MAC Rose Romance : Purchases & Review (and a few other MAC items)

Beauty Powder in Summer Rose, $22

Today I went to my MAC store to check out the new Rose Romance collection in person.
Overall, the lipsticks really stood out to me. What appear to be seemingly boring colors are gorgeous and so wearable.
The lipglass and eye shadow shades were nice, but similar to stuff I already had. I decided to skip them. None really called out to me.
I also decided to skip the cheek stain. It was nice and I may eventually pick it up, but I just don't really use products like that all that often.
The beauty powders were really pretty, but only the darker shade showed up on me.
As for the See Thru Lip Colors...I was a bit disappointed. First off, they all weren't the transparent gel, stain-like shades as they were in the past. Two colors actually were not "see thru" at all, but frosted and opaque in the container. The formula is called a (translucent frost) which describes the payoff it delivers pretty accurately. On the lips they are very sheer and still behave somewhat like a stain. After sitting on the lips for a few seconds, the moisture disappears and the color is totally dry and matte with only a slight stain and a bit of frost left behind. Not much payoff, but pretty when followed by a clear gloss. Most disappointing was the small container. They used to be the same size as a lipglass. Now they are in the small containers similar to the minis in the holiday sets....and STILL $14 each.
The pigments were pretty. I already had Mutiny from a previous collection, so I picked up Circa Plum. Such a gorgeous wearable purple shade.

I also picked up some stuff not from the collection, so don't get confused if you see some items out of place in the pictures :)

Lipsticks in Way to Love and A Rose Romance, $14

Dazzleglass in Extra Amps, $18 (not in collection)
See Thru Lipcolor in Loving Touch, $14

Pigments in Fuscia (not in collection), Mutiny, and Circa Plum, $19.50

(Mutiny, Circa Plum, Fuscia)


  1. aghh you got all the stuff I wanted >_< so pretty!

  2. I go the same BP as you. I went ahead and got the cheek stain, because I don't have anything like that, plus it does double duty since you can use it on your lips too. The lipsticks look good, maybe I'll stop by again. Thanks Tiffany!

  3. Nice haul! Way to Love looks so gorgeous!!

  4. Wow! Way to Love looks gorgeous. Just like you said, my first impression was that the colors were so not original and so boring but who can resist these lipsticks? :P

  5. I was behind you in line at LUSH but I was too chicken to say hello! It'd been a long day. LOL So I guess I'll say hi now! :)

    I love your videos and blog. I've learned a lot!

  6. Crystal!! Girl you should have said hi! :D

  7. I can't wait until its released here!! Those BP'S look too cute:)

  8. Hi Tiffany - Love your videos. Any chance you could do a tutorial using Circa Plum? It is so pretty and I would love to see what you would pair it up with. Thx!

  9. LOVE the "Lipsticks in Way to Love and A Rose Romance". So pretty :)

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