Hayden-Inspired Dramatic Bronze

I love this...it's so versatile and is also a great bridal combo!

Products used:
MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation in Porcelain
MAC Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder
MAC Cork eye shadow (brows)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NARS eye shadow duos in Kalahari and Cordura
MAC Blanc Type eye shadow

Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion
Stila Eye Kajal in Onyx

MAC Plushlash in Plushblack

MAC Peachykeen powder blush

MAC Fabby lipstick

MAC dupes for the Nars shades:
Kalahari duo: Grain, Amber Lights
Cordura duo: Bronze, Romp
*These are just a few recommendations. Since both duos contain fairly common colors, there are so many similar colors you could use! :)


MAC Rose Romance : Purchases & Review (and a few other MAC items)

Beauty Powder in Summer Rose, $22

Today I went to my MAC store to check out the new Rose Romance collection in person.
Overall, the lipsticks really stood out to me. What appear to be seemingly boring colors are gorgeous and so wearable.
The lipglass and eye shadow shades were nice, but similar to stuff I already had. I decided to skip them. None really called out to me.
I also decided to skip the cheek stain. It was nice and I may eventually pick it up, but I just don't really use products like that all that often.
The beauty powders were really pretty, but only the darker shade showed up on me.
As for the See Thru Lip Colors...I was a bit disappointed. First off, they all weren't the transparent gel, stain-like shades as they were in the past. Two colors actually were not "see thru" at all, but frosted and opaque in the container. The formula is called a (translucent frost) which describes the payoff it delivers pretty accurately. On the lips they are very sheer and still behave somewhat like a stain. After sitting on the lips for a few seconds, the moisture disappears and the color is totally dry and matte with only a slight stain and a bit of frost left behind. Not much payoff, but pretty when followed by a clear gloss. Most disappointing was the small container. They used to be the same size as a lipglass. Now they are in the small containers similar to the minis in the holiday sets....and STILL $14 each.
The pigments were pretty. I already had Mutiny from a previous collection, so I picked up Circa Plum. Such a gorgeous wearable purple shade.

I also picked up some stuff not from the collection, so don't get confused if you see some items out of place in the pictures :)

Lipsticks in Way to Love and A Rose Romance, $14

Dazzleglass in Extra Amps, $18 (not in collection)
See Thru Lipcolor in Loving Touch, $14

Pigments in Fuscia (not in collection), Mutiny, and Circa Plum, $19.50

(Mutiny, Circa Plum, Fuscia)


Coastal Scents SMACKS! Pictures, Swatches, & Review

Make Up For Ever Foundation Review/Comparison: HD vs. Mat Velvet+

A review of the MUFE HD foundation, turned into a little showdown with the MUFE Mat Velvet+ over the past few months.

Product Info:
MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation $40 (I'm shade 118)

MUFE Mat Velvet+ Foundation $34 (I'm shade 30/Porcelain)

Business Inquiries/Freelancing Information

To discuss business opportunities, please contact me by email at tiffanydmakeup@gmail.com.
*Only serious, business-related inquiries will be read and answered.


Fresh Spring/Summer Orange Look

Products used:
Bare Canvas Paint
Lemon Chiffon Shadestick
Ricepaper eye shadow
Fascinating Eye Kohl
Vanilla eye shadow
Samoa Silk eye shadow
Rule eye shadow
Stila Eye Kajal-Onyx
Bee Luscious Lashes Mascara
(MAC Cork eye shadow-brows)

MAC Solar Riche bronzing powder
NARS Madly blush
MAC Gel lipstick
Smile Dazzleglass

Video tutorial here:


How to Make Short Hair Look Longer! Side Up-do tutorial

I'm a little late posting this on the blog, I know! Since some of you have requested pictures of the actual style, I figured this would be an easier way for you to see them! I'm honestly not a professional where hair is concerned (haha, if you couldn't tell), so if I can pull this off, you can too!

