My Must-have Products for Flawless Skin (Foundation Routine)

These are just the products that I like that I really think gives the most natural effect, but still gives me good coverage.
Check out the video below to see these products in action :)

I have been using these products pretty much daily for the past 3 months or so. I definitely would not wear liquid foundation daily (because I HATE IT) but for some reason, this particular formula I've found wears really nicely and doesn't feel heavy. It gives such amazing results that I don't mind wearing it! As for primer, you may notice I don't mention one...I also TOTALLY forgot to mention this in the videooo (oops). Anyway, I used to swear by makeup primers before foundation and couldn't imagine NOT using one, but after I experienced some pretty heavy breakouts that were very out of the ordinary, I was very careful with what I put on my skin while it was healing. Primer was just an extra step that I cut out totally. Honestly, I haven't worn the stuff in almost 4 months and I swear, I think my makeup looks better without it. My skin is almost perfect again too, so I'm not messing with that! I think that for me, it's just unnecessary. However, when I do makeup on others, it's a step I rarely skip! Weird huh?? Anyway, here are my MUST-HAVE products for flawless, amazingly natural looking skin everyday.

*For any of you with questions about my skin care, that is a WHOLE other video and it's coming up soon ;)

- Make Up Forever Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation
I wear shade #40. Might seem a little dark, but I usually use a slightly darker, more yellow-toned foundation so that my face matches my body perfectly. Otherwise, my face is pale and pink and it totally doesn't match my body and neck which is more tan and slightly olive toned. ...You probably noticed that in the video!
Anyway, this stuff is AMAZING. The words "Mat Velvet+" are a little scary, yes, especially if you are after a more natural look and are scared of some of these thicker foundations that promise a matte finish and great coverage....I am! But this stuff, while it takes a VERY small amount to provide great coverage, is surprisingly very natural. Even in the Georgia humidity and sweltering summers, this stuff requires little to no touch ups all day (even with my oily skin). I've yet to find anything that compares. It's the best foundation I've ever used by a mile. My skin has also greatly improved since wearing it. Not that this stuff is what made it better, but it definitely did not interfere or cause any more breakouts while my skin healed. It's amazing. I like to apply it either with a damp BeautyBlender sponge, or any type of foundation brush. I find that with this formula, a more dense foundation brush that really buffs the product in makes for a more natural, blended finish.

-MAC Studio Finish Concealer
I wear shade NC20 which is more yellow based (as the NC MAC shades are). This is because I use this concealer on my face to cover redness and any reddish, darker spots left behind from old breakouts. This stuff is amazing. It holds up better than most concealers do on oily skin. I like to apply with either fingertips or any type of concealer brush.

-MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
I wear shade NW20 which is more pink based. Since my undereye area is more shadowy and blue-ish, the more pink toned concealer neutralizes it better. I love this formula for my undereye area because it is very moisturizing and liquidy, so I don't have to tug on my undereye area or rub a lot to blend it in. I like to pat it on with my fingertips.

-Benefit Powderflage
This is an amazing product. I don't like to set undereye concealer with a typical powder because it can make for a cakey effect, but this stuff is designed to be used there and is very finely milled. I feel that because the undereye concealer I use is so moisturizing, it can leave behind a bit of a sticky finish which is a fallout magnet. It's a light pink powder that has a brightening effect and can be used on any skin tone. I like to apply it with a fluffy blending type brush. The Studio Gear #34 is my favorite because it's so soft for that area. It looks exactly like a MAC #224, but is of much softer fibers. I also like the MAC #225 for this (the brush used in the video, I believe it's discontinued)

-MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
I use this as my finishing powder. Since it does deposit some color, I make sure to dust it on VERY lightly. However, it does leave a very natural finish. I use it with my #134 MAC brush, or just any type of fluffy brush.

Hope this was helpful for you guys!


  1. I've been eyeing Benefit's Powderflage for sometime now, but I wasn't sure I was willing to spend that much money on a product and not know if it even worked. I trust your opinion, so I will definitely be picking it up now!


  2. Thank you so much for another amazing tutorial! I always look forward to your videos/product reviews - you are so talented and such an amazing teacher! Ever since I began subscribing to your channel and using your tips I have gotten so many compliments on my new makeup routine :)

    What makeup are you wearing on your eyes? They look beautiful!

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    I know you had said that the primer caused you to break out so you stopped using it. Does the Make Up For Ever All Mat Matifying Face Primer cause you to break out too? I've been considering buying that and I also have very oily skin. I believe the primer is oil-free so I thought it would be good... But if it caused break outs for you... then I'm having second thoughts.

