MAC Sugarsweet Collection Swatches & Review

I actually loved this collection in person...well, except for the funky tri-colored parfait-like lipglosses. Here is what I got and the swatches! You can also check out a full video review below.

Nail Polish in Peppermint Patti : $11.00

Shadesticks in Cakeshop (top) and Lemon Chiffon (bottom), $16.50

(no flash)
(with flash)
Lipsticks in (l-r) Lollipop Loving, Bubbles, and Saint Germain, $14.00

Eye Shadow in Dear Cupcake(l) and Aquavert(r), $14.50

Mineralized Skinfinish in Refined $27.00

Mineralized Skinfinish in Perfect Topping, $27.00

(sorry about the finger swatches...these don't photograph well)
Refined(l), Perfect Topping(r)

Promo image credit: Specktra.net (lisen.chic.se)


  1. Awesome swatches!! I'm happy that I got Lollipop Loving and Refined MSF. I do really want Perfect Topping MSF as well as the eyshadows and shadesticks. This collection is so sweet!

  2. Thanks for the review! And...what is up with all the ADD people?! I never even notice what's behind you!

  3. Your skin tone looks SOOO much healthier without a curtain behind you. Anyway, I enjoy your videos so much.

  4. You look so super in the video. I know you have been "spring cleaning" and the quality of the lighting is much improved!

  5. lol...Once again, awesome reviews...yo helped me make up my mind about some stuff.

    I especially have to say the clown nose at the end was super...:)


  6. Yaël from FranceMarch 21, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    Don't worry about your closet, I really don't care. I prefer see your tutorials or reviews. I like very much your blog.

  7. I love the way you've done your closet! Hated that curtain LOL

  8. I went a little nuts on this collection and I have a feeling I'm not done yet lol.

  9. Oh Sugar Sweet looks great, I can't wait til it's released here! Great haul, those MSFs are TDF!

  10. lollipop loving is very beautiful!nice haul tiffany!

  11. They look really tasty =D.

    Would you say Dear Cupcake is kind of like Girlie from the permanent line?

  12. i really hope mac comes out with a collection this year that will knock it out of the park!

    i want to feel excited again, that gleeful feeling you get when you makeup becomes fun

    btw, great swatches! and the msfs look pretty as always

  13. Those MSFs are gorgeous!!! I need a second look on those lipsticks now...thanks for the swatches!

  14. What a great haul!! i want all those things:D

    I just got my first msf today! =) super exited
    please check out my blog guys;)

  15. I love the Peppermint Patti nail polish color!! I keep trying to buy it but its always sold out!!! POO!!! Love the swatches

  16. I bought cakeshop, because when I swatched it on my hand it was simply gorgeous and smooth. On my eyes, it was rather chalky and didn't look good on my skin tone. Such a bummer...cute haul though!

  17. :: gasp! :: I must have that nail polish...

    :: scurries off to buy some ::