My iPhone...I'm in love. (My favorite apps and accessories!)

About a month ago I decided it was time to make the switch from my trusty Blackberry to a super cool, trendy iPhone. I always kind of disliked them before. My husband has had one for a while, and I've just always been kind of "anti iPhone". I guess because it's just so different from what I was used to (...and deep down I think I secretly knew it might be better.). So I preordered a pretty white new 3GS since they had just come out. From the second I got it, it was so easy to get used to. Something about it was just so "freeing". I know, I know. It sounds corny-- But no joke, I felt like my Blackberry was always holding me captive or something. I feel like the iPhone is just more fun or something. Much more user-friendly. Anyway, I figured I would share with you some of my favorite apps and accessories I've been using over the past month.

First of all....cases. My husband's has been sporting a cracked glass for a while, so I know just how fragile they are. I couldn't imagine seeing my poor iPhone busted! So a case that fits over the phone is really the best way to go. Since I bought the white, I figured it wouldn't make sense at all to just cover it up. So I bought a sleek, completely clear one.

Case-Mate iPhone 3G/3GS Naked Cases (CLEAR)
(black phone shown, mine is white)
The main reason I love this case so much is the way it covers the screen. Lots of iPhone cases are bulky, but this one is completely flat over the screen and protects it with a paper-thin layer of plastic. The screen sensitivity is surprisingly EXACTLY the same with the case as it is without anything, which is another reason I love this case.

I also recently got the CUTEST little pouch made especially for iPhones. Ever since buying my phone, I had searched for the perfect little pouch. I found these online a long time ago when I was looking for a cute case for my blackberry. So when I bought my iPhone, I searched and searched for a cheaper (but equally as cute) case with no luck. But nothing ever compared, so I got the "Happy" iPhone Kangaroo Case by Plia
I LOVE this case. It's so bright and funky... Super easy to find in my purse and really protects the phone nicely. Only drawback (besides being kind of pricey) is that the phone doesn't fit into it if it has the clear case on it. So lately I've ditched the clear case and have just been using this. I'm a little paranoid about my phone being "naked", but I'm more aware of always keeping it in the case, so it works out. But it's so pretty! This design comes in a few other colors/designs, but I love how colorful and fun this one is.

As far as apps go, there are quite a few that I love. Honestly, it gets really addictive getting them and trying out new ones! Here are a few of my favorites:

Twitterfon - Twitter app
Showtimes - Find movie times quickly in theaters around you
SpinArt - Make pretty artwork on your phone...great when you're bored
SmackTalk - Brad and I are OBSESSED with this... CUTEST APP EVER.
Midomi - Recognizes the name and artist of any song. It saves the ones it's found too.
Blowfish - Cute and addictive
Waterslide - Fun and it's free!
PriceIsRight - SO FUN... It's so hilarious because it's exactly like the show
TextTwist - I've been addicted to this game for years! Had a version of it on all my past phones!
Bookworm - ...yeah, I love word games
CookingMama - So cute and fun. Love the version on the Wii. This one is a little different though
20Q - So fun...and kind of scary. It reads your mind
Bloons - So cute...and honestly kind of challenging

Are there any other iPod lovers out there? What are your favorite apps? I'm ADDICTED to apps, so share your suggestions!


  1. How thin is that naked case? I've never been a big fan of iPhone cases because they make the phone bulky and I've always liked the natural feel of the iPhone.

  2. Bananabelle: It does make it a little bit wider on the sides, but the top is completely flat. It's SO much better than some I've seen! But yeah, it does make it larger :/

  3. I love my iPhone too! I could never switch to another phone again!

    I love the Facebook and Twitter apps I'm slightly addicted to both.

    A lot of the best ones are ones you named already but some other good ones are:

    1. The Deep- its a pinball game
    2. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
    3. FML.com
    4. Oregon Trail- I used to love this game as a kid!
    5. Scrabble- so good to have when bored
    6. Color Splash is awesome you can do such cool things to your pictures
    7. Bubble wrap- somehow it's calming when stressed ha
    8. Shazam it can name any song that is playing within 5 seconds of hearing it

    I'm drawing a blank on anything else but you named the best ones... blowfish is so cute when they blow up all big and pop lol!

