Bright Spring Colors w/ MAC Pigments

Products Used:
MUFE HD Foundation & Powder
MAC Bare Canvas Paint
NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Milk
Vanilla Pigment
Viz a Violet Pigment (or any medium shade purple)
Clear Sky Blue Pigment (Pro)
Loreal Carbon Black Liner Intense
Ardell Lashes (#105, cut in half)
Petite Indulgence Cremesheen glass
Gentle Mineralized Blush


  1. Beautiful as always!

  2. Hey Tiffany, how do you order Mac Pro?

  3. I'm glad you re-did this look! I love when you use fun colors, but I always think you look best when you use more neutral tones.

    Also, loved the shameless promotion for the stuff Elle and Blair make! Their stuff is really cute. I want one of those key chains now.

    @ Marissa - You can order MAC Pro by calling 1-800-387-6707. :) You will get a recording that tells you to hit like 6 or 7 to make an order.

  4. What a gorgeous look! So ready for spring!

  5. Sooo gorgeous! Looks awesome! And Love this cute false lashes :)

  6. that's a really pretty look. :]

  7. thankyou for this fantastic tutorial! I think i'm gonna try it right now :)

  8. Miss J- Thank you so much! I was so confused by all the information that I was getting. Thanks for clearing it up! :D

  9. Marissa--I have a video on my YT channel with detailed answers to all of the common questions regarding MACPro. :)

  10. my favorite look that you have done!!

  11. Thanks to do the best looks i've ever see... I'm portuguese and i want to show some of your make up in my blog www.suferreira.info can I?



  12. Gorgeous makeup!
    I love all the makeup you do!
    And thank you for all the reviews you do! The MAC ones are especially helpful for New Zealanders like myself who have to wait awhile to get the MAC collections over here. It helps me decide what I want from each collection ahead of time!
    Thanks again! :)

  13. Great look, those pastels are so soft and pretty on you! I've always passed over Sky Blue pigment but I may just check that one out.

    Ps. I've passed on a blogging award to you, because I really enjoy reading your posts. I find your reviews to be really honest and informative :) www.the-lip-print.blogspot.com

  14. Hey Tiffany
    (this is not related to your make up look here, but about the Lush goodies)
    i just want to tell you that
    i find out that the Lush
    yummy yummy yummy shower gel
    smells like the Body Shop
    perfume oil (the strawberry one of cuz)
    Tiffany (ooo_1309 on youtube)

  15. Hi Tiffany !
    I really love your blog and all your ideas of make up ! always very beautiful
    Now I follow religously your lessons and... your a good teacher ;-)
    kisses from a french fan

  16. this is beautiful! love your tutorials and looks. also you got me into LUSH!

  17. I am totally inlove with this look ! i love the blue and just all the colors, i would die without your videos Tiff, their so great!!! :D

    i watch them religously! everytime one is up, i click it! and now i follow your blog aswell as twitter;)

    kisses from iceland ;)