MAC Eye Shadow Palettes

Hey guys! I get a lot of questions about my MAC eye shadow palettes that I use in my tutorials so I figured this would be the best way for you all to see them and how I organize them. These are all my palettes that I use on myself. No kit stuff here. (I just really love eye shadows ok? haha) I really just organize them in a way that makes sense for me. Also, not all of them are full...I kind of have a phobia of filling them up! ...because then there's no room for more! :) Gotta' have room to grow right??

Labeled from left to right, top row to bottom row.
Colors followed by a * are my favorites :)
Colors followed by a (P) are Pro colors

Top Row: Nile, Moon's Reflection, Vellum*, Tilt*, Sky Blue(P)
Middle: Cobalt (P), Atlantic Blue*(P), empty, Freshwater, Electric Eel
Bottom: Nehru*, Meet the Fleet, Contrast*, Flashtrack, Blue Flame

Top: Warm Chill, Surreal*, Aqua(P), Aquadisiac*
Middle: Kelly*(P), Steamy, Teal blue (P), Parrot*
Bottom: Newly Minted, empty, Gulf Stream, Cool Heat

Top: Sumptuous Olive, Juxt*, Bitter, Pagan, empty
Middle: Flourishing, Humid*, Bio Green(P), Swimming*, Lime(P)
Bottom: Club, Plumage, Bottle Green*(P), empty, empty

Top: Soft Brown*, Patina, Cork, Warming Trend, empty, Honesty*
Middle: Folie, Swiss Chocolate, Bronze, Satin Taupe*, empty, Honey Lust
Bottom: Embark*, Handwritten, Mineral, Mystery*, Brun, Soba*

Top: Blanc Type*, Yogurt, Shroom, Dazzlelight*, Sunday Best*
Middle: Vanilla*, Brule, Phloof, Ricepaper*, Vanilla
Bottom: Mylar*, Bisque, Solar White, Naked Lunch*, All that Glitters

Top: Crystal, Digit*, Beautiful Iris*, Plum(P), Vex
Middle: Parfait Amour*, Poison Pen, Lilac Touch, Shale*, Illegal Cargo
Bottom: Climate Blue, Graphology*, Indian Ink(P), Signed Sealed, Blackberry*

Top: Trax*, Stars 'n' Rockets, empty
Middle: Sketch*, Hepcat, Creme de Violet*
Bottom: Beauty Marked, Vibrant Grape*(P), Fig.1

Top: Apres-Ski, Copperplate*, French Grey, Electra, Arctic Grey
Middle: Typographic, Print*, empty, Knight Divine, White Frost
Bottom: Carbon*, Mont Black, empty, Cloudburst, Crystal Avalanche

Top: Pen 'n' Pink, Sweet Lust*, Pink Freeze, Wintersky
Middle: Soft Flower, Sushi Flower, empty, empty
Bottom: Post Haste*, Passionate, Cranberry, empty

Top: Nylon, empty, Samoa Silk, Firespot, Mythology*
Middle: Gorgeous Gold, empty, Paradisco, Rule*, Expensive Pink
Bottom: Chrome Yellow, Bright Sunshine*(P), Coral(P), Red Brick(P), Coppering*

How I keep the actual palettes organized:
I keep them in a drawer of my vanity with the labels on the back. These are just simple labels that you can buy in the office/school supply section of any store. They peel off super easily too, as I've had to replace them several times because they get dirty. They should stay nice for months though :)

If you have any questions about the palettes or shadows themselves (where to buy, how much they cost, MAC Pro, etc.), check out my YouTube channel. All those questions are answered in my new MAC FAQ video (coming soon!) I also show you how I have them organized in the drawer.


  1. Lovely Post! I like looking at people's palettes! You have them organized great. Keep up the good work on this blog and on youtube.

  2. Wow! Very organized! I love all of your eyeshadows!! Makes me want to purchase more!

  3. hey tiff! could you do this for your blushes? i'm normally a nars blush girl but i want to start a mac blush collection :)

    much appreciated

  4. okk.. i'm officially jealous.. lol.. in a good way!
    i love all the colors you have & the organization is perfect! You are awesome!

  5. i'm glad u did this... it helps me with organizing mine! plus i love to see which ones are ur favorites! i second u doing the blush one! i love love love blush! i own all pinks. im about an nw20.. which peach colors do u recommend?!?!

  6. Holy smokes girl! lol. You are unbelievably organized! Thanks for showing. I'm sure I'll end up doing mine the same way.

