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**Please note, I try to sort all of the MAC collection info by the month they're released. Please understand that the release dates are not always accurate. :)
OH and a lil helpful hint-- Collections will release online 2 days prior to the store release date listed below. :)
Oh and don't flip...if you can't click it, I don't have a post for it yet :) Check back often for updates

July '09
-7/2: Euristocrats2
-7/9: Colour Craft
-7/17: Graphic Gardens (Nordstrom's Anniv. Collection)
-7/30: Baby Blooms

-?/??: Love that Look

August '09
-8/20 - Makeup Art Cosmetics
-8/27 - Jin Soon Choi for MAC Nail Lacquer Collection
-8/27 - Flirt with Fall

September '09

-9/10 - MAC in HD
-9/17 - Fall Trend Collection
-9/17 - Pro Colour Expansion Collection
-9/24 - Style Black
-9/24 - Zoom Fast Black Lash
-9/24 - Dazzleglass Cremes

October '09
-10/12 - Dsquared2


  1. So exciting! Thanks for all the info!

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  3. i'm excited the Sculpt and Shape Powder Duo you use alot for contouring is being re-released in Dsquared2. Just sad I have to wait til October, ha. Thanks for the collection posts! I always find your reviews of collections to be the most helpful when I shop, so thanks again! :)

  4. Tiffany i really do appreciate the time and effort you put into all of this. I mean really just letting everyone know how you do your daily routine of putting on makeup,tips and tricks just everything in general!!! THANKS lol

  5. Tiffany, you have inspired me to do different looks and expirement and have fun with makeup. I have rediscovered the love for makeup again. I'm a registered Nurse, every morning I put on makeup using your techniques. I got a lot of compliments from my patient. The bright and fun colors I used also make the patient cheerful, so thank you

  6. WOW Tiffany I love watching u on youtube u have really inspired me to start playing with all of the makeup that I have!! Thanks so much!

  7. tifanny i need ur help please let me know what skincare products i can use i have an oily t zone and the rest is dry to normal!!!but whenever i put my liquid makeup on my face looks dry and my makeup looks all yucky and not in place it brakes what do u recommend me using!!!please let me know i totally need ur help!!!thanks. email me if u can at lulu_18prep@yahoo.com

  8. Tiffany! I would love to know the haircolor you are using for your "light brown" hair. Or is that your natural color? This is the color I want for Fall/winter and am wondering if yours was professionally done or at home, etc. Thank you!

  9. You are truly wonderful ;)

  10. Hi Tiffany, Are you going to make a review about MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief Collection? That would be very lovely because your reviews are very accurate. Thankss :D

  11. Tiffany, I would love to see a YT video on how you organize your personal make-up collection -- the one you use for yourself and also how you organize for business/personal travel. My cosmetic collection has grown exponentially (thanks to YOU) in the past month after discovering MAC through your videos, and I find I am SO disorganized with it. It makes me crazy. Love your eyes, your hair, your passion and your art. Thanks for all you do!

  12. Hey Tiffany!I have pretty much watched ALL of your videos and I really love love love them!Also, I would really like it if you did a video on (as Diana said) the latest MAC collections! Thank you sooooo much 4 your tips! Keep going! :)

  13. Love your makeup tips....Caught you by change on Youtube...Totally fantastic find!!!

  14. Hi Tiffany, I accidentally got into one of your videos in you tube and i think you're truly a genius.. I admire your choice of make ups and gadgets.. Thank you.. i hope you could post more videos..