Products used:
Hot Tools 1" Ceramic/Tourmaline Curling Iron
Chi 44 Iron Guard (heat protector)

Buy the one I used OR any ONE of these and enter the COUPON CODE: TIFFANYDSILK
Hot Tools Ceramic 3/4" Curling Iron
Hot Tools Ceramic 1-1/4" Curling Iron
Hot Tools "Big Bumper" Ceramic 1-1/2" Curling Iron

and get this item for FREE ($8.95 Value) *if you enter the promo code*
Biosilk Silk Therapy

Watch the step-by-step tutorial here:



So by now, a lot of you probably have already heard about this sale. It's been posted on at least 3 blogs I follow, but I HAD to share it as well because there are deals too good to miss!

Item 1 contains 19 items: 11 tube lipglosses and 8 trio eye shadows. $27.00
Item 2 contains 30 items: 20 double-sided eye pencils and 10 liquid eyeliners. $22.00
Item 3 contains 30 pairs of lashes! $24.00
Item 4 contains 30 items: 15 Diamond Sparkle Lipglosses and 15 Single Eyeshadows $41.25
Liquid Makeup (Glass Bottle): Each shade (7 in all) sold separately for only $1.40 each

These prices are insane for the amount of product you get. Because I can't resist a good sale, I purchased items 1, 2, 3, and 1 of each of the foundation shades. Honestly, I only purchased item 1 because of the squeeze tube lipglosses. Perfect for my kit. I'm not crazy about the eye shaodw trios usually so I'll probably give most of them away. Item 2 looked awesome mainly because of the pencil liners (the colorful side). They look like gorgeous colors. Only bad thing is that I'm going to have 20 black liners on the other side of them...haha. Item 3 was a no-brainer. False lashes are expensive and these look like awesome ones! ...and 30 pairs of them!?! Insane. I was hesitant about purchasing the foundation because I really like to use good quality foundations in my kit and I've never tried these before. But to spend only $10.50 on the entire shade range? Sold.

I believe the sale lasts until April 30th.

Thoughts? Wishlists?? GO :)


Dazzleglass-y Goodness

My Dazzleglass Collection...so far :)
l-r: Sugarrimmed, Goldyrocks(LE), Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Smile, Rags to Riches, Money Honey, Funtabulous, Miss Dynamite(LE)**, Date Night
*Miss Dynamite actually was not released in Double Dazzle, but was a LE shade from a previous collection*

So as some of you may already know, most MAC stores and counters have released the Double Dazzle collection early. The release date was originally set for April 30th I believe. As far as I know they should be available online on the 28th. In addition to some of the older shades we know and love, this collection introduces 7 new colors as well. I purchased 4 from this new release and am planning on going back for the other 2 LE shades I didn't get- Utterly Posh and Stop! Look! (there were 3 total LE shades, I purchased the other-Goldyrocks). And now for your viewing pleasure...the swatches!

l-r: Sugarrimmed, Goldyrocks(LE), Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Smile, Rags to Riches, Money Honey, Funtabulous, Miss Dynamite(LE), Date Night


l-r: Sugarrimmed, Goldyrocks(LE), Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Smile, Rags to Riches


Money Honey, Funtabulous, Miss Dynamite(LE), Date Night

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Info!

For those of you who have always wanted to get your hands on some MAC refill shadows (or palettes) but aren't close to a MAC store or Pro store (or simply don't want to pay $11 each), you are going to LOVE the new CS Hot Pots. They come in eye shadow (and blush refill pans) that are the same size as the MAC eye shadow refills. I received all of them and had the chance to play with them quite a bit and am actually very impressed with the color selection and payoff. With 66 shades to choose from, there's something for everyone.
As you can see above, each Hot Pot comes in a small plastic container. At only $4.95 each, you can feel not so guilty about getting all the shades you want! Even better, if you purchase 12 Hot Pots, Coastal Scents will add a FREE 12-pan empty eye shadow palette to your order to hold all your lovely little selections.
Coastal Scents offers an empty 12-pan palette, 15-pan palette as well as an empty quad to hold the Hot Pots as well.
The colors have actual "word names", however, they're identified by a letter and a number, as seen below.
The numbers are preceded by either an M, S, or B.

To see more info on these, check out my video review!


