour Base especially in Bat Black!! And the 214 brush. Thanks for your vids!!

  140. The volcanic ash exfoliator is on my list and maybe some of the brushes.

    Looking forward to the quad and the new zoom lash too. :)

  141. Style Black sounds awesome!

    I want Bling Black! And so much more! I need to earn more money ):

  142. dazzleglass cremes and the black collection. unique, and im gona try it!! dazzleglass is beautiful, but with a creme sheen to it, MARVELOUS! LOVE....LOVE...LOVE.


  143. Definitely the Style Black collection and the Dazzlecremes! A perfect combination of cream and sparkle...LOVE!

  144. i can't wait for the dazzleglass creams <3

    ...and the style black nail polishes.

  145. i'm not that excited about the upcoming collections. I'll probably look at the greasepaint sticks and the mineralized shadows from style black and the grey quad from fall trend.

  146. Totally looking forward to the Dazzleglasses!!!

  147. I am so excited that the volcanic ash exfoliator is back!!!! You should def. try this. I am also very excited to try the dazzleglass creams. I hope I love them as much as the regular dazzleglasses. I am also excited to see the nail polish.

  148. I'm quite upset with the upcoming collections. Nothing seems that great to me. However, I am looking forward to the Dazzleglasses! I hate the current formula, they're so sticky! So I can't wait to try out the new ones!!!

  149. I don't live in the US or Canada so I'm going to have to wait till october...
    I'm excited about the mineral eye shadows from the Style Black collection. Love black with colour pearl. I'll also definitely check out the Tune quad. I love dark nail polishes but I don't own any by MAC yet so the Style Black collection might have one I'm gonna want to purchase.


  150. I think MAC needs to work on ideas for new collections. They are not producing many new things at all. There have been a lot of repromotes. I am planning on picking up the Black Knight lipstick, and the Baby Goth Girl nail polish. And I will probably pick up a new Face and Body foundation since they will be a the counters.

  151. I wanted to say - what's a wishlist for when I can't get enough of MAC's amazing products. On 2nd thought, there are certain products which I actually do not have a particular liking for.

    so here goes my wishlist and reasons why:
    Face & Body foundation - always wanted to try it out, but never gotten down to it. I guess this is a good time. because i love all the face foundation MAC created.

    Black Knight lipstick - this is a MUST-GET. Been waiting since forever to get a good black lipstick. no, i'm not into gothic or whatever. It is just something you could mix with other colors to deepen the color. Especially with halloween coming, this is a good one to invest in. Sounds bad, yeah? But really, what's a girl to do?

    Volcanic Ash Exfoliator - This stuff is dope, I'm telling ya! I'm gonna get 3 bottles of it. Was really hoping MAC would put this into the permanent line. My skin feels smoother after about 2 weeks of usage. Definitely one of the best exfoliator I have ever used before. Go try it out, girls!

    Pro Colour Expansion Collection - Going to check this collection out in person. Just to make sure they are as vibrant and lovely as you see in pictures. not much of a wishlist for this but i'm sure the colors would mess my head and wallet once i see them.

    Dazzleglass creams - I'm a absolute fan of dazzleglass. Not really into other lipglass, lipgloss etc because they really dry my lips out, for no particular reason. But certainly, the name for this formular is enough to intrigue me into wanting to GET ALL OF THEM. yes, you heard me right. I want all of them, in addition to my collection of dazzleglass.

    Zoom Fast Black Lash - not a huge fan of mascara because i totally depend on false lashes. tried a million other mascaras but really, they just dun look as good as false lashies on me. but willing to give this new formula a try since I'm a total MAC-fanatic. who knows, i may just love this!

    i ended up somehow reviewing some products in a couple of sentence. haha... oh wells, this is just my wishlist. I'm so sure I will go bankrupt when MAC release the black style collection. it sounds sooo intriguing...

    loves loves!

  152. I can't wait for stlye black! I am excited for it for halloween makeup. And Dazzle Creams...I am sure will be heaven!

  153. This is what I like and probably will get if the colors turn out as nice as on the photos:

    HD Collection:
    - Close To Real and
    - Sharp Focus lipsticks

    Style Black Collection:
    - Young Punk and
    - Blue Flame eye shadows
    - Black Knight lipstick

    Dsquared Collection:
    - Sculpt and Shape Powder Duos (BOTH!)
    - Grease Paintsticks in B and V
    - Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix

    Pro Colour Exp. Collection:
    - pigments in Magenta and
    - Black

    Fall Trend Collection:
    - Grey eye shadow quad and
    - Berry lipglass

    - Amorous and
    - Do It Up

    and may be some more items that I find when I swatch the colors in person.