  7. so i'm new to depotting and thought maybe i'd give a try sometime~ so my question is, you can take the shadows out of the palettes after you've placed them right?
    sorry if the answer seems obvious to you guys :P

  8. Hi Tiffany! I've loved watching your videos, and I've learned a ton from your tutorials!

    I'd love to hear where you shop for your accessories - I'm always admiring your earrings! Point me in their direction, please :)

    I've been wanting to see your palettes for so long! Thank you
    I agree about you doing this for BLUSHES too...!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You are very organized, I try to be.

  11. WOW! I'm in awe. First of all, thank you for posting this. This is going to be of tremendous value to be when selecting eyeshadow! You rock Tiffany!

  12. Thanks so much for this post, esp for the asterisk so I know which ones to really get tempted by. I recently got Shale and I love it so much!
    I never knew you could B2M the prop palettes, how exciting! So no reason at all to be buying pots anymore. Thanks! Love your palettes and organisation xx Great blog (and YT!)

  13. Thanks so much for this! I was salivating over here looking at all the pretty colors. I never tire of looking at people's palettes.

  14. Tiffany!!

    I love your post! Great organization! I am ready to depot my MAC shadows and place them into my pro palette I just received today in the mail. Yey!!

    Like the other readers, I am so jealous of your MAC collection. I am getting ready to make mine grown. Especially that the Hello Kitty Collection will be coming out soon!

    Thanks for all you do! I will have to list you as a fav on my blog.

    Natasha :)

  15. You are so organized it's intimidating. Thanks for saying which ones are Pro colors!!!
    I see how you have all your palettes, what about your other make-up in regards to organization??

  16. Wow....I want to be like you when I grow up!! LOL!!
    You need to do a video with all the other colors you haven't used, that will give me an excuse to go buy everything you have.....oops! did I just say that???.......GRACIAS Tiffany...your new friend Monica!!

  17. I loooove all your palettes!!!! how ong have you been collecting them?? thank you very much!! Saludos desde España. María

  18. Wow! Great organization and colors! Most of them dont even look that used :P How about showing us your vanity table once? Id be happy with a picture, you dont have to do a video if its to much trubble :P

  19. Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing.

    In your vid, you mentioned you were gonna press some of your favorite pigments. I would love to know what method you use. I want to give it a try but I'm a bit nervous about wasting my pigments just to make a huge mess.

    Thanks! Danielle

  20. This post must have taken so much work! And it's such a personal thing, how you organize your colours, so interesting to see. Thankyou so much T! :D

  21. Thank you so much for posting these pics. Very helpful information here! A little off topic, but I was wondering if you could post some pics of you hair style on your blog. I have an angled bob hairstyle, but I recently got it a little shorter and want it to grow another inch or two. Your hair is very inspirational, and I am going to have to try the velcro rollers.

  22. WOW nice collection... you dont have deep truth...jaw drops LOL well looking back at the pictures blue flame looks pretty similar to it :)

  23. Hi, Tiffany! Thank you so much for all the hard work on palettes! It helped so much! I love the way you did it - very informative, detailed and interesting! Great job!

  24. Hi!
    Really like, how you organized your colours!

    Alas! Maybe some time I will also have such a great collection of colors! ;) *envious*


  25. Awesome collection! You make me want to organize and label mine.

  26. LOVED this post!!! incredibly helpful!

    out of curiosity... is cloudburst a discontinued color? it looks awesome!

  27. Wow, I have a lot of catchin' up to do!

  28. Great idea stops you forgetting colours you don’t use every day

    Sue K

  29. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the way your palettes are organized. And now I have a great pic to go to whenever I want to look for possible purchases :) Thanks girl!

  30. This is great, I'm making a list!!

  31. Hey, I'm french, I'm eighteen and I LOVE yours videos and your eye shadow palette, that's great !!!!

    Love =)

  32. Thanks for this post.
    Its very helpful.
    I love greens and blues.

  33. Those palettes are amazing!! :)

    Ever thought about placing some transparent scotch tape over the labels, to prevent them from peeling off and getting dirty? ;)

  34. Wow, I just love this post! I hope I'll have as many colours as you some day. Thanks for sharing! :)

  35. Hi Tiffany, I agree with everyone, Im super envious, and I love the organisation!
    I was wondering how does Nehru and Meet the Fleet compare? I am looking for a navy-ish colour, I already have Nehru and I am going to get contrast, but with Nehru I find that it comes out black/navy not just navy, any thoughts? x

  36. Hi! Love your work! A tip for the labels on the back of the palettes, that you say get dirty: cover them with blank tape and you'll be set. -Maria-

  37. hi tiffany!
    im an nc20 and im trying to find a wash color that i can blend with darker colors to my browbone because i dont use highlight and im not sure what would be a good one
    i was thinking either bisque or brule
    but they look very identical (i dont want anything too shimmery)
    so what do u suggest? :) thanks!