HAPPY EASTER! (Lush style)

What better way to say Happy Easter to someone special (or to yourself) than with a few Easter-inspired goodies from Lush??
They have the CUTEST (and yummiest smelling) gifts and bath bombs right now! (Think egg and bunny-shaped bath bombs in delicious scents!) Here's what I got as an early Easter gift from my husband.
  • The Yellow One Easter Gift set
  • Magic bath bomb (egg shaped)
You can see a picture of the "Yellow One" gift set above, containing a Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, Mar Bar bubble bar and all encased in a big Honey Bee bath bomb. It smells good enough to eat! It also comes in a "Pink One" version, containing a Rock Star soap and Frosty Gritter bath bomb all encased in a Candy Fluff bath bomb. Here is a picture of mine (you can see just how HUGE the set is compared to my hand! It weighs a good 1.5-2lbs.!)

It seems that the Yellow set is a little more popular, as it was all sold out at our Lush store. We ended up buying the second to last one our Macy's Lush section had to offer. Both the store and Macy's had countless pink sets. Same with the Magic bath bomb. It smells super sweet and yummy, but there were very few left as well.

It looks a little more "dinosaur egg" than "Easter egg" to me though.... :)

I was looking at the egg and bunny-shaped bath bombs on the website just a few days ago and it seems they're all sold out! If you want any of those, you should probably head to your nearest store! I know Magic has been a limited edition before and I've heard people rave over it. If you guys have tried it, let me know what you think!
The sets will probably be discounted after Easter, so if you're brave enough to wait until then, you could probably get a sweet deal.

Head to lush.com for more information :)


Sexy, Wavy Hairstyle with The GHD (& special deal for my readers!)

Easy waves with a flat iron?? Yep. I love this hairstyle because it's elegant and girly, but at the same time, super un-fussy and very easy. All I used was a flat iron!

Products used:
GHD Professional Styler beautychoice.com
Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray beautychoice.com

Enter promo code: TIFFANYDGHD at checkout when you purchase the GHD and you'll receive a FREE HAI SST Ionic Tourmaline Hairdryer (a $98.95 value!)

Who doesn't love a good deal right? :)


Get Glowing for Summer! My Favorite Self-Tanning Products

Summer is right around the corner! Which means that for most of us, the self-tanning process begins. I've been going to the Versa Spa spray booth at a local tanning salon (which is like Mystic, but better in my opinion!), but that gets expensive and most of the time, I prefer a natural glow rather than the more noticeable results of a spray tan. So for years I've been obsessed with self-tanning products. You name it, I've tried it. So last year, I finally found some amazing products that I used religiously that delivered excellent, natural results. This year, I've re-purchased a few that I needed and have also re-discovered a few new products I'm going to throw into the rotation. Here are some of my must-haves.

The Absolute MUST HAVE: daily self-tanning moisturizer

My #1 Favorite
Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Daily Moisturizer, $16

Quality self-tanning products from VS? Yup. I purchased my first bottle of this about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. I start out using the "light to medium" shade, but then work up to using the "medium to deep" shade. The best part of this? (besides the natural results of course...) The amazing scent. It's a light, beachy scent that reminds me of a mixed drink. It's a fresh, but sweet coconutty fragrance that isn't overpowering. It also has minimal DHA scent, which is that starchy gross scent that all sunless tanners develop upon reaction with your skin. It's not tinted, but it does impart a pretty glowy sheen to the skin thanks to the fine pearl particles in the lotion itself. I also LOVE the dispenser and pretty bottle so much that I'm not ashamed to leave it sitting on my bathroom counter. It also is available in a skin firming version as well that I've also used and works beautifully. The firming version is $18.

Other alternatives I love:
  • Loreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer ($8-$10 at drugstores)
    Went through COUNTLESS bottles of this... but be warned: Over time, it thins and is IMPOSSIBLE to use. So before you buy, give it a shake. If it sounds watery, skip it and find a thicker one. Some stores with slow turnover keep them on the shelves too long.
  • Jergens Natural Glow Foam ($8.99 at drugstores) click here for my review of this new product

Don't forget your face!
I have two favorites that are impossible to choose between!

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Sunless Facial Moisturizer SPF20 ($8 at drugstores)
This is an awesome facial moisturizer. Because it's oil-free and non-greasy, it's perfect for people with more combination/oily skin. It's moisturization is very light and clean feeling, which is amazing for a product containing an SPF of 20. I've tried the version without SPF and for some reason, find that one a little more oily. This one sinks right into the skin and delivers very natural results. It comes in three shade variations. I find that the Medium skin tone version works best for me. The only downfall? the scent. It smells like the Jergens Natural Glow body moisturizer which I hate. But the good news is that it fades quickly after putting it on your skin.

Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Daily glow Facial Moisturizer ($17.50)

I will seriously cry if VS ever discontinues their Bare Bronze line of products. This one delivers the perfect amount of moisturization while delivering really natural results. The scent is very much like the Bare Bronze Daily Moisturizer. Beachy, sweet, and kind of coconutty. But not overpowering. I also LOVE the packaging. it's in a tube, but has a pump on the end which makes it super easy to use. It comes in two shade variations, Light to Medium and Medium to Deep. I use the Light to Medium.

If you're feelin' brave: The ACTUAL self-tanner
If you're wanting an even deeper result, try an actual sunless tanner occasionally. I'm not crazy about them and don't use them much (because I'd rather go get a spray tan with better results), but I do have one I like. If I'm planning on using one (or getting a spray tan), I'll always make sure I've used one of the daily self-tanning moisturizers for at least a week prior and I always make sure to prep my skin accordingly. You can easily maintain your color by using a daily self-tanning moisturizer.
Also, take your skin tone into account. Be honest with yourself. If you're fair, don't buy the "DEEP" formula because that describes the results you want, buy the formula that matches your skintone..."LIGHT" or "FAIR" (and medium or deep accordingly).

Jergens Natural Glow Express (around $8 at drugstores)

This stuff is really great. Again, I hate the original Jergens Natural Glow, but this one is much different. I consider this one more of a regular self tanner. It says that with 3 days of continued use, you get the full results, but I always notice big results after one use. Results I would hope for from a self tanner. The consistency is kind of thick like a rich cream and the scent is honestly pretty nauseating. Like strong baby-wipes (that's all I can think to compare it to!). But the results are amazingly natural and honestly pretty dramatic (in a good way). Also, the bottle is rather small, but it's not something you'd use everyday, so it should last you a while. This is something I would use maybe once a week or every other week. For even deeper results, you could use it the recommended 2 or 3 consecutive days.

The little extras....
When starting a self-tanning regimen, remember that moisturized skin is essential. Not only for good results, but to help prolong the life of your faux tan. I like to use my daily self-tanning moisturizer after showering in the morning, then at night, I'll sometimes apply another lotion if my skin feels dry. Just because dry skin is a recipe for disaster where self-tanner is involved. I'll also make sure to use a gentle exfoliating product before getting a spray tan or applying an actual self-tanner to get rid of any dry skin and to make for a more even development of color. There are also a few products you can use to emphasize your glow even more. Good products really make all the difference!

Exfoliate! A few of my favorites...
  • Lush Porridge Soap
  • Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Sand+Surf Body Polish ($18) AMAZING STUFF
  • Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub ($3 at drugstores)

Enhance the look of your tan...
  • True Blue Spa So Aglow Tan-Enhancing Shimmer oil (Monoi Oil) ($17 at Bath&Body Works)
  • Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance Moisturizer (around $5 at drugstores)

Happy tanning! :)

Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer REVIEW

I've honestly never been a huge fan of the regular Jergens Natural Glow line (well except for the Natural Glow SPF20 Facial Moisturizer), but this product was surprising.
It comes in two shades: Light to Medium and Medium to Tan skin tones. I bought the Medium to Tan because that's all that was available at my Kroger (this stuff has been HARD TO FIND since it's so new). Anyway, I've used it twice so far and it's very much un-like any other self tanning product I've ever tried (and trust me, I've tried them all).
First of all, there is no typical self tanner smell. I actually thought it had no strong smell whatsoever (Jergens is known for it's obnoxiously scented self tanning products). It's the lightest, cleanest smell. However, when you smooth it onto your skin, the scent actually disappears which is cool. First, you shake it up really well and dispense a small amount into your palm. It's best to start out with less than you think you need because since it's a foam, it expands in your hands. It's very similar in texture to that of a thick hair mousse. It really absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves no stickiness, which is what makes it unique. However, I feel that as a "daily moisturizer", it's a little light. My skin feels soft after applying it, but I still feel like I need something more moisturizing. Since it does sink into the skin so quickly though, you can definitely apply a light moisturizer to areas that still feel dry.
About the results, I've noticed absolutely no streaks whatsoever. However, I'm used to using self tanning products and am careful about applying it. I've used it twice and can already see a difference. Not a HUGE difference or anything, but very subtle and natural. I feel like if I used it everyday, it could get to be a bit much, so I might switch to the Light to Medium formula. Or, keep the Medium to Tan formula and just use it every few days.
Also, the can is a bit small. I feel like if I truly used this product everyday, it would be gone in no time. For $8.99, I feel like the can should be a little larger. But that's really my only complaint!


