Everyday Glam Makeup: Miley "Red Carpet" Inspired

Products Used:
Bare Minerals Matte Foundation
MAC paint pot Bare Study
Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette
MAC Blitz n' Glitz fluidline
Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara (brows)
Maybelline Great Lash BIG mascara- Blackest Black
Cover Girl Smoothers Concealer- Illuminator (highlight)
Nars Orgasm blush
MAC Sandy B. lipstick
MAC Nymphette lipglass


  1. I really love your looks! You explain everything really well and use colors that are pretty easy to dupe! Thanks so much.

  2. this is pretty! :) just curious- what did you and your hubby major in? is he doing what he majored in now? my hubby was in economics now he does web development! funny how things turn out sometimes...:) Anyway- thanks for the great tutorials!

  3. I just luuuved this look! I'm gonna make some changes on my everyday makeup based on this tutorial... Thank you... you are the best! :)

  4. Very nice look! I love your hair in the pics, too!

  5. you're so pretty!! i love your top!

  6. This look is beautiful on you. It's very natural and flawless. One thing though, you mentioned that smaller eyes will be more of challenged because of the color placement and i your so right! I will definitely tried this look! thanks....

  7. love love love it! So lovely, and I agree the hair is awesome too :)

  8. hi tiffany
    i reallylove love your make up
    espicially this one coz i cant put much colors on my eyes coz of the places i go and im a student also
    can you give me matching colors for the eyeshadows coz i cant find this brand here in my country
    mac or any other brand pllllz

  9. Very nice look, quite natural but very sophisticated.

  10. Very pretty!!!
    Love this beige/champain/gold look!

  11. Beautiful as always!
    Love your top. Where is it from?

  12. Lovely !

    What is your nail color ?


  13. I'm so jealous of your lashes.. I know you must get that all the time. Very cute look.

  14. You are really pretty, but this make-up looks in your face... old? don't do this very often ;]

  15. Ooooh pretty! Thanks for this look! Cute top too!

  16. Hey tiff! Love the video. I'm curious..what do you bring with you in terms of make-up or beauty related products when you go out? like your emergency kit? Can u do a video on that? Thanks! :) xx

  17. I'm sure you already know this, but I'm so excited... The Fall Trend collection from MAC is up on their website!!

  18. Hola!!
    That was the tutorial that i been waiting for! You're so great Tiff!!
    I would like to ask you if you're going to show your haul and store collection, cause I really what to see that! I imagine that you have amazings things there!!
    Thank you again!
    Regards from Argentina.

  19. Love this look its sooo pretty & your hair is such a nice colour, did you get it coloured????

    Great blog & of course videos I love them all :)

    Just started my blog hope its as popular as yours.

    Juicygirl2906 xoxo

  20. Hey love this look by the way! but i have a question? How should i be choosing my foundation and compressed/loose powder correctley? i can never find the right shade for me! HELP:)
    contact me @ samparsons08@hotmail.com

  21. I also wanted to chime in that how you styled your hair is super cute! I'm also jealous of the color, my hair grabs ash tones like there's no tomorrow.

    Regarding makeup, helpful as ever! My mom & older sisters never really wore makeup so I've had to wing it on my own. Your tutorials are heaven-sent for women like me!

  22. where can I get make-up pallets? I've been trying to look for some but no luck..

  23. Hello, thank you for all your videos! They are all great!:) Can you tell me what nail polish color you are wearing in this video?

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