  4. JEIJ! I can finally comment!! (sorry, just happy that the comment board is working for me now)

    I missed out on the benefit powderflage :(
    When I traveleg to england i saw it, but just was not sure if I ha use for it :(
    Luckily we have mac here tough :D

  5. Many thanks for this new tutorial Tiffany !!
    I use Mat Velvet+ Foundation too and it is one of my favourite (I have sensitive and combination skin) but I think the best product for my skin is Perfectly Real Make Up by Clinique, don't know if you used it before but it is a very good alternative (good coverage as all Clinique Fdt, but very natural and matte).

    Kiss !!


  6. istarridusti: Well, it's not that it caused me to break out, it's just that after I had been breaking out for whatever reasons, I just didn't feel like putting all that on my skin while it was trying to heal. So I just cut that step out all together.

  7. Thanks for the tut! Can you do a tutorial for your eye makeup? Love the colors! Thanks! =)

  8. i like coming here to see your videos more than youtube, because i get so heated at all the people leaving nasty comments. i dont care what lurkers and trolls say, i think your nose is SOOO cute and your skin is AMAZING. you are seriously a gorgeous person and you know the best of the best tips when it comes to make up!! thanks for all your hard work at putting together a blog and making so many videos to help people that would like to know more about this kind of stuff. don't ever let the haters bring you down!

  9. hello. i think your a really good teacher when it comes to make up and you are so pretty! i need to get some new foundation so this will help with my little investigation. this is actuly the only vid ive seen but im gona be checking out otheerrs. keep it uup. xx

  10. hey Tiffany !
    first off , AMAZING VIDEOS , LOVE THEM ALL ! =D you're so beautiful !!! keep up the good work ! :D
    i've been looking for a good under eye concealer 'casue my bags are BAD . and i have yellow undertones and brown bags , sometimes bluish purple l ike bruises , it's sad :( LOL . if you can help me that'd be great - i tried everything from MAC to Sephora to drugstore but i can't seem to find ANYTHING that goes perfectly with my skin and bags !
    also , i was wondering if you or anyone else knows of any dupes for the MUFE Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation because since i'm a health freak , there are some ingredients in there that are bad for your skin . so if you or anyone can help me , i'd greatly appreciate it ! thanks !

  11. hi tiffany
    thanku so so so much for another lovely tutorial, i love ur videos, i hav learnt so much.
    i hav seen so many other videos on you tube but never liked anyone as good as you.
    please do make videos where you can show us, you doing makeup on different skin tones.
    thanks once again.
    love your videos.

  12. Hiya tiffany where can i buy make upp foreve from? Thanks Alana x

  13. Since I don't know what foundation color would match my skin tone ....is there an actual place that sells Make Up Forever Mat Velvet or can you only buy it online?

  14. Tiffany great tutorial! For foundation I use Bare Minerals, but have realized that it doesn't not have much staying power...and too light of a coverage, if I apply more it either ends up looking too powdery or cakey...
    I was wondering which eyelash curler you would recommend for curling lashes...I have really straight thin eyelashes and when I curl them they end up going straight again when I apply mascara....Any tips?

  15. Hi Tiffany,
    Like someone else said, I would rather post on your blog than youtube...more serious people here. anyway, i use the same concealer, mac studio finish, but i notice that sometimes it cakes :(. I use a mac 242 brush to apply it and sometimes, i finger-smudge it out. have you ever experienced caking with that concealer? also, i do use mac's prep and prime primer. i have these breakouts on one side of my chin...were you using the same primer by chance? i know you've said before that you used the benefit one but i was just wondering. looking forward to the skincare vid soon! thanks!

  16. This is a really pretty look, I love it and I love your tutorials! I can't wait to see more!

  17. Hi Tiffany!!
    wow! your skin looks so amazing!!
    Thanks for sharing your tips whith us!!
    xoxo :)

  18. You can get MAKE UP FOR EVER at Sephora. The foundation Tiffany used in this video is $34.

    Great Video Tiffany!

  19. I agree with Feep - your skin with foundation looks like photoshopped. I love this effect but never could get it with my face.

  20. Hi, Tiffany!! I'm from Brazil and I can't stop watching your video tutorials!!! I'm your brand new fan. Congratulations for your blog, youtube channel, twitter, and everything else. I can't believe I lost so many good shopping all the times I went to the U.S.!!! Next time, before I go, I'll make a "wish list" with all your makeup choices so I can use it too! Bye!!!!

  21. You're videos are SO great!!! Thanks to you, I finally am able to apply foundation without looking over-painted. I can't tell you how freeing this is. Thank you SO much for the "foundation routine." I am a new MAC convert, especially the Make-Up Foverer Mat Velvet +. (My first purchase since seeing the tutorial.