LUSH Fresh Face Masks...Reviews!

LOVE LUSH! As I've said many times...but dislike their face/skincare products for the most part. Well, all except their masks at least. Over the past few months, I've tried several of them and actually LOVE a few. Before I get started, here are some things to remember about their fresh face masks:

1. They expire. I believe most have a shelf life of about 2 weeks. So unless you're going to use it often and in large amounts, purchase the smallest container. If you buy a larger size, it will probably end up going to waste.

2. Consider your skin type. They have a wide variety of fresh face masks made to suit your skin type. If you're still unsure and don't want to take the plunge to buy a full sized one, ask for a sample. Lush is always pretty generous.

3. KEEP IN THE REFRIGERATOR! ...they expire, remember?

4. Save your old containers! Return 6 empty containers to Lush and get a free fresh face mask.

5. The fresh face masks are not available for order online because of the fresh ingredients... They would be ruined by the time they got to you! So if you want any of these, you'll have to purchase directly from a Lush counter or store.

Here are my thoughts...

BB Seaweed mask:
This mask was just ok. It's supposed to be best for those with normal to combination skin. It is lightly exfoliating (VERY lightly) which is nice, but isn't super effective. Also, the chunks of seaweed are quite annoying, as they'll just fall off your face as the mask dries. I just felt like it really didn't do...well, anything.


Cupcake mask:
This is actually one of my favorites. Who doesn't like chocolate right? The chocolate scent isn't the only reason I like it though. It actually makes my skin feel amazingly soft and look brighter. According to Lush, this mask has detoxifying ingredients and is best for people with oily or breakout prone skin. It really reminded me of spreading brownie batter on my face which was a little strange at first, but it honestly grew on me. It also has super small gritty granules (similar to that of a cake batter) that creates a light exfoliation as you rinse it off.


Love Lettuce mask:
This is my absolute favorite out of the Lush masks I tried. This one smells a bit..."fresh". Like a mix of fresh veggies. You apply the mask, let it dry for about 10 minutes (like the others), but when you rinse it off, you lightly massage it into the skin so that the exfoliating granules can go to work. After treating my skin with this mask, I can't stop touching it. It really makes it baby smooth.


Cosmetic Warrior mask:
Honestly, I didn't even make it 2 minutes with this stuff. It's supposed to be good for treating breakouts and calming oily skin. Which maybe it does, but the scent of garlic is so off-putting that there is NO way I could ever actually use the stuff. I applied it and had to hold my breath as I tried to get it all rinsed off. No thanks!


Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette

Yep! Another new palette from Coastal Scents! This one intrigued me just because I'm very picky about concealers so I was very curious to see if these would deliver. Because I knew that if they did, I would pretty much be in heaven because this would seriously come in handy in my kit.
Upon opening it, I knew I would have to wait a bit to evaluate the texture just because of the change in temperature (thanks to the shipping) had made it sweat a bit, as cream products like this has the tendency to do. So I let it rest for a day. The texture is very similar to that of the Studio Finish concealer or the Full Coverage Foundation by MAC. It's very thick and creamy and very pigmented. I wore one of the lighter shades to cover a blemish yesterday and it had some SERIOUS staying power. On me, it's a bit heavy for my under eye area (as is the Studio Finish), but this would be awesome if someone needed a full coverage concealer.
As seen from the swatches, the shade range for lighter skin tones is better in this palette. The darkest shade is similar to about an NC50. Also, the majority of the shades are more cooler in tone.
If you are a makeup artist, this would definitely be an awesome addition to your kit!