July '09 MAC Collection Details


July seems to hold some pretty exciting things (MAC collection-wise), AHEM AND it's my 25th
birthday!! (July 16, ya know, for those wondering)

So I decided that it would be so stupid to basically rip off other people's information (even if I posted the source, it would be THE SAME information -- just unnecessary) by posting the typical "MAC Color Story" Information for each collection. So instead, I'll link you to the places where I get my information! But I'll outline the collection names and release dates of course :) Then at the bottom of this post, I'll work on my wish lists and initial thoughts about the individual collections. Sound good?? Awesome. :)
*You can also click the "Collections" link at the bar on top of my page for a big post that organizes the collections and my associated collection posts by month.

JULY '09:

Euristocrats2 (already released most places, so whatever)
7/09 Colour Craft
7/09 Graphic Gardens (Nordstrom)
7/09 Look in a Box (Nordstrom)
7/30 Baby Blooms


Thoughts and wishes...

Euristocrats 2
One word..Dazzleglasses. That's my main excitement surrounding this collection. Usually collections centered around lip products really don't excite me much, but if dazzleglasses are involved, I'm there! I've yet to check this collection out in person, but I'm definitely planning a trip to MAC soon. OOO and Saint Germain is making a comeback! So if you missed out on that when it came out before, don't miss out on it this time! As far as products I'm eye-ing, it's mainly dazzleglasses, as you'd probably expect :)
Obviously, this may change when I see everything in person, but this is what I'm thinking...

My wishlist:

Vie Veneto
Rue de Rouge
Euro Beat

*Costa Chic Lipstick (maybe)

(skipping the liners since they're all permanent)

Colour Craft

EEK! SOOO excited for this one! Mostly because of the MSF's and one brush in particular! I'm also THRILLED that the 226 brush is being repromoted with this one. I only got one when it was released with Brunette, Blonde, Redhead. I definitely could use a few extras :)

My wishlist:
*130 BRUSH!!! (maybe 2 or 3) This brush looks amazing...
*extra 226
*MSFs: (in a perfect world, I'd get all 6...we'll see what happens!)
Triple Fusion, Porcelain Pink -- those are the two shades that I think are most different from what I've already got and what will work with my skin, but I've really got to get my hands on the darker shades for my kit!
*Eye Shadow:
Assemblage, Girlish Romp, Natural Flare, Fashion Patch
Colour Crafted

Not sure about the blush...I'll have to see those in person!
About the lipgloss...not a fan of the "mixed up" colors...they look used :X

Graphic Gardens / Look in a Box (Nordstrom's exclusive collections)
For some reason, the Nordstrom collections never excite me much. These aren't really any different. The Graphic Gardens eye shadow palettes definitely look pretty, but I'll be surprised if I end up buying any of them. Nothing really different or exciting. However, if you are starting your collection and need brushes, eye shadows, or lip products, I would consider checking this stuff out! You can get so much more for your money by purchasing these special sets!
For now, planning on skipping both.

Baby Blooms

Ok, this is exciting to me! At first, I wasn't that into it, but after seeing more about the lip products, I'm SUPER excited!! I always get really excited about new foundation/skin products as well!

My wishlist:
*Studio Moisture Tint SPF15- Medium (not 100% about the shade, I'll have to test it in person)
*Sun Tints (lipgloss) SPF15- I WANT THEM ALL!! but to pick a few:
Just a Smidge, Moist Plum, Pink Tinge


  1. Colour Craft is screaming my name *sigh* I hope I can make it to the mall though, I'm getting toe surgery on June 30th

  2. Ms. Tiffany, I think you meant the 226 brush, not the 266, that's an angled liner. :o)

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  4. SlvrGrndM99-- HAHA thank you SO MUCH for correcting that! I've been calling that thing a 266 without realizing it for a while now....lol.

