How-To: Perfect Red Lips (Gwen Inspired)

Products used:
MAC Lip Conditioner
Benefit Benetint
MAC lip pencil in Cherry
MAC lipstick in MAC Red
Coastal Scents Lip/Concealer Brush
Benefit clear lipgloss
Make Up For Ever Double-Ended lip pencil in no 100 (or just use any concealer in pencil form or with a concealer brush)
Coastal Scents Taklon Flat Liner/Concealer brush

Some helpful tips:
*Make sure your lips are well-exfoliated. I mean, you don't have to do this EVERY time, but just make sure you don't have any bits of dry skin or flakiness going on.
Try a gentle exfoliant like Neutrogena Lip Nutrition Berry Smooth Balm. If you've got some serious flakiness, try a more abrasive product with more "scrubbies". Or, apply some regular Vaseline to your lips and gently massage into your lips in circular motions with a warm, damp washcloth.

*PLEASE don't forget the liner. It will really make all the difference. Even if you're like me and HATE wearing dark or bright lipliner, it's a must where red lips are concerned.

*Just as important as lip liner--Don't forget the concealer "reverse liner" trick. Whether you use a pencil like I did, or just a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone on a lip or concealer brush, it's an important step. It will counteract any redness around the lip area and create a super clean, defined line.

*Resist the urge to draw the liner outside your lipline. The before-mentioned no-no combined with red lipliner is a recipe for disaster. When it starts to wear off (even slightly), you'll look like you have chapped lips or that you're just a really sloppy eater (or smoocher....hehe).

*Don't forget the "finger" trick (see video). Red lipstick and teeth don't mix. Well, red lipstick ON your teeth doesn't mix, I should say.


  1. I don't know why but everytime I see your pics they remind me of Celine Dion. and that is not negative at all. I know there are some people who don't like her. maybe you dont't like her either. but I think she is beautiful.

  2. I love this red lip! I was going to pick up a shade from my local CCO but I had spent too much on my haul already so.. ><

  3. red looks good on you...! and yeh you too so much like celion dion, shes my fav..!

  4. that colour is amazng on you! the shape is so perfect! totally gwen, totally you aswell!


  5. I love red lipstick.
    Thats look really good on you.

  6. Where did you find that Neutrogena Berry Smooth lip balm? I have been searching and searching, and I cannot find it anywhere! I saw it once in Target like a year and a half ago and skipped on buying it, but during the last winter my lips got crazy chapped, and I wanted it, and I couldn't find it, and I still can't find it, even on the internet.

  7. k-- Check at Ulta. that's where I found mine :)

    Thanks everyone :D

  8. red lips are hard to do, but it looks so pretty and classy on u^_^

  9. O my God. Tiffany I was showing my mom your blog and some of your tutorials and she said that you look like Celine Dion too. I love Celine Dion!! Anyways you do red lips so well, they are perfect!

  10. Tiffany you look gorgeous!
    I'd like to know what eyeshadows you are wearing in this tutorial.
    Thank you =)

  11. I watched this mainly to find out why you used so many products to put on lipstick =) I can understand now why you did. It looks great! Does it really last all day? I've used lip stains and put gloss over them but they don't last on my lips. I get very frustrated with lipstick that doesn't last but don't know what to do about it. I will try this. I hope I can find all the products you used. Oh, I suppose you can do this with any color of lipstick? I think you look so much better with colorful lips. I always see you wearing those nude colors and wonder why you don't wear more colorful lipsticks. You are so pretty by the way =) How do the women in movies keep their lipstick on when they are kissing??

  12. Liz KS: Honestly, lipstick will NOT last all day, but with this method, as the lipstick wears of, it wont look crazy and unfilled in the middle. You'll still have that stain of a red color. Then every few hours you can lightly reapply the lipstick and you'll be set! :D
    Also, you can skip the gloss as well. Sometimes if you skip that step, the lipstick will last even longer.

  13. Can you give a list of colors you used for eyes/cheeks? I think the entire look was so well put together. Loved the more neutral eyes with the bolder lips. Thanks!

  14. That look is super cute! I think it makes you look like christina applegate! :)Cute Cute love ya!

  15. Tiffany - thanks for this awesome tutorial!! Quick question though: I can't find that make up for ever double-ended lip liner concealer that you used. Did you get it at Sephora? I wonder if it's been discontinued...? Can you suggest an alternative? I like the pencil idea better than just straight up concealer.

  16. Beautiful! *-*
    I love your blog, and your youtube channel, I think I saw everyone twice hahahaha
    If it's not too much to ask, I would like to see you making some navy blue with black or purple... and more with coastal scents 88 pallete. It would be really helpfull *-*
    I'm a huge fan of yours.
    I'm from Brazil, and not every videos are as well explained as yours. lol
    thanks, kisses!