New MAC Style Warriors Goodies! (and swatches)

So happy that I checked out this collection in person. I had made a little wish list in my head of items I thought I wanted for sure, but when I saw them in person, there were different things that caught my eye. Especially with the lip and nail colors.
I thought the boxes were super cute...the actual packaging on the products?? Eh, not so much. But I love the lipglass packaging for some reason with the animal print on the top of the wand. Even though it's, well, a little tacky...haha. Anyway, here's what I got!

I picked up two of the eye shadows, Bright Future and Night Maneuvers. I already had Vibrant Grape (it's permanent in the pro line) and Tempting. I thought the light golden shade was similar to Nylon and Solar White so I skipped that. While I think the Night Maneuvers is very similar to other browns I own, like Mystery or even Brun, I caved and got it anyway since I'm a sucker for good dark cool browns. I picked up two of the On a Mission beauty powder blush just because as you probably have heard me say before...I LOVE BEAUTY POWDER BLUSH!! (not to be confused with Beauty Powders...TOTALLY different thing...see my FAQ section of my blog). Anyway, I wanted one in the packaging for me and one to depot for my kit. Just because I love the color SO much.
For the bronzers, I picked up Refined Golden only. I love Solar Riche, but I have a good bit of my other one left. But who am I kidding... It's a limited edition shade, so I'll probably pick up a back up eventually.
About the nail polish... I had only planned on getting the purple shade and the light cream shade. In person, the lightest shade looked like an OPI shade I already have and the bronze shade (mercenary) which appeared kinda boring in pictures, was gorgous...much brighter and with more shimmer than I had thought. So I had to get that one too.
I was also expecting to get the Brave New Bronze lipstick. When I saw it in person, I wasn't too thrilled with it. It was kinda plain. So I really only liked Purple Rite...SUCH a gorgeous color. But somehow, in all the mix of getting the other stuff, it didn't make it into my basket :( Oh well. I'll have to go back for it later. I LOVED the lipglass shades. Especially Fierce and Fabulous. That's the only one I got. It reminds me of my beloved Star Nova lustreglass, but more opaque. I skipped everything else. Just because I really have always disliked the Solar Bits (the formula is just messy, weird and unnecessary). I also wasn't too thrilled with the lustre drops. Seemed like any other highlighting/bronzing formula like that I have already. But I really do love what I ended up with!

Here are some swatches... I swatched other colors I already owned from the collection as well.

Eye Shadow
Night Maneuvers, Tempting, Vibrant Grape, Bright Future

Beauty Powder Blush
Eversun, On a Mission

Bronzing Powder
Solar Riche, Refined Golden

Lipglass, Fierce and Fabulous

Nail Polish: Violet Fire, Mercenary

*I'll post swatches of the nail polish shades soon :)


  1. Awesome haul!! I just came back from Style Warrior too! I really like the packaging, not tacky at all. I got Vibrant Grape e/s and Solar Riche bronzer. But I may go back for the Libreated lipglass (yellow gold) and the yellow e/s. I'm not sure yet. Have you seen the Rose is a Rose Nordstrom exclusive palette (for rose romance)? I also picked that one up. Many new MAC goodies to play with now. Can't wait to see what color combination you come up with these colors!

  2. Tiffany, you should really get "Liberated" lipgloss! I got it and it is absolutely beautiful!

    Love your vids and your blog!

    Please check out my blog (just click my name!)

    xoxo Madeline

  3. Thanks so much for this detailed blog! I am really pumped for this collection, so I need blogs like this to help me narrow down what's worth it and what isn't

  4. I am in the UK so am going to have to wait for this collection (grr hate that) but have my eye on so many items! The nail polishes look amazing plus on a mission, solar riche and brave new bronze lipstick.

    Seriously though thank you for this post, it's awesome :-)

  5. Hey Tiffany,I'm from Brazil i absolutly LOVEEEE your blog... i can get a lot of tips :)
    And i love all your videos
    Thanks a lot for your help :)

  6. Nice haul! =)
    I'm definitely picking up Eversun and On A Missiong. I love BPB as well!!!

  7. Awesome haul! I have to wait awhile til this comes out in NZ, but I am totally loving that Mercenary nail polish. Looks gorgeous!

  8. OOOOH you got some great goodies girl!! I'm really wanting the Solar Riche and On A Mission now...love those colors! Thanks for the info! :)

  9. purple rite under fierce & fabulous looks AMAZING. you def need to go back for the l/s. I liked gold rebel l/g too, don't see many good orange golds out there. and I was going to get solar riche cuz you love it, but it looked too orangey on me :( so I got refined golden instead. thanks for doing the video before it came out! will you be doing more looks with the collection?

  10. The colours actually look nice and pigmented. I think the boxes look way cuter than the actual product ones.
    I might be tempted to get the bronzer... :) the rest, not really.

  11. i really feel like getting eversun!