  38. i love them... all colours amazing! i love black/grey/white and purple2..
    thank you so much for sharing..

  39. this is so helpful, do you think you would be able to show swatches? i know thats a lot to ask since u have so many, but it would be great =]

  40. wow...you have like every color. I am so envious of you (jk). Well, i hope you use them all. Just a question...my favorite color is purple...and i want a mac eyeshadow that i can wear everyday like at school and on the weekend...do you recomend anything?

  41. Hi Tiff;-) I love your palletes, especially browns&nudes. I watch your vids but i like to visit your website too. You make graet pics and comments. Thanks and greetings from Poland;-)

  42. hey tiffany,
    so this is your own personal stash, right? if you were putting together a starter kit for someone just starting out what would you include?

  43. I definitely love this post!!! great color show as well as nice palletes. I love your post! Tiff, Thanks for sharing.

  44. I just can say... wow!!!!

  45. Hey Tiff !
    I'm a girl from Denmark, and i had watched all you're vids, and i just loooove all you're shadows! :) - I had some sent from USA
    - because that was a must! :D
    - will you make a look there is good for blue eyes? :) preferably with light, brown, coral, blue, or black/grey/white colours. -for day and night :D it could be fantastic if you did that! because that would be a big help :)
    - Rikke

  46. More helpful than the MAC website!

    Thank you, you've helped me decide which shadows to buy for my palette.

  47. Hi Tiffany! (dec.19.2009)
    You said you had done changes to your pallettes. Would you redo this post on occasion? It would be very much appreciated! Thank you! :)

  48. You have 136 eye shadows!!!

  49. Hi there, I actually tried to go to Mac and build 1 palette with blues and purples from your collection but unfortanately most of the colors you have are discontinued. I was wondering if you were going to add an update?

    Cristina :)

  50. Hi Tiffany,
    Love your blog and your channel (i'm a subscriber). when you get some time would you please do another updated post on your palettes. I can see all the hard work you put into this one, and know it has been appreciated by so many. And judging by your favorites videos every month i'm pretty sure you've bought more in the year since this was made. haha someones gotta stimulate the economy right?! lol

  51. Makeup is not forever, especially around sensitive bits like the eyes... Mascara has a open life of three months so how long do you keep these before you get rid of them?

  52. For some reason, every time i try to order a palette from MAC it says either my shipping address or my billing information is wrong. Wich its not, ive had like 5 people check it and its all right. I dont understand why its not letting me order from there!? Is there anything you suggest?

  53. I have been searching you tube for the mac FAQ and can't find it. I was just wondering how I can get the palettes and then the eyeshadow pans to go in them? I was looking and from what I found mac pro is for makeup artists and what not. So was wondering if you could shed some light because I want to get those palettes and start filling them up! Thanks!

  54. You mentioned Doing an updated post on your palettes. Wondering if you were still going to? Would love to see how they have grown! = )

  55. Thankyou so much for taking the time for showing us your palettes, its interesting to know how people store them.
    I was also wondering when you will do an update eyeshadow collection since its been well over a yeah and a half now? :)

  56. Girl seriously??? u own all these palettes??? Woaw! Love all the beautiful colors & LOVE ur blog
    Im now a follower

  57. Hi Tiff, I follow you on You Tube and love to see how organised you are too, I get teased often. People say my wardrobe looks like a shop...I just like to find things quickly :)

    Ok here's my question: If you had to chose the 2 most flattering eye shadows for BLUE eyes from each category which would they be?

    Thank you!

  58. Thanks, Tiffany! I love the nudes and highlight colours palette that you have. I've been trying to replace SCANT, which is no longer sold. I'm deciding between Vanilla and Solar White.

  59. Hi Tiffany I love all of your videos & blog posts. I have added pictures of my MAC palettes to my blog check it out! www.mazmakeup.blogspot.com

  60. I really love the purples! By the way Tiffany, I have been watching your make-up tutorials and now I'm getting really good at it! Thank You for sharing all you beauty tips. Lots of love from Malaysia!

  61. I love all the pallets I love MAC and NYC.
    Both are my favorite. I also try Jordana Cosmetics Products in India.

  62. huhuhu.,so jealous!

    can't afford to buy any.,

    thanks though.,really helped for newbie like me.,


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    MAC 180 sombras

  64. Hi Tiffany, thank you for making you tube tutorials and blogging about beauty. I'm new to makeup (as an adult) and want to build my own MAC neutrals palette. I have Asian, warm olive skin tone. What colors would you recommend?

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