Fall Trend Makeup Look #1: Dark Lips, Gray Eyes

Products used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Copperplate Eye Shadow
Scene Eye Shadow
Typographic Eye Shadow
Soft Brown Eye Shadow
Gesso Eye Shadow
Black Tied Eye Shadow
MAC Iris Eyes Fluidline (or any purple liner)
Givenchy Eye Fly Mascara in Fly in Violet
MAC Blushbaby powder blush
Pink Swoon powder blush
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (LOVE IT)
MAC lipstick in Cyber


  1. This is such a pretty look for Fall Tiffany!


    I so wish you could do my makeup for my prom next April. I live in Georgia too.

  2. sooo pretty :) thanks for all ur tutorials ;)

  3. Thanks guys
    Amelia- Feel free to email me! My contact info is at the top of my blog under "freelancing" :)

  4. My mom uses a MAC lipstick in Odyssey, it's a very nice deep purple that would also look great with this look!

    As always, stunning!

  5. You look stunning, Tiffany! I think this is my favorite look on you thus far! :)

  6. I absolutely love this look! I was wondering though. I've been looking for a good precise crease brush, but I haven't really come across any that I like. I was wondering if you had any suggestions like the one you used in this video to define the typographic?

  7. Very cute the eyelook!!
    Fot the lips i maybe have put on a more nude lipstick, but anyways, this deep purple/brownish lipstick isn't bad at all! :)

  8. Tiffany, I love this look. It is perfect for fall and not too dark at all. I will use my FAFI Glaze lipstick in HIGH TOP with this look, that will be very pretty too. TOO FACED also did a very dark but sheer lipgloss for the Mirror Mirror line. It has an amazing sheen. Looking forward to more fall looks :) Love it!

  9. just...wow! you look stunning with this look and those colors! really nice

  10. Dark lips look amazing on you! Great tutorial! Your vids are great quality and totally inspirational. :)


  11. LOVE this look! I wear a dark lip often and think that my lips look washed out when I wear something light and pink...funny that you are the opposite. I guess it's just what people get accustomed to. Question - have you tried any of MAC's Pro Longwear lipsticks? I need something that wears and wears and wears. I can't stand having to reapply.

  12. I watched this on youtube lol the lips were a little scary cuz their so dark haha :D

  13. God bless you Tiffany for sharing your gift with us with such humility and teach us so warmly!

    Thank you!

  14. Loved this look on you! I really think you look fabulous with a darker lip. Meanwhile I am awaiting your review of the new matte Bare Escentuals mineral foundation! I tried the original but wasn't too thrilled. From twitter I know your initial impressions were good, so I am rather excited! Oh and another thing you enabler, you! I have just placed an order for the small gold Tiffany Key like yours. I love yours so much I couldn't resist! You have such good taste!!!! Thank you for all that you do.

  15. Tiffany,
    Can you do a video on the makeup you're wearing in the "contest winners" video?? It's beautiful!

  16. what brushes do you use.
    i really need to get me some.

  17. I am so jealous of your eyelashes =)

  18. Hey Tiffany! I just want to say that you're so amazing in what you do with your makeup, you have the by far best makeup tutorials online. I really hope you'll continuing to make these videos on youtube and write on your blog. There is one thing I do miss on your blog and that is some dates! Seriously, am I blind or something? I can locate the time when you make new updates on your blog but I can't see which dates there is, haha!

    Love! / Jessika from Sweden

  19. Really Nice look Tiffany :D
    Maybe I would skip the dark lips but the eyes are beautiful ;)

  20. Hey Tiffany
    Love the video, as always, but have a question/request: I don't ever remember seeing a video where you DIDN'T use a black liquid liner. For many of us, that look is too harsh. Do you ever use a smudged out liner? Or a dark brown pencil liner? Can you give us some eyeliner schooling other than liquid? I just know that I always use your shadow advice, and would love a tutorial on different liner options. Thanks!

  21. Dear Tiffany,
    Hey. I have just recently discovered your channel on youtube and am now checking out your blog for the first time. I don't mean to sound demanding AT ALL but I was really hoping if you could do another contest for brushes... I have a 5 year old that decided mine looked a lot like paint brushes while I was at dance camp (even though I had put them away!). I tried to rinse them out and clean them but they are simply ruined!!! I understand completely if you don't do another contest (big quantities of sigma brushes can put some big holes on your pocket), but it would be great to have a chance to get me some quality make-up brushes.

    Anna Marie *<3

  22. I love the greys this fall! I found a really cool lipgloss that I think has great layering potential for this season. It's NYX gloss in "Desert". It's a unique shade of taupey-grey (if that makes sence). I may try it dabbed over a berry color?? The shadow in this video is gorgeous, Tiffany!!

  23. This is so lovely, loving the deep plum lippie on you!*_*!

  24. Whoo hoo! I really like this look! Bold colored lips are in right now and I think the grey eye look is a great way to compliment that.

  25. Wow you look stunning! I am excited to try some of these looks! The only problem I think I'll have is that I have short, thin eyelashes. Do you have any tips?

  26. hey tiffany! since i am super broke...do you have any cheaper alternatives for the products you used? I already own the coastal scents 88 pallettes but they don't have very nice gray colors. i appreciate it :) jacquie from nevada