Sexy, Wavy Hairstyle with The GHD (& special deal for my readers!)

Easy waves with a flat iron?? Yep. I love this hairstyle because it's elegant and girly, but at the same time, super un-fussy and very easy. All I used was a flat iron!

Products used:
GHD Professional Styler beautychoice.com
Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray beautychoice.com

Enter promo code: TIFFANYDGHD at checkout when you purchase the GHD and you'll receive a FREE HAI SST Ionic Tourmaline Hairdryer (a $98.95 value!)

Who doesn't love a good deal right? :)


  1. I curl my hair with my flat iron all the time. I actually find it works better than a curling iron for me..

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  3. I love the GHD flat iron but I love the Bespoke Labs T3 flat iron just as much and it's half the price. I have fine thin hair and it has never snagged on the T3. Another feature I prefer on teh T3 is that I can control the temperature. There are days when I need more style out of it and can turn it up but then most days I only need it at about 270 degrees. Unless you need a good hairdryer I would try the T3 first. If you get it at ULTA you can take it back if you decide it's not worth it. Just thought I would add my 2 cents. By the way Tiffany you are doing a great job on your tutorials.

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  5. Hi Tiffany!

    First off I have to let you know that my 8 year old daughter wants to be and look just like you when she grows up. So cute!

    I am a hairstylist and I LOVE my GHD flat iron, it works so great for curls. My clients are always so amazed when I show them how to do this. Your videos are so fun to watch and have really inspired me to try some new things with my makeup. My wallet is really taking a hit at the MAC counter... and the girls at the store thought I came in often before I started watching your vids!

    Just wanted to say thanks and I have to know where you got the cardigan you are wearing in this video!


  6. Hi Tiffany!
    I tried this with my lame-o Conair straightener and it did not work lol!

    How long does the promo for the GHD/hairdryer last?

  7. Where did you get your cute top?

  8. Just an FYI - the link to beautychoice doesn't work.

  9. I love this vid. I have longer hair and with my GHD (in hot pink) I can do super dressy, casual waves, crimpy, straight, bumps..just about everything, so for the viewers, the $200 straightener is such an important investment... i have had mine for over a year without any problems and i use it just about every day (all over, just bangs, bumps/volume) (with HEAT PROTECTION OF COURSE). but great video, and i'm definitely a GHD fan for life.

  10. The wavy hair is too sexy and gives the girls a lot of presence like Viagra Online! I love my hair like that!

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