Fresh Spring/Summer Orange Look

Products used:
Bare Canvas Paint
Lemon Chiffon Shadestick
Ricepaper eye shadow
Fascinating Eye Kohl
Vanilla eye shadow
Samoa Silk eye shadow
Rule eye shadow
Stila Eye Kajal-Onyx
Bee Luscious Lashes Mascara
(MAC Cork eye shadow-brows)

MAC Solar Riche bronzing powder
NARS Madly blush
MAC Gel lipstick
Smile Dazzleglass

Video tutorial here:


  1. That's really beautiful, nice work!

  2. i love it
    could you do one like this
    using the 88 shimmer from CS?

  3. This look is very cute and pretty. I'll have to try this out when I get some orange eyeshadows. :)

  4. Did you ever mention where you bought the lipstick holder from? I might have missed it. Thanks. Nice look by the way!

  5. This look is lovely. I am so into orange this year and this is very creamy and light. Also thanks for the heads up on NARS Madly blush I've been looking for something that doesn't clash with summer colors that isn't bronzer.

  6. Lovely makeup. I bought an orange eyeshadow on march but didn't use it yet 'cause I didn't know how to. But now I want to try this look!
    (French girl learning from your blog!)

  7. I did a similar look the other day but I used blue eyeliner. I loved it!

  8. Hi Tiffany!

    Just wanted to say that I love your videos, and your wonderful looks. :) I'm a big fan of orange, and will absolutely try this look now that summer is slowly arriving.. Also, you got me hooked on your new mascara, so I had to order a Bee-Luscious one in black, just to try it!

    Have a super day!

  9. this is a beautiful look Tiffany - now I know how to use bright colours in my everyday working life (lawyer to be - so not really conducive to fun make up lol). so thanks for this look - I could get away with something like this at work - yay! Keep up the good work :)

  10. Your so beautiful! These pics look professional!

  11. i love this look tiff...ill try this nxt time i going out...thanks muchooo <3

    always ur biggest fan!!!

  12. Hey, I've been watching your video's for a while, and I'm just wondering, would rule work just as well for a really bright, dramatic orange? or would macs orange be better? (or too bright?)

  13. LOOOOVE this look! A perfect way to wear orange!

  14. Hi, I love this look for daytime especially summer! The bronze on your cheeks and crease really tie the look together. Do you have any tips to avoid over-bronzing?

  15. Hi, I love how you work with orange. I have been scared to try it I would love a tutorial if possible using the color Orange Zest and Daffodil I bought the singles from bee luscious because they look so gorgeous but would really love it if you could do a tutorial using these colors. I am waiting to get the palette next and I just got the mascara today OMG!!! THANK YOU!

  16. thanks so much for pointing out the NARS madly blush. like you said it looks like crap in the container, and i've never even considered swatching it on my hand when i'm at sephora haha. but after i saw this i went over to the NARS section and tried it and wow! it is a great color on my skin! so thanks! my MSF redhead and bronzer can take a break now lol.

  17. happen to watch four of your make-up tutorials and now i'm set to 3 wishes,first i hope to meet you..second (so you could) do my make-up on my wedding day..third to have the guy that would take the risk of marrying me =)
    really kiddin aside hope i could have you around on that special day!

  18. This look is amazing, thank you so much for sharing.

    Your tutorials are awesome and I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put in each video.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    btw, if you like cupcakes (which seems like you do), feel free to check out my dessert blog at www.eatmycupcake.com. :)

    Sharing the sugary love!

  19. Hi Tiffany
    I have been watching you for a while now on you tube. I am myself a make-up artisit based in the UK, specailising really in bridal make-up.
    The area's I find really difficult is what mascara is the best I have tried so many and really need a long lasting, waterproof one that thickens and lengthens is there such a product???
    and lipsticks/glosses the colours change so much on different people its difficult to know the best one's to use. Have you any advice in this area I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work you are a real insperation to me.

    Best wishes Dawn

  20. Hi Tiffany!!! Watch you alot.. You r such a beautiful woman..Truly amazing!! Have done a few of your look's ( mostly natural . Get great compliment's on my makeup. Mostly shopper's drug mart product's ( good stuff only, not cheap ).Thank you for being such an INSPERATION!!! Keep up the awesome video's
    Christine. ( CALGARY AB. CANADA )