    I'm going to purchase all of the products that you recommended on this page and the application brushes as shown in the vid. Sephora, Benefit and MAC Cosmetics should compensate you for representing their products - you are fantastic!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sending your YOU TUBE link to all my pals.

  22. Hi Tiffany,

    I find you tutorials so great, you've helped me a lot with make up which has equalled to a more confident me!!

    I just wanted to ask you about Make Up Forever. I use the Face & Body Liquid Makeup in #3 but I want to buy the Make-Up Foverer Mat Velvet +. Because I live in Australia, I have to order it online.. what colour do you think I would be in the Make-Up Foverer Mat Velvet +?

    Many Thanks!!

    Eliana xx

  23. Hey Tiffany, I noticed you said you wear shade #40 of the Mat Velvet+ Foundation. However, in your favorites, you say you wear #30. Is #40 your summer color? (I was wondering because I normally wear shade #30 and am debating on whether to get #35 or #40 as summer color).

    Thank you!!

  24. Hi Tiffany Im Maru from Mexico City, I love your videos, I wached all nights. I just wanted to asked about the make up brush that you are using in the video, Im going to USA very soon and I wanted to kwow in what store I can find it.

    Thank you!!

  25. Hi Tiffany!

    I found your videos earlier this year and loved them. Then stopped watching them for a while. Recently, I decided I wanted to do a smokey eye look and remembered your videos. I have been hooked on your videos since. I love your approach, and explanations. Your tutorials are the best! Thanks so much for doing what you do.

  26. Tiffany,

    Thank you so much for this. I was thinkin of buying it cuz i can never find a makeup for my skin. im so oily! but hearing this and how great it works only makes me want it that much more. i was scared cuz of the price. ive spent so much on foundations who said one thing n did another :( keep doing what your doing! your helping so many girls out there like me :)


  27. hi,

    LOVE all your videos, you explain things very well. Anyway, I use the mac studio fix fluid foundation and dont really like it all that much but like the coverage, any thoughts on that foundation? I would like to start using the Make up forever one but not sure what color I would get. I use the NC20 in Mac studio fix fluid. I know..random since you can't see my skin color but curious still.lol

  28. So then you recommend the liquid foundation that you use in this video for oily skin? I've been using BareMinerals Matte for about 2 months already but my still gets oily & the first spot it starts showing is on my nose.

  29. I'm wondering what Mineralize Skinfinish Natural color you wear?

  30. GREAT VIDEO. I learn so much from them. like not using foundation on eye area, using nw shades for undereye... and many more. Thanks.

  31. Hi tiffany ! I hope you can help me with a little problem I have .. the skin of my eyelids is different from the rest of the face. The color is more yellow .. what kind of primer should I use ? ore maybe some concealer ? or a painterly paint pot ? I hope you can answer .. bye !

  32. Honestly, your videos have changed my life. Thank you so much, Tiffany, and keep them coming! I hope you know how much you are really helping people! xoxo

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  34. Hi, My question is the same as Mk...What color do you use for the mineralize skinfinish natural?

    BTW: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutorials and it has helped me SOOO much. With this economy its so hard to just keep buying make up over and over till you find the right and best kinds. You're like a big sister with all the tips!

  35. Found it! The color used is medium:

    Not sure if this is the color used in the "My foundation routine.." but its used here in the "Natural foundation.." video

    : )

  36. Hi Tiffany,

    I got the MUFE Mat Velvet because of you and i super love it. i have oily skin and it works really good.

    I leave here in the Philippines and mac eyeshadows and blushes are very limited. I'm slowly building my collection and I purchase based on your must have lists. But im a couple shades darker than you. (Im Shade 35 in Mat Velvet) I'd like to ask what highlighter, blush and eyeshadows i shouled get.

    I love your videos and some i watched more than 3x! I really love your YouTube Channel and your Blog Site.


    xoxo djohanna xoxo

  37. Where would you get the "Benefit Powderflage" at?

  38. Confused to SPF and flash back. The Smashbox BB Cream is Camera Ready but yet SPF 25. Can you explain the difference, and issues concerning products, and flash photography? I looked at this product the other day, and coverage seemed very nice for a BB Cream, but question reflection in photos. Although I try and stay away from products with SPF...I have had no issues on Set or in Photos. If an actress insist on SPF...I use the lotion underneath, and either MUFE HD foundation, or Airbrush over top (no issues). Just curious to hear your take on this subject.
    Thank you so much,
    Makeup Artistry by Kim Neely Scheppegrell