Smokey Navy Eyes

What I used:
Painterly Paint Pot
Nehru eye shadow
Knight Divine eye shadow
Soft Brown eye shadow
Blanc Type eye shadow
Fascinating eye kohl
Blacktrack fluidline
Plushlash mascara
Tippy blush
High Tea lipstick

Watch the video tutorial here:


  1. very pretty way to make blue wearable :)

  2. Your makeup always looks flawless. How do you make you lashes look like that?!?

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    This is such a pretty look!=] I always watch your new vids on youtube.. thanks much for taking your time to share with us makeup tips and all things girly hehe. take care. =]

  4. Your makeup always looks amazing and your photos are so clear and vibrant. Could you do a blogpost on how you get your pictures to look so great? Like camera settings, lighting and stuff like that. It'd be so helpful.

  5. This is a great look! Very elegant. I love it!

  6. So pretty! Definitely going to be doing this for a formal thing I have to go to next month.

    Would you please please do a tutorial with the Sugarsweet colours at some point? I would be eternally grateful...

  7. Hi I am Nina from Paris and I have been watching your tutorials for a long time now and I just wanted to congratulate you. This is really inspiring for all of us.
    Can't wait for the next one....;)

  8. wow, I really like this look, great job!!!

  9. ahh.
    all of your looks are soo amazing.
    very pretty!

  10. Great tutorial! Your lashes are so pretty!!

  11. Wow! What a gorgeous look...you are glowing! :)

  12. sooo pretty! I should try navy looks...i look horrid with turquoise usually lmao

  13. Hi Tiffany !
    You look very nice, as usual !
    I have brown / green eyes but I will try to do it...

  14. I *love* the up close of this look. I think it's becoming one of my favorites. Beautiful!

  15. hi tiffani..i'm ata in brazil.. but my nationality is Indonesia.
    would u mind please give tutorial from the first time make up likes : washing the face before & then moisturizer, foundation,powder,etc.
    because your face is so perfect.
    please tell me soon..thank u so much

  16. hi tiffany! i love how this is look is smokey but wearable. your makeup skills are so crazy i love all of your ideas!

  17. I just stumbled on your videos on youtube yesterday and while I thought I knew something about make up I now realize that I am completely clueless! Thank goodness for you so I an learn how to do it properly! I can clearly see that MAC is the way to go but since we are surviving on student loans while my husband is in PT school, Walmart make up will have to suffice for now! This look is gorgeous by the way, I can't wait to try it!