The "Claire Series"

I had so much fun doing Claire's makeup-- If you were curious to see all the products I used, you can now check them all out below!

First Video (Easy, Flawless Skin--The No Makeup, Makeup Look)
Lightful Deep Ultramoisture cream
Face & Body Foundation C3 (Now Pro, but still available at some stores)
Select Cover-Up NC35
Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
Select Moisturecover concealer NW25
Benefit Powderflage
Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
Sculpt Powder in Bone Beige (Pro)
Shape Powder in Emphasize (Pro)
Powder blush in Dollymix
Strobe Lotion

Second Video (Party Makeup: Blue/Purple)
Coastal Scents Eye Poxy Primer
Cornflower Pigment
Violet Pigment
Nehru eye shadow
Vellum eye shadow
Mylar eye shadow
Blacktrack Fluidline
Dazzlelash Mascara
Symmetry eye shadow (Pro) -brows
#36 lashes
Prep+Prime Lip
Dervish Lip Pencil
Saint Germain lipstick
Funtabulous Dazzleglass


  1. She said she has a YT channel, but I didn't hear the name clear. Could you list it?

  2. Claire is awesome... The faces she makes are priceless! I love the blue/purple look!

  3. you promised The No Makeup, Makeup Look pt. 2 - eye make up:(

  4. Yes...it is posted. No Makeup, Makeup look refers to the face portion...part two is the eyes/lips portion which I did the Party Look :)

  5. what brushes did you use for the eyeshadow portion if the video? The ones with the colored ends. :)

  6. anonymous: I marked those brushes myself with nail polish. I do that to keep mine separated from other peoples' if I'm ever around other makeup artists that have similar brushes. :) But they are MAC and Sigma :)

  7. Hey Tiffany, great job on your sister in law:) The key necklace your wearing where did you get that at? Its soooo pretty!

  8. Hi Tiffany, I've gotten into your YouTube posts and your blog in the last couple weeks. I have always loved makeup but I stopped wearing it for a while because I just wasn't happy with the results and didn't want to make the investment in quality makeup. However, I am married now and want to take my look to 'the next level', and I decided to pretty much start from scratch. I was wondering if you would consider doing a video on how to create a starter kit - basic brushes that are the most versatile, your #1 choice of eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush, etc (brands), as well as hair care products and anything else you think is useful - basically if you could pick one product, what would it be. You use a lot of different products and eventually I'd like to work up to the arsenal you have, but for now I'd really love your advice on some basics.


  9. This look is waaaay too 80s reminiscent for me (and I'm not that brave), but I watched it because Claire's a hoot! Keep 'em coming!

  10. Like the other Anonymous, I too have just started over building up my makeup collection. I was wondering, since I'm only 17, if you could make a video for your younger viewers on what types of foundations and looks are more appropriate for us, such as looks that are appropriate for school or graduation. I was also wondering if you would mind giving me your input on cheaper substitutes for some of the more expensive products you use. I would love to hear about your ideas!

    Thanks a million! :D

  11. Hi Tiffany, I just wanted to know where can you get disposable applicators like the ones you used in your video?
    Thanks x

  12. i love this look!

    visit my makeup blog :)


  13. Olivia-- I get most of them from Sally Beauty Supply :) Really any beauty supply store should have a nice selection!

  14. We want more "The Claire Series"!!! It is very funny to see you two in those videos!! I had a great time watching :-)

    I guess I'm not the only one who'll be waiting for more!

  15. where is your necklace from? Totally cute!

  16. I love watching you and your sister , I have two sisters and I miss them a lot since I moved away . We got along great like you guys do . It's really nice to watch :)

  17. hello tiffany, you're a really classy woman.
    i think you're just professional in your presentation.

    i don't know you or if you do this full time, but you are just classy to me.thank you.

    i've learned a lot from you. one favor/question, could you please tell me what brush that is that you use to apply the third darker color at the corner of her eye. it has a green bottom? is that the 219? or just list the brushes you used in this tutorial. if you have the time.

    thank you.

  18. Natalie E: its a Tiffany and co. necklace.

  19. Hey Tiffany, m big fan of yours. Don't you have videos for Indian (golden- tan ) skin? i am looking forward to it.

  20. Hi Tiffany - I have been watching your various videos for a couple years now, and I have to say that you are truely amazing. I feel like I know you almost and I think everyone in your life must be lucky to know you. Congradulations on the official sigma videos, they must have thought you were promoting their products so well that they wanted you on board. I have a couple of questions, I have really small eyes and I was wondering if you could/have do/done a vid about making them look bigger. Also, I have combo skin and moderate acne (I am going to take accutane soon, Yay!) what foundation from the mac line would you recommend to me. my skin gets more dry on the out side and oily on the inside if that makes sense, so I dont think the makeup forever matte velvet would be good for me. i need something with good coerage for redness and something to improve my skins texture without looking cakey. Thanks for the advise in advance, if you can manage it. oh, and where do you get the nix milk paintstick you use?