    Best regards!

  154. I'm always excited for new dazzleglasses and these shades look particularly pretty! And the style black collection looks so fun - I may have to get the nail polish!

  155. Hi Tiffany,
    Great update ..so i've been making my lists, everytime i see new collections another tab goes on (LOL)
    Style Black Collection:
    - Young Punk
    Dsquared Collection: I'm counting the days to this collection!!!
    - Sculpt and Shape Powder Duos -For Shizzle!
    - Grease Paintsticks in B and V -Im intrigued...
    - Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix -thinking baout this hard..
    Fall Trend Collection:
    - Grey eye shadow quad -ill check it out

    Gotta start saving ..
    bye (sansid123@gmail.com)

  156. Hey Tiffany! Been following you for a little while now...I've learned so much!! I'm most excited about the style black collection!! I've been waiting for something rocker chic!! Can't wait to see your upcoming tutorials.


  157. Ok, this is the first time I've ever commented, so here goes!

    First of all, I'm not impressed about the HD collection at all. The only thing LE in this one are four typical lip colors. I do want to check out High Def, simply because I don't have too many lipsticks (and none in coral) in my collection.

    For the Fall Trend collection, I'm super excited to see the products that have grey worked into them! I love this trend in polishes this year, and I can't wait to swatch these in person. I'm definitely wanting to see Our Pick lipstick and possibly Faultlessly. For lipglass, I can just tell by the description that I'm going to fall in love with Runway Fave because it just sounds like the layering possibilities would be amazing! I'm not super into the quad description, but maybe it'll be something that you can just throw into a suitcase for easy weekend trip makeup??

    For the Pro Colour... The only thing that jumped out to me in this one was the cromacakes. Using these colors under shadow (esp yellow, black, and magenta) definitley has the potential to recreate some shadows and make them more interesting. The idea of embark over the magenta sounds like it's worth trying. I was thinking of Club over the blue color, vex over any of them (I love the layering capabilities of Vex!!), and black tied, print, maybe even knight divine over them.

    For the next one, I need to take a breath, haha! I'm very excited about the Style Black collection simply because it is so unique! Usually some of my excitement about new collections is lost when I see colors so similar to what I already have :( . This definitley won't happen with this one! I want to try all of the lip products, though I'm leaning toward the matteens over the lipstick just because I'm not a huge fan of the cream formula and the matteens may be easier to blend into other products. The Blackfire Glimmerglass sounds like it is to die!!! I immediately thought of dabbing this over Impassioned or Pretty Please lipsticks. Can't wait! I'm definitley going to be sporting the Baby goth Girl polish this fall!!

    Dazzleglass Cremes??!! I can already tell I'm so falling in love with Luscious Spark and Creme Allure!

    I simply cannot wait to see all of these new collections this month!!

  158. I am so excited for the Fall Trend Collection! :)
    1) Faultlessly F/W
    2) Hipster

    Runway Fave

  159. OMG!
    I love the black knight lipstick. It has an interesting colour and I dont have that in my makeup collection.
    I also love the zoom fast black lash mascara!
    Im into mascaras

  160. I'm only excited about the style black collection, so I really want the
    Glimmerglasses in:


    nail polish in seriously hip and baby goth girl

  161. I was excited about the style black collection but now not so much, i have no idea why. I'm loving your wishlist for the fall collection though!

  162. Hi Tiffy, how are you? I want to say that I'am from Brazil and my hasband goes crazy with me because I love to watch your videos, and everything that you have I go and buy it!!! hahaha... Well now I will try one more time to win those brushes from sigma, because I can't have here in Brazil,and I really want it!! So this are my firt wishlist!! hahaha...First I am really excited about a site that I just found today that calls "forever 21", it is amazing!! I just love it!! They have a lot of pretty things and very very ship!!! Now talking about make up!
    In my opinion, the best collection of the MAC is "Cult of Cherry", but right know I am very excited with Richard Phillips collection, it is beatiful!!!Want all those eye shadow x4.
    Want to the Maira Kalman collection, cant find anywere the technakohl liner!!
    And of course the novelty of the MAc "Upstarts: Flawless" Really wanr to try it.
    I am excited to buy a MAC 02 lash, that I think it is so pretty!!
    I want so bad a blot film by MAC I heard that is pretty good thing and my skin is very oil.
    And then a Mac microfine refinisher.. that's it!!
    I really wanna have some more things by NARS, Make Up For Ever and Benefit. But I am going to think about those!! hahah..
    I hope you like my wishlist..
    Thanks for the opportunity..
    Have a great day.. Marilia Benetton.

