Colorful, Dramatic Cat-eye with Shady Lady palette

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye Primer
MAC Iris Eyes Fludline (or any bright purple as a base)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Electric
The Balm Shady Lady palette:
The Balm Shady Lady Palette: Curvy Cami, Easy Wheezie, Risque Renee, Luscious Lani
MAC Brule eye shadow
Benefit High Brow
Urban Decay Perversion Liquid Liner
NYX #105 False Lashes
MAC Plushlash mascara
MAC Pervette Lipstick
MAC Softnote Tendertone
NARS Madly blush


  1. When I first looked at the pictures, I thought you had false lashes on! This is such a great look that I will definitely try!

    xoxo Madeline

    P.S. please check out my blog and follow it!

  2. she does have false lashes on

  3. haha my mistake i guess i missed it on the list! anyway, it's still a great look!

  4. that's one gorgeous false lashes!

  5. They lashes look amazing, they don't look fake at all.

    Love this look, really brings out the colour of your eyes. (P.S check out by blog if you get the chance, I'm new to the blogging community!) xx

  6. Hermosa Tiffany... you are the best!!!

  7. LOVE it!!! but now I want this palette. so my boyfriend will not love you haha :P oh and the 2nd picture of you is gorgeous!

  8. those nyx lashes look GREAT! and beautiful FOTD :) Too bad I just ordered my NYX haul.

  9. Tiffany, Love your blog and youtube channel! I really think you should go to beautycrunch.com if you haven't already....Awesome deals! i just ordered 50 dollars worth of products and saved 75 on Stila, TooFaced, and other products! Love, Love, Love it!

  10. are the NYX lashes comfy? and are they heavy? i've tried andrea lashes and there so heavy and hurt :( ardells are so much better

  11. Hi tiffany, I have a ton of questions for you! I know you're a busy gal but I would really appreciate your response! I am interested in starting a blog and have no idea how, is it free? How did you start and make such a great one? Did you have any sort of training? Also, I'd like to start a youtbe.com account but I don't know how to edit. Any suggestions? I am computer literate, I know a little about the web, I don't want you to think I'm totally ditzy, it's just that I've never done these things and know very little, next to nothing about them. I really want to get started soon and would love to be able to pick your brain.
    Thank you so much for keeping me informed and inspired.

    -Andrea Middleton


  12. You are so gorgeous! It's so easy for youre eye-makeup to look fabulous because you have such pretty eyes! I cannot wait to try this look soon! Thanks!

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