  4. I love my iPhone! My favorite app at the moment is Virtual Families. I also have the Sims 3 app, but it's awful. Virtual Families is cheaper and much more interactive.


  5. Hi! I don't have at&t so I don't think I can get the iphone (& I really like my plan at us cellular and don't feel like switching companies)...Anyways, I was thinking about getting a blackberry....what do you think about them in general? and pros/cons?

  6. The clear case is absolutely wonderful! saves the whole surface of the phone from scratches and all ..I used to hate those clear-rubbery cases..they would get so dirty because stuff like thread would stick on it......But these clear ones u mentioned not only serve the purpose well but they look cool too!

  7. I just got my iPhone in June and I freaking LOVE it. It's the most addicting thing ever! I went from a Blackberry Pearl to the 8G iPhone 3g(not the 3GS). I love it! It's so much more user friendly, like you were saying, and it's fun to use. :)

    My favorite apps are:

    Twitterfone: I'm becoming very addicted to Twitter, so I love having it on my phone

    Facebook app: I'm also addicted to Facebook, so another must have for me :)

    Yahoo Messenger app: Super convenient for me. My boyfriend and I talk on there all the time, and it's a quick way to get ahold of him if he's home, because he doesn't text often or he has his phone on silent a lot. So it's a must have. It's also free!

    iPeriod app: The name's kind of funny, but I like being able to track "that time of the month".

    TapTap Revenge 2: This is so addicting! It's like Guitar Hero for your fingers, you pick songs and tap to the rhythm. Lots of fun. :)

  8. Yeah. who can live without Twitterfon!

  9. my favorite apps are snail mail- sooo addicting and rolanda.. rolando is a little pricy for 7 dollars, but its worth it!
    and i also love spin art and water slide. oh you should also get urbanspoon- its a coo way to find a resturant around your area and price range!

  10. Hey Tiffany! I too fought the iphone only because it is on At & t's network and their service sucks....but, I caved and can't beleive what life was like before it!!! My favorite apps are:
    ifizzle - snoop dog phrases by snoop
    of course, FB and Twtterfon
    Dots free game
    FS5 Hockey - think air hockey at an arcade
    paper toss
    and a bunch of sound ones - sleepmaker, sleep stream, etc.

  11. BLOONS get on my damn nerves. It is soooooooo hard!

  12. Hi, Tiffany! I, too, am in love with my iPhone. I still love BBs after having one for so long but, just as you said, it is much more user friendly! I don't know if this is something you'd be into ... but I've unlocked/jailbroken my phone for a bunch of awesome apps and customization like changing my network name (AT&T or TMobile) to iLove and having themes! Great post!

  13. i just got an app called PANDORA. it's kinda cool, it gives you recommendations of what songs/artists you might like off of what artist you name. I'm also in love with COLORSPLASH!

  14. you should get toxic balls, just a nice game :)

  15. Hi Tiffany, I've has my iphone for a year and I would never go back to a cell phone. It is the most simple and effective gadget I have ever used! I got a white 3GS on Friday and I love the new video feature. I don't use a cover on mine apart from when it goes into my handbag. Than it sits in a rigid black leather case to make sure it doesn't get cracked! Would love a funky cover like yours now! Going to search them out. Thank you. Love you blog, your videos and think the huge majority of your subscribers are fabulous!

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  17. i love my iphone!!! ugh i just got it about a month ago and like.. i honestly... couldn't picture life without it. i really like the facebook app, craigsworld app, mobiqpon, lose it, pandora, twitterific, fml, drunkdialno, howcast (is one of the best apps completely hilarious with actually being kind of useful!) haha, coolfacts, and snaptell


  18. I love the iphone as well! My fave app is...

    Stanza! Its an ebook reader. I use this while commuting every day. I love books and am always reading but sometimes its a hassle to carry a book around with you so this app is perfect.

    Also for games, I really like TapTap Revenge. Its like Guitar Hero, but a hand-held version.

  19. the white iphone looks REALLY really cute!