  163. The Style Black Collections sounds so awesome. I know that's what everyone is excited for, but for good reason... it's so edgy, and it makes black lipstick seem normal. Haha! Especially the new Greasepaint Stick, after the discontinued Sharkskin Shadestick... that's on my must have list.

  164. Oooh…I am very very excited about the black knight lipstick as well….Can be loads of fun for a night out.

    Here is my wish list:

    Black Knight Lipstick
    Cinderfella Eye Shadow
    Young Punk Eye Shadow
    Smolder eye kohl
    Seriously Hip and Baby Goth Girl Nail Laquer
    Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

    Out of the above, I am most excited about the lipstick and exfoliator.


  165. The only thing im excited about are the creamsheen lipglasses. I am not too impressed with anything else.

    Alicia P.

  166. I think I'm most interested in trying the mascara!~

  167. My wish list includes:

    Young Punk Eye Shadow
    Seriously Hip Nail Lacquer
    Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer
    Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

    My Favourite Pink Dazzleglass Creme
    Creme Allure Dazzleglass Creme

  168. For me I'm waiting for the Style black and dazzeglass creme collection. I NEED to see what all the fuss is about with the Volcanic ash products. So yes, going to splurge on those two collections :)

  169. I am most excited about the Grey Toned quad and the Dazzlecremes. But right know I cannot wait to to play with my Make-up Art Cosmetic quads.

  170. I am saving up for the Style Black Collection! I love dark smoky eyes and/or dark lips, so this Collection is practically made for me!!!

  171. Hi Tiffany!
    style black sounds cool but i'm too timid to try it i think. i'll most likely end up getting stuff from the dazzleglass cremes collection :)

    <3 happi

  172. I'm a bit excited about the bright blue violet and the bright blue yellow greasepaint sticks in the DSquared collection coming up! Oooh, the possibilities! x

  173. from the HD collection,
    Close to Real and ResulutelyRed are so pretty!

    the Fall Trends collection,
    there's lots of blues! but i'm excited about all of it. even though i don't think i can pull off the deep plum lip colors

    Style Black,
    wow, so edgy! i love a great dark smokey eye, so i'm most excited about the eye products. especially Gilt by Association

    all the Dazzleglasses are gorgeous!

  174. Hi Tiffany
    First of all just want to say I love your tutorials. I'm just starting out and feel that I've learnt so much already!
    I absolutely love Face & Body Foundation. Looking forward to the new products coming out in the UK - by then I'm sure you would've posted a few tutorials on them - can't wait.

  175. I went to MAC once, and got a mini makeover, the MUA used the Face and Body Foundation on me, and i absolutely loved it, so that's one of the things that's on my wish list. I really love the Style Black collection, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it sometimes. But maybe, as you said (thanks for the tip!), I can blend it in with another lipglass or make like, a shadow for another lipstick or something. I'm also really curious about the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, I haven't tried it before, and it looks so cool :)

  176. Can't wait for the Style Black Collection. Looks and sounds great. But I am excited for the eyeshadow.

  177. I can't wait for style black to come out! I want to get the black lipgloss. I love vampy looks :)

  178. I only want the body and face foundation.. I'm nor really into the black lips thing?!?

  179. I'm looking forward to the fall trend collection. It sounds right up my alley!

  180. i definitly can't wait for the black collection! love it!

  181. I love how black lipglosses can change the look of other colors can't wait for the style black collection

  182. aaah Im just starting to learn and play with makeup really- Ive always been a one color on the lid, a little pencil eyeliner, mascara and out the door! so my wishlist is consisting of basics still (and its very long)! for my bday- end of sept- Im asking for makeup brushes, two 88 palettes from coastal scents (the warm and the not shimmer), the sephora opi dark room, essie's matte about you- just to list a few :)

    love your tutorials on youtube! you are so beautiful & talented! :) Thank you for sharing your skills! Im learning so much from watching you!

