Mystery, SOLVED....I think.

If you read my previous post about the blue nail polish, you probably sensed my hatred/confusion about the OPI "pro-wide" brush. Confusion because some colors have the obnoxious brush, some didn't. Some were marked with the little plastic wrapper around the handle advertising the "new" brush, some didn't (the unmarked ones STILL had the craptacular brush). Well, that's because those with the wrapper were older and released when the brush was brand new. Now, they've apparently switched over completely to this wide brush, so no plastic advertisments necessary. HOWEVER, I was noticing that a lot of my brand new OPI colors have kind of a "medium" flatter brush. A brush that I liked. More confusion. I did some comparing and have found that some that were released when the "pro-wide" brush was newer (released longer ago) have the huge, obnoxious, flared-out, flat brush. While some of my newer ones have a wider brush that is not bad to work with. I think they did switch all their newer polishes to the wide brush, but it's not as wide as the first...make sense?? I hope so! I'm confusing myself! Basically, I'm saying that I *think* they improved upon an obvious design flaw. ...at least it was horribly flawed to me!

Anyway, I took some pictures to compare what I believe was a design flaw of some of the initial wide brushes.
(l-r) Sweet Heart (Regular brush), Banana Bandana (new GOOD wide brush), Yoga-Ta Get this Blue (CRAPPY, flared out, thick, wide brush)
*p.s. Sweet Heart is a super crappy color and I would not recommend that ANYONE get it...haha It's very sheer and streaky
I first attributed it to maybe being the blue shade's formula, but even when completely dry of nail polish, it flares and is almost thicker at the end. It seems that the newer ones (the yellow) are made of a stiffer brush material and keep their shape, not flaring out and getting thick on the end. I've found this to be the case with several other OPI shades I own as well. Frosts, creams...several formulas I own that are newer have this better brush. Same with the old one. So I don't think it's the formula. It seems that the newer shades' wide brushes have been perfected. Thank goodness! I love their colors! I didn't want to have the fear of blindly purchasing another bad one. Maybe this is wrong, but now, I like to open the nail polish and peek at the brush. If it's HUGE at the tip and looks like it's filling with too much polish and "flaring" out, then put that sucker back! At least that's what I'm going to do...

Another look...

It's honestly tough to tell how much it flares in these pics. I guess it's a subtle difference, but it's enough to make a mess of my nails and to me, is a huge difference when I look at the actual results they give.
I'm not saying that this is FOR SURE what happened (that OPI improved a crappy design), but that seems to be the case from all of my 30-something shades I own of OPI... I just had to do my own little experiment! :)


  1. I guess the Craptastic (Love that word) brush is a little more flimsy is what I can deduce from your post. Lol. Yeah I noticed this too. Glad they fixed it.

    Love you and your blog btw.


  2. Gosh, the pro-wide thing always confused me too, I think this helps a bit! :) x


  3. Ahh! I can't believe you hate it -- the Pro-Wide brush is one of the reasons why Yoga-Ta is one of my favourite polishes!

    What might make the difference is that I use it on my toes, not my fingers. But now that I think of it... I guess it *would* be a little too wide for fingernails!

  4. The brush you hate is probably holding too much color, as you can see by the pic. :) I guess they assumed it would mean less coats.

  5. I think you solved it...it looks like a design flaw on the new wide brush. Looks like they may have solved it. It kind of looks like when you get a crappy liner brush from Coastal Scents! lol.

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  7. wow! thanks for the information tiffany. i will definitely be on the hunt for the ones that do not have the wider brush. i already am bad at painting my nails, i do not need the brush to help me out in that department.

  8. glad you have found you can still use OPI! Maybe it is Yoga-Ta Get this Blue..I have used it, and didn't love it - I do love love love OPI Ink - very very similar colour but more purple, and has tiny microglitter - it's instant lust, and goes on very very smoothly...

  9. Maybe I have only had the "new" wide one and that is why I like it. I find that the old old one doesn't pick up enough color sometimes. Thanks for investigating Tiffany! :)

  10. This sounds like the crappy brush on the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes, anyone seen those? It's huge and flat and very awkward. What's with people liking these brushes? Do they know a secret way of using them?

  11. Am I the only one who absolutely loves this brush?!

  12. Hm...I dunno the difference during the application but that's just cause all nail polishes that I've tried out in my country has the super-wide brush look.
    But, I've got used to it...I guess...the only nail polishes I mess up during the application are the super creamy ones! :P

    ya just take an old nail-polish brush, say from a colour you hate but it has to be from the same brand/bottle design, then you clean the crap out of it with polish remover or even terpentine and voila! a perfect brush for a perfect colour!!! cheers from Kat your number one fan from Canada =D

  14. You have no idea how relieved I am to find this post!

    I bought Sweet Heart as my first OPI colour and have never been able to work with it, so, as much as I hate to say it, it kinda put me off trying OPI again!

    Of course it didn't help the Sweet Heart I bought has that HUGE brush!

    I'm gonna try and buy another colour tomorrow and see how I go.

    Thanks Tiffany! xx