New MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

YAY! MAC finally has created a good liquid foundation. At least in my opinion. To be honest, I've never had good luck MAC's liquid foundations. But this is the first I've really liked. This one is truly unique.
A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing, water-resistant.
40 ml / 1.3 US FL OZ

Based on the description, I didn't think I would like this foundation because I have more combination/oily skin. I pictured this as being like most other "hydrating" foundations that claim to have a "natural satin finish". Usually they don't set well for me and have an oily look, as some people mistake or label foundations that leave an obnoxious shine as "natural" or "satin" finishes. This one is so unique because when it's blended in, it truly looks like skin. Not shiny, not matte...just, well, natural. When swatched on my hand (or worn on the face), it truly blends in completely and leaves no noticeable difference in finish between the product and my natural skin. That's truly saying something for a foundation. It is truly long wearing, and since it's water-resistant, it's actually really great for those of us with oily skin.
The only weird thing about it to me is the sweet, butterscotch scent. After a few applications, I got used to it though.

For more info. about this product (application methods, coverage, etc.) see my review video below!

I'm glad MAC finally created a liquid foundation I like!
You can see the gel texture in this one. It doesn't run or drip like a traditional liquid foundaiton when held sideways.

Not blended in

Blended in...you can see (or not see) the natural finish. It disappears into the skin.


  1. Thank you for the review. I have the same skin as you and find that the MAC Select spf 15 is leaving a chalky texture on my skin. I am gonna try this next and hope it works. I don't want to go through MAC's whole line of foundation. Keep up the awesome information!!

  2. i might have to try this! i think i have a similar type of skin to yours so i hope it works just as well! thank you for reviewing this so well because otherwise i would not have known any of this information :)

  3. Thank you for the review, do you recommend this foundation for bridal makeup?

  4. Forgive me as I am new to the whole make-up blogging/vlogs. I love your makeup & we have the same skin tone & skin type so I am trying to use the products that you suggest as they will probably look the same on me as well. Unfortunately though, I do not have the money to spend on trying different products and would like to just try whatever is your favorite. I believe I saw on an earlier video that Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ is your favorite foundation. Has that changed since you've tried the Studio Sculpt? What I'm trying to ask is what is your favorites if you could only choose one foundation, concealer, and powder?

  5. YAY! I was waiting and waiting for this review haha. I had no initial interest in this product since my skin is combination/oily (more on the oily side), but I think I might have to get a sample. I have been using Studio Fix/Studio Fix Fluid, but even with my oily skin this product manages to find any and every dry or rough spot and emphasize it. I really like that the Studio Sculpt looks like actual fresh, dewy skin and NOT like an oil slick. It also looks like it has decent coverage.

    Thank you so much for the review!

    Miss J

  6. I have combo/oily skin, too, and I LOVE this foundation. It looks so natural! Great review :)

  7. Hi, I am from Norway.. I really like to watch you on youtube.. creating a wonderful makeup:)

    I recived mac sculpt foundation and concealer.. I got the wrong shade..but still I loved the fountation. I have dry skin, and it leaves my skin moist..

  8. I experience breakouts with most MAC foundations, have you noticed this to be a problem with this particular foundation?

  9. a great and thorough review. thanks so much. have heard mostly negative feedback on this foundation. will give it a chance. you have really great eye looks too!

    btw, your jazz hand/cheerleader wave in the beginning of your videos are toooo funny!!

  10. Hi Tiffany! Quick question...which color mineralized skin finish natural do you use for your NC25 coloring? Thanks! LeeAnn

  11. oláaa
    Taiana call me, and also have a blog, live in Brazil.
    I love makeup and I think its just amazing tutorial .. love your work, I will add your blog in my list of favorites.

  12. thanks tiffany for this. i've been waiting for a studio sculpt review. i tried it at MAC and loved it but didn't buy it. i think i will now.

  13. At first, i did not enjoy this foundation...but after your advice on using a sponge i gave it another try before returing it...& im glad i did i think i might have a change of heart!!! i love how it looks so natural. maybe this is weird but i find that using the sponge reduces the oilyness? idk but thank you for your awesome advice! i know i can always count on you for a good review!!!

  14. I just bought this last week and I love it!! I have never liked liquid foundation and after seeing this review I had to try it and I am so glad that I did.

  15. I bought this foundation and after 2 hours, my skin was extremely oily! I have combination-oily skin--

    I did not set it with powder, and used my regular concealer (Jane is the brand, I forgot the exact name)

    Do you think I am putting too much on? Could it possibly be a reaction with my concealer? How do you guys apply it? Thanks!!

  16. Apparently this was supposed to be a really good foundation for sensitive skin, but I think I might've been allergic to something in it, because it irritated my skin like none other!
    I had to return it, I was really bummed because I wanted it to be awesome so badly. :(

  17. Your article is an excellent one! I really enjoy your blog too! Liquid mineral makeup is the good option for sensitive skin. Mineral makeup

  18. I bought studio sculpt around 6 months ago hoping it would be a good foundation for my dry/sensitive skin. I slowly broke out into eczema all around my nose and mouth area. It would be red and irritated constantly, only now do I realise half a year later that it was this foundation. If you have sensitive skin to chemicals; think twice before buying this. x