  20. I adore the app Flight Control and the Sally one's. ^^; They're so much fun!! I only have the ipod touch though but yeah :)

  21. hiia

    my favporite app must be tap tap revenge 2 it lets you downloads songs and then its sets up a game and you have to tap shake to the beat its really fun when you get bored sounds stupid i know but try it its free and its so good .



  22. i have to try to use this apps that you have. i only have facebook and twiiter and some kind of an ovulation calendar (lol), cooking mama (my husband download it) pandora (oh you gotta have em)..

  23. I too am in love with the I-phone. The black one. BTW, I never see you talk at all about food? What do you like to eat/cook etc. I am a foodie and makeup addict..can't get enough of either! I'd like it if you visit my blog and/or comment..

  24. apps i recommend:
    pocket god
    bejeweled 2
    flight control
    ragdoll blast

  25. i hope u read this.

    okay so i have been looking for a cute phone case and sccastaneda from youtube had posted a haul video and mentioned thewe. they are worth the look


    aren't they THE cutest!!! Kind of pricier than other phone cases i've seen but soooooo worth it.

    hope u enjoyed it!!!

  26. Hav mine ..love mine white ones awsome and the clear case is really handy..im tempted for the croc case now... hmmmm lol

  27. I got a mirrowed screen protector for mine so I can check out my make up in it.... I have even done my entire face with the mirrow on the front. LOL I am such a dork I know.....

  28. YES!! I just got my freedom too with a brand new IPhone! My husband and I got them together and honestly, I haven't put it down. He doesn't even like electronics and he is so loving it! I could never go back to an "ordinary" phone. This phone does everything! LOVE IT, so glad you came on over to the Apple side! I love the APPS so much I honestly sometimes forget this is actually a phone!!

    My apps that I love are:

    Trapster: It's pretty much a radar detector so you won't get busted speeding. Very cool and free.

    iWant: Is an application that brings up anything in the area that you may want. So if your traveling and need a restraunt, pharmacy, coffee, atm, gas, movies etc this application will figure out where you are and tell you whats around you.

    Cool Facts: Just as it sounds, things that you would never have known, cool when your bored.

    Bug Squash

    Paper Toss

    RepairPal: Allows you to get an estimate for any vechicle for repairs so when you go to see a mechanic you can go in with some leverage.

    Lyrics Find Lite

    Around Me



    Ok I have to stop, I could go on and on and on!

    Thanks Tiffany, love your blog :)

  29. i've a mirror protector toooo and im always using it! but the problem is that it reflects too much sometimes, esp when you're in a sunny place ): my fave app now is DoodleJump! it's really cute and fun!

  30. Hey Tiffany, more great apps are:

    Diner Dash
    Supermarket Mania
    Wedding Dash
    Sally's Spa
    Sally's Salon

    Another type of TextTwist is "Word Dash".


  31. I have the new white 3G[s] as well! :) And like you, I wanted the white to show and the apple on the back :) But I really wanted a pink case. I found this really awesome one at walmart.. it has that silky feel to it and the back part is a more transparent hot pink while the front is darker pink. It also came with a screen protector! My husband got gray/black case and it's the same deal.. you can see the apple through the back :) We LOVE our iPhones.. MAC makes a MEAN phone .. SERIOUSLY!!! Getting on the internet and email was a pain with my old HTC6800.. but not the iPhone :) LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  32. Oh and I am in love with TapTap Revenge 2 :) It's amazzzingggg!

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  34. i wanted to ask if its easy to type on it even with acrylics? i know you have to actually touch the screen with your finger, not your nail..so i was wondering if its a pain at all? i dunno if i can give up my beloved pink & white manicures lol <3

  35. Where do I download Spinart...... I can not find it on the ..... iphone downloads? Thanks From: Fort Lauderdale

  36. My sweetheart presented me with one cute Iphone in white for King´s day (6th of Jan in Spain), soooooooooo love them both!:)

  37. I got the IPhone for Christmas, and honestly "notes" is my favorite app. You can write anything you want LOL! I don't know why I wasn't aware of that concept before. haha

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