  5. Your birthday is the same day as my fiance's! And he will be 25, too! Fun day! -Happy Birthday in advance!!!

  6. Hi Tiffany! Just wanted to say I love watching your videos and reading your blogs! I also couldn't help but notice we have the same birthday. I will be 21 on July 16!!!

  7. Hi Tiffany, Colourcraft has launched in Singapore and I got to swatched the MSFs yesterday but the texture was not smooth so I skipped them! Waiting for the blushes to come in now because we have everything except for the blushes now!

  8. Color Craft looks kind of disappointing, seriously, I checked out the eyeshadows, nothing new nor spectacular, and the MSFs are super glittery chunky. The blushers are way better. :)
    And I am intrigued by the 130 brush too.

  9. we have the same birthday!!!!!

  10. do the collections come out earlier in stores than the website? in australia we only just got the style warriors collection a week or two ago on the net. it makes me feel so behind. i like the look of the sound of colour craft

  11. Your Birthday is comming up and you will be turning 25 cool i will be turning 25 in August..Woohoo lol i feel old lol i sure do i have two kids already makes me feel older lol..

  12. Hello~ Where did you get your silver cuff bracelet???

  13. This is why I LOVE to watch your videos, cause not only are they GOOD but you actually have something to inform us about!! haha. That Colour Craft caught my attention! I want that 226 so bad!! I almost bought it like a maniac on ebay but I'm super glad I didn't. THANK YOU Tiffany. =)

  14. Your birthday is the day after the premiere of Harry Potter 6...!!! =O (sorry xD I can't stop thinking about it)

  15. Ugh. I'm trying so hard to save as much money as possible for the Style Black collection but these MSFs for Colour Craft are just calling my name SO bad. Must stay strong. lol

  16. I ordered the Define & Blend Brush Set on Saturday at Nordstroms.

    The Mix Up Marbelized Lipglass looks interesting, I'd buy a tube.

    As for the rest, Tiffany will have to do a video showing me 'how' to use all that stuff, before I can even think of buying it ;-)

    San Diego

  17. I don't get why Colour Craft and Graphic Gardens is already available here in Southeast Asia. Oh well, not complaining. I finally got my very very first MSF!

  18. hi Tiffany :)

    quick question...are the lipsticks LE or will they be permanent?





  20. The Nordstrom exclusive collections, graphic garden and look in a box have already been released online at nordstrom.com
    I am not sure about in stores though as I don't have a nordstrom anywhere close to where I live.

  21. is there any way to remove the pot from a regular eyeshadow? i want to be able to place it in my palette.

  22. omg! my birthday is on the 16th too and I'm also turning 25. crazy! well Happy early Birthday.

  23. I love the purple eyes look you are wearing in this video. Do you have a tutorial on the look you are wearing?

  24. Whoops, I just noticed that you mentioned the look on the video. I can't wait for the purple eyes!

  25. yikes! all these collections are gonna make me go broke!

  26. so i was super excited for 6 MSFs, but after looking at swatches online it seems that most will be too dark for me and triple fusion looks exactly like redhead when swirled together :/ hopefully i'll like more when i test them, but right now its looking like i'll only get porcelain pink :(

  27. The brushes are now online!!
    The 131 and the 226!
    I think they put them up there when they added the new brush focus feature but YAY!
    I am so excited!
    The only thing I really wanted from the collection was the brushes.

  28. Hey babe! Love ur videos and blogsite!
    I've added you to my follow list, hope you can follow me on my site too!


    See ya!!!

  29. And you know what? I'm a cancerian too!
    My birthday falls on 4th July, aka Independence Day! Haha guess that's y I'm so independent! Really hope to get to know u better maybe we can do a swap someday! hmmm...Birthday Swap?

  30. hey, omg. my birthday is on the 25 too! awesome!!

  31. I really want to try out the studio moisture tint. I'm hoping it will be a great product for the Florida heat. Anyone tried them that is of fair complexion? Which color did you find worked best?