  183. **WISHLIST**

    *Fall trend collection:
    Lipstick:our pick
    Quad:tone grey

    *Style black
    Mineralize eyeshadow:young punk, cinderfella
    Nail lacquer:ALL
    Volcanic ash exfoliator

    Nothing from MAC in HD, Pro colour expansion collection, Zoom fast black lash, or Dazzleglass creams

  184. probably just close to real and high def lipsticks, not too much of a dark lipstick person :]
    think i should check out the volcanic ash exfoliator too
    the other stuff ill have to take a look at in person, maybe something else will catch my eye :o

  185. MAC in High Def Collection:
    Close to Real - lipstick

    Fall Trend Collection:
    Our Pick - lipstick
    Runway Fave - lipglass
    Tone:Grey - Quad

    Style Black Collection:
    Cinderfella - eyeshadow
    Gilt by Association - eyeshadow
    Blue Flame - eyeshadow
    Young Punk - eyeshadow
    Intense Black - grease paintstick


  186. I'm very excited to see the new collections! I find them very exciting even if I don't end up buying much. I'm excited for the Nightsky eyeliner that they're repromoting with the Style Black Collection. It's my favorite so I can't wait to get it!

  187. Black lipstick brings back a lot of memories. I grew up in Bolivia and fashion is very different than the US; most of the clothing is brought from Asia. Anyway, in my teen years around the millennium, I started to try very bold color choices, whether it was clothing, nails, makeup or even hair. Black lipstick along with the green shade (I know a little scary), was one of my favorite trends! I can’t wait to try it out again :D

  188. i tried face&body foundation yesterday and i thought it didnt do anything to my skin.

    im excited for the style black collection... although im not sure i can pull off black lipstick without looking emo lol.

  189. i want all the lipglasses :)

  190. I think the style black collection is what I'm looking forward to the most, but will have to check out everything in person before deciding. So it could go either way. The dazzleglass cremes look interesting, again need to try them in person! I guess I'm just picky...

  191. totally looking forward to the Style Black collection and the process color collection
    my wishlist:
    Black Black Pigment
    Bling Black Glimmerglass
    Young Punk mineralize eye shadow
    Blue Flame mineralize eye shadow
    smolder eye kohl

  192. My wishlist:

    Make up HD:
    I wanted the face and body. cause it is not available here in singapore. there is no pro store down here T_T so, definitely want that one.
    close to real and high def lipstick.

    The style black collection:
    the glimerglasses look very interesting
    the nail polishes are very tempting..
    and maybe the mineralize eyeshadow.

    really really wish i could win the sigma brushes.. can't get those here.. ^^

  193. Oh...my wish list :)

    Style Black
    Mineralize Eye Shadows
    Blue Flame - Black with blue pearl

    Grease Paintstick:
    # Intense Black - Black base with purple shimmer

    MAC Dazzleglass Cremes Collection
    Sublime Shine Light coral brown with gold pearl

  194. i'm most excited for style black & dazzleglass cremes!

    the style black polishes sound GORGEOUS as do the shadows. i'm really into smokey eye lately as well so i'm hoping this collection will appeal to me in real life as much as it does from the previews! i'm also really intrigued by the glimmerglasses... hm, what to get? i'm still unsure!

  195. I am most excited for the Style Black collection from MAC and I am saving up the butt for them =P

    *All Mineralize eye shadows(I dont have anything like them, so im excited especially Young Punk, Gil Association and Blue Flame)
    *Nail Laquer: Baby Goth and Seriously Hip
    *Volcanic Ash Exfoliator x2 (my first time trying as well)
    *Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask
    *Glimmerglass: Blackfire(sounds amazing) and Bling Black

    p.s Dazzleglass Cremes collection look and sound fantastic, I may have to check those out as well =)


  196. I am most excited for style black collection and the dazzleglass cremes!
    style black seems so much different from anything they've recently released, in fact lately its all seemed so 'blah' and uninteresting to me! but this one is exciting, not sure what i want yet as i'd have to check it out in person!
    i also am excited for dazzleglass cremes.. i like the original dazzleglasses, so i am naturally curious about these new ones! again, want to check it out in person before i decide what i want but i know i will probably be getting a few if the formulation is nice!

  197. I just can't imagine when I'd wear a black lipstick... but I still find myself wanting it!

  198. I would have to agree with you on the Style Black Collection, it looks like a collection worth saving for. I'm most looking forward to this collection, its been the most daring one I have seen so far!

  199. Loooove the style black collection. On my wistlist is the dazzleglasses though.


  200. I am looking forward to all the collections coming out, but what I would consider getting are
    - all the mineralized eyeshadows from the Style Black Collection. especially Cinderfella.
    -Nail Lacquer from the Style Black Collection.
    (i have this thing for black nail polishes with a bit of glitter to it, like OPI's baby its 'coal' outside) So I am looking forward to this collection

    -I LOVE MASCARAS, so Zoom Fast Black Lash will definitely be on my to-buy list ;)

    It seems like these collections are coming out just in time for halloween with the black lipstick and stuff. It'll give us a months time to try out different looks for h-ween. ahha